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  1. In case it hasn't been posted yet, ways everyone can help the people of Ukraine https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60562260
  2. Mini rant: PMQs can be incredibly rage-inducing, but by far the thing that puts my TV in fear of its life the most is when Johnson says something like: "The people of the UK want ..." or "The people of the UK care about ..." I'm one of the people of the UK, and you do not speak for me, you flubbering blamange!! Judging from the two posts above, this seems to be classic and approved Toryspeak.
  3. I agree he dropped the slur (against his advisors' advice) to try and distract from the parties. And it has in part succeeded. But I don't see how this makes anything better for Johnson. Everyone is calling him a liar - even the BBC, even Laura Kuenssberg. Not only did he lie in Parliament (again - but the other lies are rarely newsworthy, for some reason) - but he spouted right wing conspiracy theories. Our Prime Minister did this. If this doesn't end him, I really worry for the country.
  4. Blimey, mate - I'm done. I suspect a lot of people think like this - it's frightening.
  5. The protest was not necessarily due to what Johnson said; the assault on Keir Starmer was.
  6. Sorry - snipped some stuff. I saw the footage of Reese-Mogg and Gove needing a police escort. You know what? I lay the blame for that at Johnson's door too. The latest Starmer incident is just that: the latest of many. Why do mobs feel that they are allowed to assault our politicians? Because of the new toxicity in our politics. And that is down to Johnson. And the reason I blame Johnson for the Starmer assault in particular - and blame him as a person, not blame our politics as a whole - is because he knew who he was speaking to when he mentioned Saville. He knew exactly what he was doing. And he gave those people the ammunition and permission.
  7. I've just watched the footage on the BBC website - your hearing is better than mine! There is definitely one very loud person. But I do not see how you can say with certainty that none of the other babblers were not shouting similar. But frankly - I am going to blame the anger and aggression displayed on Johnson. He gave them licence to behave in this way.
  8. Do I think that the Prime Minister spouting far right conspiracy theories in the House of Commons is curious? Well, that's one word for it! Do I think that the fact the media have not shied away from highlighting how the Prime Minister's words were used by a mob harassing the Leader of the Opposition? No - I think this is responsible reporting. The media should point out every single bit of far right conspiracy nonsense that comes out of Johnson's mouth - particularly if it is then regurgitated by a mob. (Ideally the press would report every Johnson lie, but I realise they have to cover other news as well - and they only have 24 hours of coverage per day.)
  9. Yikes! Horrible thought: I hope this horrific incident does not help push that awful Bill through the Commons.
  10. I have no problem with them protesting whatever loony cause they wish to - that is their right. They do not have the right to harass and mob a politician. They moved on from whatever their original intentions were to quite dangerous mobbing. And it is clear they were inspired by and using the Prime Minister's words.
  11. Them shouting "Jimmy Saville" and other related slurs was my first clue.
  12. The protest did not start because of what Johnson said. But they swarmed Starmer because of what Johnson said.
  13. And why mention Jimmy Saville? That has nothing to do with lockdowns! And why mob him so badly that the police had to escort him to safety? Johnson gave them the ammunition and wound them up.
  14. Oh come on! What do anti-lockdown protests have to do with Jimmy Saville? And what do they even have to do with Keir Starmer? No point heckling him about them - he's not (unfortunately) in charge! Their protest quickly turned into a dangerous mob - they were looking for trouble. Chris Bryant seems to be speaking for Labour on this - and he is speaking very well. Johnson knew damn well what he was doing by dropping this scandalous slur. He was advised against it, and he did it anyway. It was premeditated and deliberate. And he knew where the lie originated, so he knew what kind of people he would be winding up. We have all seen what these people are capable of. Furthermore, Johnson could diffuse this situation very very easily. And yet, he has deliberately double downed. It's a lie, a slur, a right wing conspiracy - and our Prime Minister is using his position to endorse and spread it. This is all on him.
  15. Yes I think he helped (co-wrote?) with Christopher Tolkien. I find this type of work fascinating - authors using the notes of a world creator to write or pull together additional or new material. When the names are as big as Tolkien and Jordan the project must be so daunting. But ultimately this kind of writing within another's world adheres to the original creator's vision. Except maybe for the latter Dune novels ... I'm not sure what my point is really! Except that the above project differ from new authors writing James Bond or Enid Blyton characters. I can see the appeal of writing these character from a 21st Century perspective - see if they can be brought into and fit with modern life.
  16. Other people have written Famous Five stories (and probably others) - so maybe the Blyton Estate is happy to give permission?
  17. Sanderson and The Wheel of Time? That's an interesting take on this, and maybe unique? An author finishing another's work with permission and notes. Other authors have written about James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. Then there are novels that take an aspect or concept from a novel and expand on it like The Wild Sargasso Sea. The Silmarillion and Christopher Tolkien probably fit in here too.
  18. There has always been the wider phenomenon of authors writing stories using the worlds and characters of other authors, particularly ones like Enid Blyton who are considered old-fashioned and a bit problematic by some these days. I find it fascinating - is this fan fiction, just on a professional level? Link to the Jacqueline Wilson story
  19. Oh, thank f&*%. England do love to make things difficult for themselves! Great fight back by Root and Malan.
  20. Getting excited for this now, after all the kerfuffles, distractions and scandals for both teams over the past few months/years - not to mention the possibility that this series might not happen at all. Definitely Advantage Australia: formidable bowling line-up, playing at home, no Barmy Army. But there is a quiet determination emanating from England, so maybe ...?
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