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    New (?) Coldhands Theory

    Shoot I had forgotten about Howland read visiting them. I was assuming the Green Men fled north with the Children.
  2. ndye5555

    New (?) Coldhands Theory

    Hey all, sorry if this has been posted about before, but I've been on this forum for quite a long time and I've never seen this discussed. My question is, is there any possibility that Coldhands is a remnant of the Green Men that Old Nan tells Bran about? The Green Men are described as having dark, green skin, with some stories describing horns or antlers. They are also said to ride elk. Supposedly, they were entrusted to guard the Isle of Faces after the Pact between the Children and the First Men. We know Coldhands has close ties with the the Children of the Forest. We see him speaking the True Tongue when his elk dies. Is it possible that he used to be one of the Green Men on the Isle of Faces before he was forced both with the rest of the Children? It would mean he might have some critical knowledge of the events surrounding the Pact and it would explain his connection to the Children. Maybe he even hides his face because of... horns? Anyways, it might just be crackpot but I've never heard it before and I'm running out of things to research while waiting for Winds. Let me know what you all think!
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    Official Testing Thread

    Testing first post