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  1. House Darry was also a powerful house, since historically, they had been one of the more prominent houses until the fall of the Targaryens during Roberts Rebellion.
  2. Thats an interesting question. Sam is the most likely candidate. However, its just as likely that we won't get POV with Euron anymore until certain events unfold and he comes eye to eye with Victarion. That makes it also easier for GRRM to let certain things unfold off-page, which speeds up the narrative.
  3. Lord Rickards Revenge Brandons Fury (After Brandon Stark) The North Remembers The Lion of the Neck The Longclaw of the Bear (House Mormont). Would tie in both with the Mormonts supposedly breeding with Bears and with the ancesteral Valariyan Sword Longclaw
  4. Before he rode off to the Twins, he sent Maege Mormont (Who was pissed her daughter wanted to stay with Robb, so she sure wants revenge on the Boltons) and Galbart Glover to the Neck with the Will. So we technically don't even need Brynden to go to the Wall to tell Jon this. I personally think Brynden will rally the remaining Tully and Stark loyalists to save Edmure (Especially since he is the last remaining Tully, since the BF doesn't have children and we don't know yet if Roslin will bear Edmure a son).
  5. Obviously, Tyene , is much more dangerous than Lady Nym. Tyene is the true threat, since she can work from the shadows, while all eyes are fixed up Nym. I think that is kinda the point: We have to see Nym as the one not being able to hold her temper, while that is not what is going to happen. Before Nym strikes, she wants all of the Laninsters in the same room and die at the same time, while Tyene doesn't care who dies first or how they die.
  6. Well... There is a passage in one of the books (After the Battle of the Blackwater), where Davos and one of Selyse's uncles are imprisoned at Dragonstone. When Davos is taken away, the uncle says Don't take away the Light. There is also the thing that the readers are supposed to believe that Davos has died twice (Once after the Blackwater, once at White Harbor). Lightbringer was forged three times. Azor Ahai Prophecy After a long summer, when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world He shall be born again amidst smoke and salt He shall wake dragons out of stone He shall draw from the fire a burning sword, Lightbringer 2 out of three, apply to Davos - Born again Amidst Smoke (Wildfire on the Blackwater), and Salt (The Blackwater He Shall wake Dragons out of Stone - This applies to Dragonstone. Davos advice made Stannis go aid the Wall, so in essence, he woke a Dragon (Stannis), out of Stone (Stannis didn't want to fight anymore after his loss at the Blackwater). So Davos has to die (Or we are believed that he needs to die again), in order to activate Lightbringer. However, it can also mean three things that had a huge impact on his life 1. Losing his fingers 2. Losing his eldest sons at the Blackwater (Which clearly formed him) 3. Losing Shireen, who he loves like a daughter. Then Shireen will activate Davos, who as Lightbringer, aids Azor Ahai. But the reason why i think Davos is Azor Ahai or Lightbringer, is that he keeps mentioning he isn't a fighter. However, he is a survivor and he is lowborn himself (Which he hasn't forgotten), which means lowborns might rally behind him easier than behind some highborn lord. I think people are taking Azor Ahai being one person or Lightbringer being a Sword way to literal.
  7. I have lined up all the evidence in the books so far, which have made me come to the conclusion that Azor Ahai is not one, not two, but three people. People also confuse the Prince that was Promised with Azor Ahai (They think they are the same, which i doubt). I think Jon Snow is the Prince that was Promised and that he doesn't truly die, the readers just have to believe he did, just like with 2 other characters so far, which perfectly lines up. Dany is the Stallion That Mounts the World (Like Maester Aemon said, the prophecies don't make a huge difference in genders, which made him to believe Dany is the Prince That was Promised), so the Stallion bit might also be a red herring. We were also believed the first time that she burned too death. Davos Seaworth is Lightbringer. Everything lines up perfectly for him to be it (Supposedly died after the Battle of Blackwater, supposedly died in White Harbor). Thats 2 times already. There is more evidence in the books. So Davos has to die a third time (Or we are to believed he has) and then is reborn as Lightbringer (Due to certain events going to happen). Yes, Stannis might play a part, but he is nothing more than a red herring to misdirect us and take focus away from the ones currently closest to him: Jon and Davos. If Stannis is gonna sacrifice himself for someone, its gonna be for Davos, not for Jon (He bascially owes Davos his life, while he doesn't owe Jon anything yet).
  8. This episode gets a 2.10 from me. We didn't get Main Character deaths (Jorah, Edd, , Beric, Lyanna and Theon are side characters at best). For plot convienence, if you kill Jorah, you at least should kill off one major Jon supporter. NK is immune to Dragonfire, but can be killed by a Valyrian Steel Dagger, which is forged in Dragon Fire (As such, he should be immune to it). This major detail has basically destroyed the whole episode for me.
  9. Its not even clear that Jon died in the first place.
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