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  1. Happy to see the Luca Blight avatar around these forums.

  2. Probably because there was a running competition to get the most negs and I stopped carrying really early on.

  3. I always knew you were evil deep down, but I thought it was deeper.

  4. how the hell did you get negatice 3? almost mind boggling....

  5. Ouroboros

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Woah, from the amount of suggestions being thrown around you would think this was a casting thread? Anyway, I think its cool that the two execs bother with a lowly board like ours for ideas, shows they care about the grass roots. Wish more creators/writers would get involved with the fan base outside of marketing groups and polls. Get a discourse going with the viewers/readers/whatevers. Of course that isn't always a good thing, just look at Heroes, sometimes it's best to ignore the fans as well. Still, its pretty cool to have a direct line (so to speak) with the boys upstairs.
  6. Ouroboros

    References and Homages

    [quote name='Nymeria Sand' post='1469241' date='Aug 5 2008, 14.29']It's the Ouroboros. It means infinity (time), but it also means cyclicality and unity. It stands for the eternal return, and of cycles that begin again as soon as they end (like the phoenix). The dragon (a winged serpent) bites its own tail to sustain its own life. It just might be the oldest symbol in the world. It's a mystical symbol that goes back to ancient Egypt.[/quote] Damn straight it is. Its more or less a universal symbol as well, picked up by nearly every religion at one point or another.
  7. Ouroboros

    References and Homages

    I just realized something. The Bolton's are possibly a reference to the semi-legendary Sawney Bean clan from Scottish history, particularly because of their fondness for flaying people and wearing their skins like a cloak. Ramsay's association with cannibalism also looks to be a deliberate link to Sawney Bean.
  8. Ouroboros

    References and Homages

    Really? Lann reminded me more of Anansi or Coyote then Loki, but then again those names don't really parallel one another as well as Lann/Loki.
  9. Ouroboros

    Official Testing Thread

    Merely a simple test.