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  1. Hubby persuaded me to write a things-to-do list earlier, as it normally helps us get to grips with having a lot of things to do at once. Sadly as three of the things on the list will take at least three months each, it's not been a wholly positive experience...
  2. Hope it goes OK. Dentistry is the worst. My laptop has started getting stuck on ALLCAPS from time to time no matter whether the CapsLock key is pressed - usually starting when I'm in a Citrix environment but persisting outside of that environment - and the USB mouse's left click no longer works (this is not to do with the mouse, which works fine stuck into another machine: the laptop will not register left-click from a USB mouse). It's done blue-screen-of-death four times in the past three months. I may need a new laptop.
  3. It is Too Hot and I couldn't spend today in and out of my daughter's paddling pool owing to work (unlike yesterday). Hmph.
  4. Zoë Sumra

    Incidents in London

    Basically yes. It's potentially contempt of court to describe the person in custody as a terrorist prior to charging and to the outcome of a trial. It's not contempt of court to describe the incident as an incident of terrorism (I think). With so many vehicle-based terrorist attacks over the past year I lean towards believing it would be worth banning vehicles from city centres without a permit (residency, working permit etc) from 6am-midnight. At the worst we would make the air more breathable.
  5. Zoë Sumra

    UK Politics: Post-May Edition

    I recall that the time he abstained was on a measure that would have been good for the L, G and B, but would have screwed over the T. I also agree with @Hereward re. the leadership. The tax rates proposed are quite a long way from high.
  6. Zoë Sumra

    Do real friendships happen on this forum?

    I've only been here ten years and I'm feeling like a n00b now!
  7. Zoë Sumra

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    Thank you. The Wages of Sin is now on sale in ebook format! Amazon UK Amazon US Amazon Canada Apple iBooks Plenty of other Amazon country-specific sites, Kobo, Google and Nook have links at the bottom of this page.
  8. Zoë Sumra

    UK Politics: Post-May Edition

    Ah. Yes. Iiiiiiinteresting. Thank you for that. I've been wondering how the NHS privatisation push, for instance, is going to proceed with an anti-abortion party hanging on the Conservatives' tail...
  9. Zoë Sumra

    Football: Showdown Sunday

    Any professional sportsperson with an undiagnosed condition is at extremely high risk. Re. cocaine, the big thing a few years ago was alleged cover-ups with multiple players busted but their names being kept out of the media (and presumably being put on injured lists till bans were completed or appeals heard). I wondered at the time, and wonder now, whether the use of such a perceived white-collar drug (as opposed to, say, anabolic steroids) was - in the age of big salaries - being treated non- seriously. It's a phenomenon noted in other areas of society, e.g. City workers.
  10. Zoë Sumra

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    I have a new book coming out! The Wages of Sin will be released from Elsewhen Press in ebook in June and in paperback in late July/early August. The ebook is available for pre-order. Links are at the bottom of this page to pre-order in Apple iBooks, Kobo, Google Books and for Kindle in thirteen countries including the UK, the US, Australia, NZ, France and Germany. A Nook ebook version will be available before too long...
  11. They're aggressive when they don't know each other. Littermates or gerbils who have otherwise known each other from a very young age get on fine. They are social by inclination. I am at the stage of a new antidepressant where I can't tell whether the drug or its dosage is working. My keel appears to be evening out, which is what I really want to achieve, so, yay?
  12. Scarf down at least gets the direction of travel right. I woke up at between 3am and 4am, couldn't get back to sleep, and at 7am remembered I have a psych appointment this afternoon, whichmakes travelling to the office a bit daft. As a result I'm working in bed. This is nice on a day when I have almost no energy.
  13. Zoë Sumra

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    I've written a lot of fanfiction. If I hadn't, I would never have made any progress on learning to handle short story format - I've never much enjoyed reading any original stuff shorter than novella length, but a top notch short story length fanfic makes good reading practice and good writing practice. Edits and copy-edits finally done on my book 2... and I now have two totally different totally new novel plots shoving around in my head competing for space. Joy.
  14. Zoë Sumra

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Having requests for fulls is always a good sign. Even if those agents refuse the manuscript you then know it's got legs, or the full wouldn't have been requested. I hope your energy comes back... Ooh, good luck. I finished my first draft of The Next Book yesterday. Title for The Next Book is currently under discussion due to all the possibles being the same title as something else, so we're working on selecting the best option - its working title is The Wages of Sin. I'm currently staring at chapter 2 and wondering how I can do better with some pacing/character introduction aspects.
  15. Zoë Sumra

    Queer characters in fantasy

    If comics and graphic novels are to anyone's taste, The Wicked + the Divine - collected as four graphic novels and counting: it started in 2014, though I only started reading it this year - is effectively urban fantasy that contains significant trans, gay and bi characters. All the characters' identity feels organic in their development - no shoehorning - though beware the straight character with yellow fever (the text mocks him for having it).