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  1. If they are talking about splitting it, that has too mean he is nearly done with Winds right.
  2. nickdt

    Arya's three deaths

    Notice how Melisandre said them in order: Brown Eyes - Walder Frey Green Eyes - Littlefinger Blue Eyes - Night King
  3. nickdt

    What Surprised you, What did Not

    Or Lyanna fighting the Giant, Tormund seeing this and pushing her aside: This one is mine, little one and then Tormund getting trashed by the Giant, giving Lyanna the opening to kill him.
  4. This episode gets a 2.10 from me. We didn't get Main Character deaths (Jorah, Edd, , Beric, Lyanna and Theon are side characters at best). For plot convienence, if you kill Jorah, you at least should kill off one major Jon supporter. NK is immune to Dragonfire, but can be killed by a Valyrian Steel Dagger, which is forged in Dragon Fire (As such, he should be immune to it). This major detail has basically destroyed the whole episode for me.
  5. nickdt

    TWoW Prologue POV

    TBH, you can argue that he died physically, because he cannot turn human anymore.
  6. Unless he is messing with us and is already done with the whole series but waits until the show is finished so he can shit on it with the official canon material.
  7. Why would they make a cover if the book isn't close to being done, since that doesn't make sense.
  8. He left men (Mainly veterans and recruits) at Dragonstone so the castle is somewhat defended. Many of his soldiers died at the Battle of the Blackwater or defected to the Lannisters so they didn't loose their heads. It safe to assume he lost a lot of men fighting the wildlings and some of his men are loyal to his wife Selyse and he also left them behind and we can also make the assumption that he also left the recruits he took with him North at the Wall, since he also leaves his squire there. I agree that Stannis isn't in a bad position, since there is a possibility that Alys Karstark and the Thenns retake Karhold before the Battle of Winterfell starts (Kahold is closer to the Wall than Winterfell is) and that Winterfell gets a message. That means the Karstarks are out of the battle of Winterfell, since they want to retake their home. We also don't know what the forces of Hother Umber does. If they betray Roose, then Roose has only the Boltons and the Dustin Forces left, but Barbrey Dustin also gives off that vibe she is gonna betray Roose. Then we don't know how many men the Manderlys have in reserve on their fleet and we have to take into account that those forces mainly can be Mormont and Glover troops, since Maege and Galbart went into the Neck with Robbs will. And then we have the fact that the North still has 2 completely fresh armies left: The Skagosi and the Cranogmen, so even if Stannis loses, the Boltons are most likely boned.
  9. I think the introduction of the (F)Aegon plotline has caused him to lose grip, since it is to late in the series that he can fully flesh him out without running into other problems with already established storylines, which basically also makes the Dornish Plotline potentially problematic. He wrote all those things with the 5-year gap in mind. Now that doesn't exist anymore, he has a problem tying things together. He has to speed up training for Bran with The Three Eyed Raved, he has to speed up Arya's training, he has to speed up Sams training in the Citadel. But he also has too work in battles that would potentially would have happened partially off-screen, like with the Iron Born and (F)Aegons landing.
  10. nickdt

    Is Rickon going to be King/the next warden?

    Funny thing is: Rickon is the only one left. Jon is the chosen succesor for Robb, but when his heritage is revealed, Rickon will outrank him. Because of her wedding with Tyrion Sansa is disinherited. Same with Arya, since Robb didn't knew if the Lannisters had her or not (It seems like people forget or overlook this). Bran is crippled and cannot have children and even if he can, he might choose too become the Three Eyed Raven and stay Beyond the Wall.
  11. nickdt

    Jon being resurrected?

    Its not even clear that Jon died in the first place.
  12. nickdt

    Best Commanders alive at the end of ADWD

    Paxter Redwyne, Stannis Baratheon, Mace Tyrell, Randyll Tarly, Barristan Selmy Then we can arguably put in characters like Galbart Glover, Maege Mormont, Davos Seaworth, Bronze Yohn Royce, Victarion Greyjoy, Euron Greyjoy, The Blackfish (Since its unclear what happened too him i am gonna include him). We also have sellsword commanders like Harry Strickland, but i would also include the Tattered Prince.
  13. nickdt

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    Danaerys can do a lot off-page though. Like, she can refuse too go too Westeros because she isn't ready yet, but is sending the fleet away with Victarion/Tyrion with the Unsullied and after she has reached her goals, can go too Braavos (Where we hear about her again via her POV), with the Dothraki Khalasar behind her and its here where she hears about (F)Aegon having taken the Throne and that Barristan/Victarion have defected too Aegon.
  14. nickdt

    The Regret of Killing Characters

    I see your point, but then i think more about Donal Noye, since i have no doubt he could keep the wildlings and NW members on Jons side in check, seeing he is respected.
  15. Stannis has approx 500 - 700 swords left, meaning he is outnumbered by the Karstarks, Manderly's, Umbers and Boltons, of which only the Manderlys are a certainty for betraying the Boltons, since we easily can have both Umber sides fighting eachother. However, we also have too take into account other factors: Alys Karstark and the Thenns have set out too reclaim Karhold. If they succeed, this pulls away the Karstarks from the battlefield. Alys and the Thenns can decide too aid Stannis in his struggle and attack the Dreadfort. Then we have too take into account the possibility that Davos finds Rickon and Osha in Skagos and the Skagosi side with Davos and Rickon and set out too aid Stannis or reclaim Winterfell. The Skagosi then are the relief force or surprise attack the Karstarks if Alys has succeed. Then we have too take into account that the Cranogmen are the only complete army in the North, since they didn't went with Robb too the South, possibly on Robbs own orders. Lady Stoneheart is in the Neck and she will surely seek Howland Reeds aid, so its a possibility Howland and the Cranogmen raid the Bolton supply line or are gonna attack Winterfell in the back.