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  1. Re: Byron... Tyrek, maybe? I'm unclear on Byron's age, but Tyrek would be 15 at this point. Surely not a knight, but this is all presumably a deception. I also wanted to mention a thought on Saltpans. One meaning to the name is literally salt-bread, so I wonder if it relates symbolically to guest right or, by extension, to the Red Wedding. At both the RW and the raid on Saltpans we have blood shed by a "beast in human skin" (per Mariya Frey on Rorge misidentified as the Hound, and applies well to old Humanskin Bolton). Obviously, at the wedding Lord Frey not only allowed the atrocity but facilitated it. But Ser Cox of Saltpans did, at least in EB's eyes, have a duty to defend his smallfolk, much as Frey had a duty to protect his guests.
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    Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    Small but potentially important correction: The hot springs are not called black pools. The black pool beneath the weirwood in Winterfell's godswood is always cold, and seemingly bottomless.
  3. While we have a thread going... I had a vague memory of a character saying something about finding...something under every rock and leaf. Turns out it was this: At the time, Arya was speaking with Ned Dayne, who told her that Ned had loved Ashara. Snails are a threat to cabbage leaves. I'm not going anywhere with this, but I do think it's interesting.
  4. How dare you suppose that Uthor of the High Tower--ahem, Uthor O'High--::KOF:: Azor Ahai is irrelevant! Joking, of course, but I will say that mToots's suspicion of UU's familial relation to Oberyn made me think that perhaps "Uthor" is an homage to our Hightower hero in honor of the Citadel that Oberyn (and maybe his ancestors) so cherished. Tooty may have a point. I personally prefer your Bolton connection. No reason both can't be true. Likely we'll never know, right?