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  1. i hated john clare but i think that was the point. his fucking cruelty and entitlement was just so obnoxious. when lily went on a date with dorian he literally attacked her. not a great way to pick up chicks, caliban. overall, i think he was a giant pussy and i hated him. but, as i said, i'm 1000% sure that was the writer's intention. same with victor. arrogant, super creepy, possessive of lily. his idea of "oh i will kidnap lily, torture her, then she will love me again. brilliant brilliant briiiliant!" was just arrogance personified, but i've read the original shelley novel, and i can say he was very righteous and arrogant in that too, so once again, i trust the writer's decision. and also yall are crazy. madame kali was one of the best villains on tv in recent memory if you ask me. it was refreshing to see a woman who was genuinely a terrible person, and not some tortured character or "anti-heroine." They avoided all the tropes that female antagonists usually fall into, in this day and age: tragic backstory, abuse survivor, secret heart of gold, etc etc. She sold her soul to the devil because she wanted to and because she thought it would benefit her. She treated her daughter like shit, she killed babies, and she spent hundreds of years torturing people and ruining their lives. and looking damn good while doing it.
  2. I just found this thread, and I wanna say HOLY SHIT. This show was amazing. I found the character of Vanessa to be perfect and tragic and beautiful in every way. Ugh I cannot say enough. I am truly heart broken that she died, but I'm glad it was on her own terms, and that she finally was at peace. Lol I could write a fuckin novel about how much I loved this show but none of you want to see that lol
  3. Why hasn't a topic I made from like 4 days ago still not approved? Is there something wrong with it lol
  4. Money Power Glory by Lana Del Rey has very Cersei vibes to me. Indifference to morality and religion, worshipping wealth and power above all else. Drug/alcohol induced haze.
  5. The Sand Snakes scene was interesting. Good to see Tyene is still into poisons. It's too early to pass judgement. We don't know where the plot is headed just yet. Cersei's arrest was brilliant. Lena's psycho scream should be my new ringtone. Also that Septa looked manlier than the Mountain.
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