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  1. Sourjapes

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    Yeah, and the best way to do that would have been to ally with the North, the other Kingdom fighting for independence.
  2. Sourjapes

    Foreshadowing the end of house stark

    If there is to be an eternal summer then why keep around the Stark words?
  3. Sourjapes

    The plight of the poor

    I don't question Dany's motives but rather her consequences. Was her conquest of Slavery's Bay justified? Will it have done good in the end? I think that's an open question. Mind you, I'm not condemning it nor fully endorsing it. I can see it as a grey issue much as the American Civil War. Was that the best way to end slavery, with hundreds of thousands dead and twice as many wounded and maimed? Wasn't my family in bondage either but was it worth it to sacrifice that many lives and that much property (non-slave property) to end that institution? Many, including myself, wonder if a slower, peaceful approach that was more incremental wouldn't have achieved the same result without such an immense loss of life. What Dany has done to Slavery's Bay will likely shape the area's culture, economy, and politics for generations to come. Maybe for the better, but then maybe not. You can't just overthrow a society like that and assume you will improve things. My point is, it's a huge gamble. So when it comes to Westoros, maybe she will be a good queen. Maybe. I'd rather have Stannis to be honest, but I suppose given his embracing of R'hllor you could criticize him too. Maybe the Tommen/Tyrell regime was really the most sensible one. However I think that Dany is going to cause immense harm to Westoros over the long term if she invades with Dothraki. That's my main issue with her. I find it naive and not really fitting in with the tone or themes of the books for her to just invade with a Dothraki horde and for that not to have huge, negative, far-reaching consequences for generations to come.
  4. Sourjapes

    The plight of the poor

    She'll demonstrate her concern for the common people by inflicting the violent, savage, foreign dothraki on them. Truly she's a woman out of time. A ruler from the modern age.
  5. Sourjapes

    A New Husband for Catelyn

    I don't think we'll ever know if Ramsay and Roose were in cahoots. It seems like it would be impractical for them to have been, but who knows? Regarding Catelyn not offering her hand to a Frey, well at the time she made the alliance she was still married to Ned.
  6. Sourjapes

    A New Husband for Catelyn

    Who cares? Not her decision to make.
  7. Sourjapes

    Ramsay and Euron

    The more I think about it the more I think that Ramsay probably does have it in him to have at a least a kind of twisted compassion. His over-top embracing of the Bolton's bloody legacy to me is an obvious case of over compensations for perceived inadequacy and a desperate desire for acceptance. He tells people that his father slept with his mother because he fell in love with her at first sight. He tells people that his father sent him Reek out of love for him. He wants his father to view him as a true success to his House, their legacy, and to love him as a son. How does Ramsay perceive love to be? Well he at least has some understanding of the outward appearance of it. With that in mind, did anyone show him genuine love? His own mother resented him but there was one person who went out of their way to meet him, someone who specifically wanted a brother at his side. Did Ramsay kill Domeric in the mad hope that he'd someday gain Domeric's inheritance? It's possible but I don't think it is at all certain. He gets pretty angry when he hears that Lady Dustin is telling people that he murdered his brother. Does anyone in the Dreadfort say it to his face or is that about as lethal as calling him "Lord Snow"? Needless to say I subscribe to theory that it was probably Ramsay's mother or Reek, or just an actual illness, that killed Domeric Bolton. My point being that if Domeric showed Ramsay at least a hint of a respect and familial love, then Ramsay might actually have been moved to reciprocate. Doesn't mean that his cruel, violent, and sadistic nature wouldn't have cause him to self-sabotage any bond he might have formed with his half-brother, but he is one some level capable of feeling these things. Of wanting them even if his screwed up brain can't quite understand them. I DO think Joffrey was always going to grow up to be a sociopath of sorts, but I also believe that kind of thing happens in degrees and it is clear that Joffrey idolized and desired the approval, and even love, of his father.
  8. Sourjapes

    A New Husband for Catelyn

    Very true, if timing would have allowed. She is young enough to have children still and is proven fertile. That's exactly what Roose needs. She's also of a greater house, which is a boon for him. Lastly, but most importantly, marrying Catelyn to Roose would have bound him very closely to the success of the Starks and Tullys. His heir would be half-sibling to Kings and Princes. Granted, one wonders if Roose would even consent to such a marriage. I think he would since it seems like a lesser gamble than the Red Wedding itself was. Another good option is to have her marry Jon Snow err, Stark, in the event that he becomes Robb's heir. It's the best way in that case, with Catelyn's children all dead, to maintain the Stark/Tully alliance. I wish I could be present to see it though.
  9. Sourjapes

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    I think that Robert would just order Tywin to make peace with the Tullys and for the Imp to be released from the Vale. Why would Tywin defy Robert? He's made his point by avenging his House's honor. You can be sure the next person who makes a rash decision to arrest a Lannister will think twice about it. Is Robert going to dig into the scheming Tywin did in the prelude to his invasion? I don't think so. Robert will bark an order without looking deeply into it at all and the realm will obey. People scheme against King Robert but other than the Greyjoys they don't defy him.
  10. Sourjapes

    What was Rickard Karstark thinking?

    Would he have actually honored the offer he made? That's not so clear. Regardless, there is a whole other branch of Karstarks so I can imagine there would be some backroom deals. Let the lowborn lad marry Alys and maybe he even becomes Lord of Karhold. However his council would be all true Karstarks and his children would be married to Rickard's nieces and nephews. As well, the lowborn man would probably take the Karstark name rather than give Alys his own. Of-course if this theoretical lowborn guy who won Alys is stupid and brazen he might insist on ruling in his own name in which case he probably has an accident and Alys marries a distant relative instead.
  11. Sourjapes

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Confine her under house arrest for the rest of her life. The first thought is Karhold but that's probably too much. Send her to Last Hearth. The Umbers will be respectful of her but she'll be far from home and without her family. Merciful towards his own mother but also just. Executing your own mother would be foolish and pretty ruthless.
  12. I want every detail of every house, major or minor, so that those details can be incorporated into the Crusader Kings 2 mod. The more information the better.
  13. Sourjapes

    Why did Roose spare Ramsey's life?

    Bolton-On is kind of fun but I don't believe it is true. My favorite theory is that Domeric was actually Brandon's son and when he returned from the Vale Roose realized this. However I don't think he had the boy killed; I think everyone just thinks he did. I'd wager the Old Man in the dungeons of the Dreadfort is severely malnourished Domeric. Perhaps Roose thought a bastard of Winterfell could be a useful tool if kept alive and used under the right circumstances? Perhaps as well... he did yet have some affinity for the boy and could not bring himself to kill him. I know that Barbrey says that Roose has no feelings but I think she's wrong. The emotionless demeanor is an act Roose uses for strategic purposes because it makes him hard to read. I think his reminiscing about Domeric does indicate a sense of loss and frustration at being robbed of a good heir (either because that heir was killed or because he realized that heir was not his). Roose would become a bit boring if he was just a monster and didn't have any humanity to him. He's cold and ruthless, but I do think he is human and even capable of at least slight, safe, self-interested compassion or affinity for others such as Domeric, Fat Walda, or even Barbrey whom he seems to regard as an equal.