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  1. I want every detail of every house, major or minor, so that those details can be incorporated into the Crusader Kings 2 mod. The more information the better.
  2. Sourjapes

    Why did Roose spare Ramsey's life?

    Bolton-On is kind of fun but I don't believe it is true. My favorite theory is that Domeric was actually Brandon's son and when he returned from the Vale Roose realized this. However I don't think he had the boy killed; I think everyone just thinks he did. I'd wager the Old Man in the dungeons of the Dreadfort is severely malnourished Domeric. Perhaps Roose thought a bastard of Winterfell could be a useful tool if kept alive and used under the right circumstances? Perhaps as well... he did yet have some affinity for the boy and could not bring himself to kill him. I know that Barbrey says that Roose has no feelings but I think she's wrong. The emotionless demeanor is an act Roose uses for strategic purposes because it makes him hard to read. I think his reminiscing about Domeric does indicate a sense of loss and frustration at being robbed of a good heir (either because that heir was killed or because he realized that heir was not his). Roose would become a bit boring if he was just a monster and didn't have any humanity to him. He's cold and ruthless, but I do think he is human and even capable of at least slight, safe, self-interested compassion or affinity for others such as Domeric, Fat Walda, or even Barbrey whom he seems to regard as an equal.
  3. Sourjapes

    Why Does Cersei Want To Be A Man I Mean Be Jaime?

    She wants power, prestige, respect, and a greater sense of independence.
  4. Sourjapes

    Did Roose actually think Ramsay was dead

    He kicked those ironborn out by first slaughtering a host of loyal Northmen.
  5. Sourjapes

    Do people actually believe Bolt-on?

    I think it is silly and really overdoes Roose's "strangeness". Really, he seems pretty normal in the Reek chapters when he is in private company. That said, I wouldn't be surprise if the Boltons practice or practiced some form of magic related to their flaying customs. My pet theory is that Roose will defeat Stannis by pulling another "Renly's Ghost" on him only with the Young Wolf. I think it is quite possible he took possession of Robb's body and flayed him and some trickery will result.
  6. Sourjapes

    Tender side of Tywin, Roose, And Walder.

    I think all three of them are human thus capable of some, limited, very private warmth towards people they are very close to. However such people are probably very uncommon or that warmth might only be shown when they were very young.
  7. Whatever happens they'll be writing songs about the Young Wolf for another 8 thousand years. Some day, they'll even make big budget movies about it and novelizations that "dramatize" the events. The interesting part will be to see how the story changes over the centuries, which parts get embellished or what events from before, during, or after his time get added into his story. They'll be a Tim Burton-esque version that is more generous to the Frey account, and an animated version Disney Westoros version where he survives the Red Wedding but that's his low moment, but he triumphantly turns the tables on his enemies. Likely a popular version of the tale will be how it wasn't some Westerling he loved, but... a LANNISTER! Only the rest of Lannisters and even Robb's own bannermen and kin couldn't tolerate it, so ironically the two warring families conspired to murder the young lovers just so they could avoid peace and continue to kill each-other. So senseless.
  8. Sourjapes

    What Would Robert Have Done Had He Acknowledged The Truth?

    I think it all depends on the specific circumstances, but Cersei, Jaime and their kids are definitely dying. If Robert can get his hands on Cersei or Jaime when he finds out then I think he'd attempt to do the deed himself. As has been said before that could end in him being killed by Jaime. When it comes to kids... they have to die. Same as Daenerys. Robert wouldn't do it himself just as he wouldn't kill Dany himself and wouldn't have killed Aegon or Rhaenys himself... but he can give the order. They'll be taken outside by the headsman and executed. Quiet, clean, and fast, and any guilt Robert might feel about it will just be redirected at the Lannisters for subjecting him to it just as he re-directed his guilt over Rhaenys and Aegon onto Dany and Viserys.
  9. I think that Robert post-Rebellion is a Robert fundamentally unhappy with life, stressed and depressed and as a result his worst character aspects become the dominant facets of his personality. If he'd had Lyanna... maybe he'd have been happier. Maybe. It's also possible that a relationship with her wouldn't work because he might still fail to remain faithful. It is possible Robert was just destined to be unhappy as an older man because his character flaws were too big for him to conquer, or he simply always lacked the will.
  10. Sourjapes

    Why did nobody try to curb Joffrey?

    Raising Joffrey properly probably would have meant he'd just be a more successful psychopath. Granted, that might be better for the realm. In regards to Robert, I don't think he was an evil person, but he was a weak person. Maybe even a bad person, at times.
  11. -fort is going to be attached to any fortress... the Dread Fortress, the Red Fortress, the Night Fortress, the Bane Fortress, ect... The only, very thin, connection between the Dreadfort and House Redfort isn't the "fort" part it is the Dread/Red parts. It's notable because Roose/GRRM decided to have his heir squire there and the ancient Bolton kings were the RED Kings. Like I said, it is very thin and might mean nothing at all and Roose could have a much more mundane reason for squiring his heir to Lord Horton Redfort.
  12. Lots of Walder or Walda Freys, some Hoster Freys, right? Also, Hosteen... Lyanna Mormont... lots of Lords like to name children after other Lords whom they want to curry favor from.
  13. Do we ever get a description of how old Lord Rodrik's sons are? It's entirely possible that his son Roose was named for his son-in-law, providing he was born just after Roose married Bethany.
  14. It can imply that but it doesn't have to imply that. All it means is a comparison of the two riding, it doesn't imply anything else as to whether they actually raced one another or not. The comparison could have occurred directly by the two being of an age and riding together or it could be a comparison done after the fact by someone who witnessed both ride at separate times and places. Such I could compare an old (American) Football player to a modern (American) Football player and conclude; "Not even Joe Namath could hit a field-goal so well." Mind you these two players played the game a decade or two apart but I saw both play so I can compare. Here is what proves Domeric was not of an age with Lyanna: if he was of an age with Lyanna then he'd be of an age with Lady Dustin as she was of an age with her too. A few yours older, but surely not that many considering Barbrey was a possible match for Brandon or Eddard at one point.
  15. Sourjapes

    Does Roose love Ramsay ?

    "...there would be no castles or keeps for the Leechman's son, only a wildling's sword in his gut and an unmarked grave." - ASOS prologue. I don't know if I got the text exact but close enough.