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  1. That is a good point, I honestly do not know where Sansa arc will progress. After reading the sample chapter, something is bond to go wrong ever since the mad mouse is reintroduce in the story. LF is a puzzling character that everything is going his way and yet his flaw maybe Sansa, but I see no indication of him making dump decisions (unlike his show counterpart).
  2. the reason I mentioned it because LF is the lord of  Harrenhall, and since we know he has been gathering provisions in the Vale to prepare for Winter. His interest in Sansa is either weird or has its purpose. 
  3. what is your opinion regarding her possible connection with Haranhael or her Whent lineage.  
  4. It is interesting in regards Sansa's strange connection with the dog in the Eyrie. But I believe instead of for being a possible skin changer, she has a connection with Haranheal. Since her grandmother is a Wheant on her mother side whos sigal is a black bat as well as someone mentioning about her escaping like a winged bat in Arya's ASOS chapter. Preston Jacobs made interesting points o his LF dept scheme videos . Please correct me if I am off.