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  1. Kudos for getting the point of this thread :thumbsup: Maybe people will come here instead of starting laughably bad self-promotion threads. Although, some were as exciting as Lies of Locke Lamora...
  2. I used Amazon Createspace and KDP. Pros: Free as long as you have the files you need (or know how to create them) and either A) know what you're doing or B know someone who can walk you through the process. Cons: I've made maybe 30 sales with 0 product reviews. Then again, I also had no advertising. If you're looking for a Trad publisher, I knew someone a long while back who got in with Prometheus after applying to a lot of places. Maybe try them out?
  3. Thanks! I figured a good way to start would be setting up a website and doing a limited book giveaway on GoodReads. There should also be a local con or two coming up eventually where I can rent a table. After that, maybe publishing more books will generate more interest. I have two in the pipeline simultaneously. For now I'm just going to carry on and keep writing as usual. Good thing I have a day job! I'll second the interview question.
  4. Absolutely. There are going to be 3 (and only 3 because I planned it out) more books for a total of 4. The first one was a bit on the short side but the other 3 will be a bit bigger. In other words, no 14 book series that takes 20 years to complete. Honestly, I suggested "The prelude novella to a new fantasy series", but my editor suggested "epic". I'm approximately 1/3 done with the second book. No map.... The problem is that - while I do have a basic layout of the world - if I were to try a map it would look extremely basic and unimpressive. I'd rather go the Joe Abercrombie route and not have a map than have a bad one like this: http://s44.radikal.ru/i106/1104/84/027d20cd9816.jpg (Note: the other book I'm working on that is not part of this series - an 18th century style pirate adventure - will have a map) The world in a nutshell: There are these people with magic swords of mystical power who left "somewhere" 500 years ago (to be revealed later) and settled in the Vale of Fristad. Most of them are Greco-Roman and Japanese. 200 years ago another group with magic-swords showed up and started attacking the first group, These are the necromancers who practice dark magic, worship the gods who are the devils of the Fristad peoples' religion, and subjugate those around them. There is a lot about them the reader doesn't know and will be revealed as the series continues. Finally, there are the Tribes who are basically Native Americans, and the Waste-dwellers who live in Old West like towns. I decided to twist a given fantasy convention, so guns actually exist in this world but don't do much against someone who is using a mystical sword correctly. There are a few influences taken from LOTR/Star Wars and even more from Conan. My goal was to blend some familiar things with some new ideas. Ultimately, it's up to the readers whether or not I succeeded.
  5. Pitfalls: Here are a few things I'd suggest right out the gate. 1. HIRE AN EDITOR. 2. HAVE GOOD BETA-READERS 3. Be prepared to rewrite things. A LOT. 4. Bend, but don't break: Feedback will help you make adjustments, but don't let it convince you your story needs to be entirely changed. Never lose focus. Marketing strategies: I have none. but would actually open to any ideas. I really didn't think it through all that much. I'm going to have to work on that while I continue my writing (two books simultaneously) and my full-time job. I think it's the main reason I don't have many sales... yet. I was fortunate enough to be acquainted with another self-pub author. She did the cover art and the final edits.
  6. I'm sure some of you have already seen me advertise my book elsewhere, so I'm going to do it here. If you like a "decentralized" fantasy setting with several main characters and a unique world, you might be interested in my first book. Paperback: http://www.amazon.com/The-Shattered-Prophecy-David-Standeven/dp/1502987570/ref=tmm_pap_title_0 EBook: http://www.amazon.com/Shattered-Prophecy-David-Standeven-ebook/dp/B00OWA37JK/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid= http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/487681 Any other authors who want to self-promote as themselves, feel free to do so here.
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