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  1. Hello, I'm Starky. Some of you already know me from the forum games. My real name is Naomi, I live in the UK I work in a local shop but I'm soon to start studying a business studies degree. I'm also a painter/artist/writer in my spare time. I'm currently writing a novel and I hope to open my own business one day. um yeah...I'm not very good with introductions... :leaving:
  2. morticia

    Board Issues 4

    Oooh I didn't even do anything and it magically stopped. Thanks Helena!
  3. morticia

    Board Issues 4

    Whenever on the forum, I keep getting redirected to a site that claims to be an adobe flash player dowload. I've already dowloaded the recent adobe flash player and it doesnt seem legit. And my anti-virus is flagging it as containing a virus in the dowload. "http://flash.zuqiuing.com/flash/gb/index.html?sid=284&dv1=ad278-gb&kw1=ad278-gb-xx&uuid=bf8eb5a7-0de4-44f3-6326-c9de90021288" It's getting really frustrating!
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