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  1. I’m one of the millions of Americans with a preexisting condition. I have SLE, commonly called lupus. Since I aged out of my parents’ insurance when I turned 21 in 2004, I was ineligible for coverage because of it. This meant all of my healthcare was emergency room care, because that’s the only place available to me. It meant I could not see a specialist for my condition, couldn’t get any sort of long term or preventative care. The ACA changed that. The kind of specialist and preventative care I can get now drastically changes my life expectancy. My life isn’t just very different, it’s going to be longer. Things are very different for the lgbt community. Things are very different for those who lost houses and jobs in the recession. Things are very different for people sent to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Things are very different for DACA recipients. To not have it make much difference who is president is a privilege reserved for the rich, white, healthy, and straight.
  2. Kelli Fury

    Non Believers: I'm What's Called a Pessimist

    1-Others would call me agnostic, I call me apathetic. I do not care whether there is a higher power or not. 2-I have entertained a lot of beliefs in childhood and have decided it’s just not an important question to answer in my life 3-not really. My mother is native Ojibwe so I’ve had some exposure to those traditions and my dad is a Lutheran raised agnostic (one of his parents was atheist, one Lutheran) so I’ve been exposed to that also. Neither was a part of my upbringing, but politics very much were. 4-I think people assume it generally because of my appearance, I don’t bring it up. Evangelizing any belief or non belief in a higher power is just an asshole move.
  3. Kelli Fury

    Happy (USA) Thanksgiving!

    Fuck your genocidal, belittling, racist holiday.
  4. Kelli Fury

    X-Ray Appreciation thread

    I miss that dislike and await it’s return like the Christians and their god
  5. Kelli Fury

    Men. Men. Men.

  6. Kelli Fury

    X-Ray Appreciation thread

    Yes there was a very short time! I think it was either just after the switch from ezboard or during the period we could like posts and it was just a Ran forgot to turn that off moment.
  7. Kelli Fury

    X-Ray Appreciation thread

    Before the fl00b was a simpler time when the mod hammers didn’t have to fall so often and hard and there was annual nudity and we could change our names as often as we wanted and embed images.
  8. Kelli Fury

    X-Ray Appreciation thread

    Fl00b is the term for the flood of n00bs that invaded after HBO
  9. Kelli Fury

    How prepared are you for a disaster?

    I live across the street from the nations largest natural foods Co-op. My survival plan is just looting.
  10. Kelli Fury

    Farmer's Life For Me

    I did nothing to train him in any regard. He just is who he is. I don’t do the goats anymore and moved, reduced my herd to two horses and the donkey. In the goat era I was on 11.6 acres, now they are on 5. Ed remains indespensible
  11. Kelli Fury

    X-Ray Appreciation thread

    We’ve been here since before it was here!!! It used to be a very templatey looking EZboard
  12. Kelli Fury

    X-Ray Appreciation thread

    This is the first one I’ve made for her in like 12-15 years of board knowing. So, it’ll be awhile.
  13. Kelli Fury

    X-Ray Appreciation thread

    She is a crustacean and female
  14. Kelli Fury

    X-Ray Appreciation thread

    In this thread we extoll the virtues of my favorite mod, X-Ray. We can’t post in the assault thread because of her righteous smite, which I screenshot for posterity, so I had to gush here. Let this be a monument to her mighty ban hammer and also mighty lipstick collection. Hail X-Ray
  15. Kelli Fury

    Farmer's Life For Me

    Donkeys are smart and adorable and are possessed of greater valor than any other creature. Google donkey and mountain lion. No livestock guardian is better than an uncut donkey jack. If you have goats or sheep or horses or cows, your donkey will guard them with his life. I have a miniature donkey, there was a mountain lion killing full grown cattle near me, and I was breeding Pygmy goats in an open sided barn. I never lost a single one. The fence was for the horses only, both the goats and their donkey overlord could go in and out at will. But the donkey would bring them in when he came in, he understood them to be his responsibility, and each was always safe and sound. I have no doubt he would have (and probably did) killed any coyote that came near and no mountain lion would have passed except over his dead body. He also provided rides to small children