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  1. Danger Noodle! Brilliant! I like your roles for each of them. I would love to see all three breeds together. Is Seasmoke of the Balerion breed? Hopefully we can see him, Caraxes and Syrax together.
  2. Some great stories about the Queen that might brighten a sad day.
  3. Months probably. This is going to sound bizarre, but I think the Queen was one of the rocks upon which modern Britain is built. She was the Head of State for all of us, she was always curious about new innovations and technologies, and she reached out to many different communities in the country (and in the wider world). As anachronistic as the monarchy is to many, the Queen herself seemed to be very open, curious, welcoming, accepting of change, as well as adhering to tradition. ETA: Holy shit, I think I've just agreed with Liz Truss
  4. The News programmes are calling him King Charles III - so I guess it's official. Rest in Peace, Queen Elizabeth II - a truly extraordinary life of duty. We will probably never see your like again. The country feels even more fucked now.
  5. I can feel empathy and grief for people for people in news stories that I hear about just once, celebrities I like who have died, even the death of fictional characters - and also for the death of the only monarch my country has had for my entire life (and longer).
  6. I feel for the News Agencies - difficult to report on this in a 24 hour news cycle with cameras everywhere.
  7. Oh for sure, some won't give a fuck. And I suspect the outpouring of grief will really piss them off!
  8. I think that's it. Even if you're not pro-monarchy, it will just be such a change. For most of us, she's always been there.
  9. Yeh - someone pointed out in The Guardian Live update that Parliament is not usually interpreted for reports on the Queen's health. I think I knew she wasn't really immortal, but this is pretty devastating nonetheless. Especially on top of everything else the country is going through.
  10. They don't call all the family, or risk so many members of the Royal Family on so few emergency flights, unless this real.
  11. Thank you for starting a thread about this! I love everything about the dragons, and this news has me particularly fascinated. There are a three YouTube videos that have particularly grabbed me, and I'm going with these theories until someone more authoritative debunks them. From these videos, the three types are: Dino/Tyrannosaurus - Balerion, and all of Dany's dragons. Big square heads, maybe the biggest "breed"? Wolf head - Vhagar and Syrax. Elegant (for a dragon) head - I think Syrax is quite pretty! Serpentine, wormlike - Meraxes and Caraxes. Long bodies and necks. I LOVE Caraxes' design! I'm really interested to see if any of the other Dance dragons are this breed, as I suspect most of them will be the top two breeds. Three Dragon Breeds Revealed by Showrunners The Real Origins and Different Sub Species of Targaryen Dragons Targaryen Dragons Timeline & Family Tree Explained
  12. I'm here for the dragons - very excited that Vhagar (Visenya is my favourite Targ) was mentioned. I am really looking forward to cute little Laena finding her and becoming her rider. They have to do Vhagar right - she is the largest dragon we will ever see. Can't wait! I'm also looking forward to poor tragic Sunfyre - who will be glorious initially. Humanwise, I'm loving Viserys (a sane Targaryen!), Rhaenyra and Daemon. The writers and actors have a lot of scope to develop these characters, and I love what they are doing so far.
  13. In case it hasn't been posted yet, ways everyone can help the people of Ukraine https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60562260
  14. Mini rant: PMQs can be incredibly rage-inducing, but by far the thing that puts my TV in fear of its life the most is when Johnson says something like: "The people of the UK want ..." or "The people of the UK care about ..." I'm one of the people of the UK, and you do not speak for me, you flubbering blamange!! Judging from the two posts above, this seems to be classic and approved Toryspeak.
  15. I agree he dropped the slur (against his advisors' advice) to try and distract from the parties. And it has in part succeeded. But I don't see how this makes anything better for Johnson. Everyone is calling him a liar - even the BBC, even Laura Kuenssberg. Not only did he lie in Parliament (again - but the other lies are rarely newsworthy, for some reason) - but he spouted right wing conspiracy theories. Our Prime Minister did this. If this doesn't end him, I really worry for the country.
  16. Blimey, mate - I'm done. I suspect a lot of people think like this - it's frightening.
  17. The protest was not necessarily due to what Johnson said; the assault on Keir Starmer was.
  18. Sorry - snipped some stuff. I saw the footage of Reese-Mogg and Gove needing a police escort. You know what? I lay the blame for that at Johnson's door too. The latest Starmer incident is just that: the latest of many. Why do mobs feel that they are allowed to assault our politicians? Because of the new toxicity in our politics. And that is down to Johnson. And the reason I blame Johnson for the Starmer assault in particular - and blame him as a person, not blame our politics as a whole - is because he knew who he was speaking to when he mentioned Saville. He knew exactly what he was doing. And he gave those people the ammunition and permission.
  19. I've just watched the footage on the BBC website - your hearing is better than mine! There is definitely one very loud person. But I do not see how you can say with certainty that none of the other babblers were not shouting similar. But frankly - I am going to blame the anger and aggression displayed on Johnson. He gave them licence to behave in this way.
  20. Do I think that the Prime Minister spouting far right conspiracy theories in the House of Commons is curious? Well, that's one word for it! Do I think that the fact the media have not shied away from highlighting how the Prime Minister's words were used by a mob harassing the Leader of the Opposition? No - I think this is responsible reporting. The media should point out every single bit of far right conspiracy nonsense that comes out of Johnson's mouth - particularly if it is then regurgitated by a mob. (Ideally the press would report every Johnson lie, but I realise they have to cover other news as well - and they only have 24 hours of coverage per day.)
  21. Yikes! Horrible thought: I hope this horrific incident does not help push that awful Bill through the Commons.
  22. I have no problem with them protesting whatever loony cause they wish to - that is their right. They do not have the right to harass and mob a politician. They moved on from whatever their original intentions were to quite dangerous mobbing. And it is clear they were inspired by and using the Prime Minister's words.
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