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  1. dân = fire Therefore, Dan + nerys = Daenerys, The Lady of Fire This explains Queen Naerys' name as well. Fits too well to be a coincidence, especially when we know that GRRM often uses Welsh as source of inspiration (Tyrion, Gwen from Dying of the Light etc.)
  2. That's House Bolling - their sigil is 'Vairy orange and blue, upon a black canton, a golden stag beneath an orange bend sinister' (Vairy tenné and azure, on a canton sable a stag or debruised by a bend sinister of the first). But they might be a branch of House Durrandon, not of Baratheons... There's another house with Durrandon/Baratheon stags - House Wensington (Two golden trumpets crossed on a blue field, beneath a gold chief with three black stags).
  3. Bluetiger

    Board Issues 4

    I wasn't on the forum for quite long time, so sorry if someone already asked about this: Since late march Tapatalk version of forum doesn't work, every time I get 'Network error, try again later. (get_config). What should I do? Is it my network or phone's fault? I have Samsug Galaxy Core, Android 4.1.2 , I've tried reinstalling Tapatalk app, trying on another WiFi, but it didn't help. Other forums & blogs on Tapatalk work correctly.
  4. Maybe merchant later became Sealord and princess from Summer Islands was on sone diplomatic mission in Braavos? Edit: Hmmm....I didn't notice that it says 'merchant's daughter' not merchant's son.
  5. Welcome to the forum Ramen I'm happy that you finally created account here.
  6. http://westeroscraft.wikia.com/wiki/WesterosCraft_Wiki Small wiki for builds and locations from WesterosCraft. Only ~300 pages. I have 2nd place in 'Editors with biggest number of edits'
  7. I'll dig up my Wiki password and change it I'm not active on 'Ice and Fire' wiki because WesterosCraft Wiki http://westeroscraft.wikia.com/wiki/WesterosCraft_Wiki & other things take much of my time.
  8. Should 'Ser' be added to titles in infoboxes of prince Quentyn and Oberyn Martell?
  9. Maybe Abel is a reference to Peter ABELard as well.... both couldn't be with a woman they loved because they belonged to celibate orders - Mance in Night's Watch, Abelard as a teology professor . Both chose to break rules - Mance deserted watch and Abelard had Heloisa as lover.
  10. Chett is from Hag's Mire which is seat of House Nayland. From SoS prologue: 'When they caught him down near Sevenstreams, old Lord Walder Frey hadn't even bothered to come himself to do the judging. He'd sent one of his bastards, that Walder Rivers" - Nayland is knighly house so they can't sentence to death. Chett was sentenced by Freys so they must be Nayland overlords.
  11. Cleon, last King of Astapor may also be reference to Emperor Cleon II (last Galactic Emperor) from Asimov's 'Foundations' series.
  12. I think that it's a quote from 'Free Cities' video ('Game of Thrones - History and Lore' - videos added to CDs with GoT). So, unless there is any evidence in the books, it should be changed/deleted. Welcome back, Westerosi. I didn't have much time last months, so I was only 'lurker' here. BlueTiger
  13. I'm not new , and I hope that you still remember me, but I wasn't active for few months ( sometimes I read 'News' and LmL's threads), so I want to say 'Hello' to you again!
  14. Welcome my lord! I hope that you'll have great time here! ;)
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