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  1. If they are talking about splitting it, that has too mean he is nearly done with Winds right.
  2. nickdt

    Arya's three deaths

    Notice how Melisandre said them in order: Brown Eyes - Walder Frey Green Eyes - Littlefinger Blue Eyes - Night King
  3. nickdt

    What Surprised you, What did Not

    Or Lyanna fighting the Giant, Tormund seeing this and pushing her aside: This one is mine, little one and then Tormund getting trashed by the Giant, giving Lyanna the opening to kill him.
  4. This episode gets a 2.10 from me. We didn't get Main Character deaths (Jorah, Edd, , Beric, Lyanna and Theon are side characters at best). For plot convienence, if you kill Jorah, you at least should kill off one major Jon supporter. NK is immune to Dragonfire, but can be killed by a Valyrian Steel Dagger, which is forged in Dragon Fire (As such, he should be immune to it). This major detail has basically destroyed the whole episode for me.
  5. nickdt

    TWoW Prologue POV

    TBH, you can argue that he died physically, because he cannot turn human anymore.
  6. Unless he is messing with us and is already done with the whole series but waits until the show is finished so he can shit on it with the official canon material.
  7. Why would they make a cover if the book isn't close to being done, since that doesn't make sense.
  8. nickdt

    Who Should Have Married Who?

    I don't think Lyanna would have been so keen marrying Oberyn knowing his history, so i would Switch Oberyn with Howland.
  9. Amount of troops doesn't equal Low Morale. Troops get Low Morale if they subsequentely lose battle after battle, which was the case.
  10. nickdt

    Who Should Have Married Who?

    Robert should have married a Dornish, then they both would have shared the women Robert slept with, so there wasn't an issue there.
  11. Imo, the only reason why Rhaegar showed up was because the moral of his armies was already wavering, due to their loss at the Battle of the Bells and Aerys and Rhaegar (As their king and prince), not actually participating in the war or at least be a presence with the troops and Mace Tyell did nothing but sit and siege Storms End. If Mace Tyrell would have actually conquered Storms End, then Robert had to withdraw, with the risk of being attack in the back by the Targaryen forces that were already in the Riverlands, while he also had to consider the possibility of the Westerlands joining the Targaryen forces, since then the Targaryens would be winning and i am convinced the only reason the Freys showed up so late is to see which side would come out on top, meaning Ned and the Northerns couldn't have gone with Robert, since they needed to guard his back.
  12. He left men (Mainly veterans and recruits) at Dragonstone so the castle is somewhat defended. Many of his soldiers died at the Battle of the Blackwater or defected to the Lannisters so they didn't loose their heads. It safe to assume he lost a lot of men fighting the wildlings and some of his men are loyal to his wife Selyse and he also left them behind and we can also make the assumption that he also left the recruits he took with him North at the Wall, since he also leaves his squire there. I agree that Stannis isn't in a bad position, since there is a possibility that Alys Karstark and the Thenns retake Karhold before the Battle of Winterfell starts (Kahold is closer to the Wall than Winterfell is) and that Winterfell gets a message. That means the Karstarks are out of the battle of Winterfell, since they want to retake their home. We also don't know what the forces of Hother Umber does. If they betray Roose, then Roose has only the Boltons and the Dustin Forces left, but Barbrey Dustin also gives off that vibe she is gonna betray Roose. Then we don't know how many men the Manderlys have in reserve on their fleet and we have to take into account that those forces mainly can be Mormont and Glover troops, since Maege and Galbart went into the Neck with Robbs will. And then we have the fact that the North still has 2 completely fresh armies left: The Skagosi and the Cranogmen, so even if Stannis loses, the Boltons are most likely boned.
  13. nickdt

    The stone dragon

    Like i said before: Prophecies can be misintrepeted. But even then, Davos is Azor Ahai, or at least the living embodiement of Lightbringer. Imo, we get four main heroes against the Shadows, who are being supported by the peoples who are supposed too represent the gods Azor Ahai Reborn, Lightbringer, The Last Hero and the Stallion that Mounts the World Obviously, Dany is the Stallion, while Bran is the Last Hero most likely. This leaves Davos and Jon for Azor Ahai and Lightbringer. The Father: Barristan Selmy/High Septon/Doran Martell The Mother: Brienne of Tarth The Warrior: Sandor Clegane/Jorah Mormont/Jaime Lannister The Smith: Gendry The Maiden: Sansa Stark The Crone: Olenna Tyrell The Stranger: Tyrion Lannister/Sandor Clegane (His horse name can be a hint)
  14. nickdt

    The stone dragon

    Just like with all prophecies, its interpreted wrong. The Stone Dragon isn't a person, its a castle: Dragon Stone. Davos Seaworth is Azor Ahai Reborn. Davos literally was reborn amidst Salt and Smoke after the Battle of the Blackwater, while we thought he died. When Davos helped Edric Storm escape, his shadow was described of that of a Sword (Lightbringer) ''The wind sighed through the chamber, and in the hearth the flames gusted and swirled. He listened to the logs crackle and spit. When Davos left the window his shadow went before him, tall and thin, and fell across the Painted Table like a sword.'' When Melisandre goes into the cave with Davos to kill Renly she says this: ''Is the brave Ser Onion so frightened of a passing shadow? Take heart, then. Shadows only live when given birth by light, and the king’s fires burn so low I dare not draw off any more to make another son. It might well kill him.” Melisandre moved closer. “With another man, though… a man whose flames still burn hot and high… if you truly wish to serve your king’s cause, come to my chamber one night. I could give you pleasure such as you have never known, and with your life-fire I could make.'' When he is kept under Dragonstone with Alester Florent, there is more evidence towards Davos when he is taken away. ''Take the torch,” Ser Axell commanded the gaoler. “Leave the traitor to the darkness. "No,” his brother said. “Axell, please, don’t take the light… gods have mercy.” Another supporting factor is that we hear about Azor Ahai the first time in a Davos chapter. Salt and Smoke, Shadows, Flames burn hot and high, life-fire, Darkness, Don't take the Light are the crucial key parts here. Davos Seaworth is gonna drive away the Shadows (White Walkers), with his life-fire, which will be ignited the moment he hears about Shireen having died in the books. Davos is both Lightbringer as Azor Ahai Reborn, since he fits all criteria and while Jon and Dany do to, GRRM is known for not doing the obvious, which means Davos is more likely than Jon and Dany.
  15. I think the introduction of the (F)Aegon plotline has caused him to lose grip, since it is to late in the series that he can fully flesh him out without running into other problems with already established storylines, which basically also makes the Dornish Plotline potentially problematic. He wrote all those things with the 5-year gap in mind. Now that doesn't exist anymore, he has a problem tying things together. He has to speed up training for Bran with The Three Eyed Raved, he has to speed up Arya's training, he has to speed up Sams training in the Citadel. But he also has too work in battles that would potentially would have happened partially off-screen, like with the Iron Born and (F)Aegons landing.