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  1. Slaver's Dread

    Strongest Lannister Vassal

    It seems everyone is forgetting one house, the one that raises armies in the West. The strongest vassal house of the Lannisters of Casterly Rock are the Lannisters of Lannisport.
  2. Slaver's Dread

    Aegon VI

    There are way too many early book hints to him being fake before he ever appears. The fact that George made a lot of the Blackfyre history and started seeding it into the books right before fAegon shows up is kind of damning. How much clearer can you get from the Black metal dragon that goes into the water and comes back out red with rust. There is not a lot of evidence telling me he is real and almost overwhelming foreshadowing that he's fake.
  3. Slaver's Dread

    Who's the worst human being, Tywin Lannister or Roose Bolton

    I personally don't think we have all of the information for Tywin. It is literally revealed in the last chapter that we see him alive in that their is massive hypocrisy in Tywin's story that we don't know. We pretty much know how bad Roose was and his reach was small. Tywin on the other hand can't be believed about anything. Especially that hogwash about not ordering the deaths of Elia's children. Isn't he the same guy that said that he came to the war effort too late and that after Robert saw what he had done to baby Aegon no man could doubt what side he was on. Tywin is the worst, easily. Confirmed child killer vs so.done who we have no info about him killing children.
  4. Slaver's Dread

    Religious Tolerance

    Its really simple. No army of the Faith ever got pass the Neck.
  5. I pretty much thought they were morons for years. I only truly thought that both they and the whole team were daft when they forgot that you give up all claims when you take the Night's Watch vows. Its only when they started confusing Dany taking the throne by conquest with Jon's nonexistent better claim that I truly thought that they should never be let near another franchise. And this is leaving out the rampant character assassination, flash over substance, nonsensical narrative, etc.
  6. There is also probably a mountain path on the opposite side that undead should have no problem traversing. I shouldn't say path as they would probably be the ones breaking in the terrain. Ugh, when you realize your brain is not actually a thesaurus.
  7. The other main form of clairvoyance has a limitation though. Namely height and unobstructed view is required for the sight of glass candles to span long distances. The one time Bran's vision spans continents he has both height and an unobstructed view.
  8. While I agree with you 100%, too many people disagree for this to be settled.
  9. Slaver's Dread

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    For the record, NO. Summer did not see an actual dragon. 7 years without a book makes some make strange decisions.
  10. Slaver's Dread

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Am I seeing right? Did the OP really ressurect a two decade+ old debunked theory, structure it as a poll, and then go on to argue with everyone who doesn't agree with his preconceived notions?
  11. So would that be a confirmation of the Others using Weirwood magic to wake the Wights? Those two Wights that are brought south of the Wall seem to be activated like a time bomb, when the first Wight we see in story is activated immediately.
  12. To discuss and to be accepted are two different things. The biggest problem is we don't know how it works. Could Silverwing literally not fly over the Wall? What about flying around? Did Silverwing just not want to go? All we really are told in the main series is that something cuts a magical connection between beings connected by magic if they are on different sides. Then again Bloodraven shoots that theory all to hell. Discussion isn't really the problem. It's only when we say, this is how it works, when all examples of similar situations contradict each other, does it not pass the smell test.
  13. You have to connect a few dots first. The reason I think the Targaryens went to Dragonstone in the first place is that Daenys the Dreamer saw that, "the Doom of Man will come from the lands beyond the Narrow Sea." If this is true a lot of things make sense. Everyone wants to know if we will see 'The Dying of the Dragons' in the Citadel arc. I'm way more interested of the possibility of 'Signs & Portents' the book of prophecies that Daenys wrote is there.
  14. You fail at science. Your hypothesis needs to be replicated if you want it to accepted as a peer reviewed addition to the canon. This might also be a moot point if the wall is down by the time any of Dany's dragons get there.
  15. Rhaegar's grandfather died when Rhaegar was 3 right after the War of the Ninepenny Kings. He was not influenced whatsoever by Jaehaerys. Why do you also assume that Aerys would have told him anything about TPTWP? Nothing in the text says Aerys was a believer. In fact he didn't even like Rhaella. Rhaegar most likely read part or all of Signs & Portents. If TPTWP, which is totally about bringing back the lost dragons, was anywhere that could be read it would be in that book. Its also super obvious why Rhaegar would think he was TPTWP. Since the dragons died all dragon symbols were taken to equate to an actual living member of House Targaryen. If you believe the symbolism of a dragon hatching at Summerhall, how many people fit that bill?