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    [No Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    The white walkers are the pure white monsters. The wights are just dead men they bring back to life. Either skeletons or recently deceased, and yes the wights are easier to kill. The walkers can only be killed by a few weapons so far.
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    PhD research: Doran Martell and you

    1.) My image of him was totally different. Light dark skin, much older looking with wrinkles. Bald and tired looking. Overweight, with robes to hide his gout filled legs. I suppose it's only been influenced by reading the description. I tend to get an image in my head instantly and it's hard to shake it off. 2.) I would have thought an older actor would have played him, but I think he'll do a good job, he certainly carried the tired look I expected him to have. Still maybe this question should be left till we've seen a bit more of him. The only one I had in my head was Ben Kingsley. 3.) I don't watch that much TV I've seen Reign of fire and Clash of the Titans and I can't remember him at all. Which I guess means he didn't overwhelm me. 4.) All I remember from the casting announcement is "Hi, I will be playing Doran Martell." I remember thinking that he didn't look like I thought he would but that's all
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    Official Testing Thread

    [big] how big is this [/big]
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    Official Testing Thread

    is this bold
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    Official Testing Thread