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  1. where does everyone think that sansa and lf are going? hope that we see some more of arya this week, for the title of episode concerning her, we didn't get a whole lot of information excited about bronn and jaime, have always thought that bronn was one of the better characters
  2. can you elaborate on the tyrells bid for power? all that i've really seen is margerys play to try and get tommen on her side. i thought that this was only to ensure that she would become queen, yes its obvious that she will from there try and get more power but we haven't seen her make light on any of these actions,(conspiring with other people/families) yet. and mace tyrell was giddy to be appointed master of coin, so i dont think he is any threat to the lannisters on the slave being executed. dont you think it was a misjudgement on dany's part that she was willing to give the harpy a fair trial but once the slave committed the crime, he was instantly sentenced and not given the same right of having a trial?
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    [No Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    haha i thought the same thing too about grey worm, i was like he looks way too similar weird scene with the actual grey worm and the chick he wishes he could bang
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    [No Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    Where do you think LF/Sansa are traveling to? LF said west and out of the reach of Cersei, my first thought was overseas, but don't think we've been exposed to anything going west off the mainland, and dont think that'd make sense anways. LF still is in control of Harenhal, so maybe there? Excited for Arya this coming week, think she has one of the best storylines between all the characters. How much will she progress this season in becoming what I am assuming to be an assassin. Jon Snow is definitely causing some stirs at the wall, there is going to be a vote for new commander between him and thorne right? from what i remember someone said half like jon and the other half think he is too friendly with the wildlings, which surely putting mance out of his misery didn't help the cause there. when stannis eventually moves south, he'll go through the north first obviously, so will the boltons oppose or side with him? from what i can gather they are in pretty much complete control of the north, but who are all of the other "old" north famililies that came to robb starks cause support supporting now?