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  1. Congratulations, Buckwheat. Fury, I really hope you stay safe and that no one else is seriously hurt.
  2. He must have photos. "Upper middle class dad in not wanting to interact with own child shocker"?
  3. Yep. Most definitely, given that relaxation in other countries waited till deaths were much lower. Get thee out there and die for the corporate overlords! There may also be a measure of desperation on the part of private schools and nurseries to get kids back on site before the summer holiday in order to justify continuing to charge parents.
  4. I only get mine cut once or twice a year anyway, and I had it done in January. Husband never gets his hair cut (it curls, and after a certain point it doesn't look like it gets any longer). I trimmed his beard when it needed doing. DD1's hair has never been cut. DD2 has a fringe (because she wouldn't keep slides in, and couldn't see through her hair...). That will need trimming soon.
  5. "Interestingly", they also appear to have cropped out a black child from the stock photo of teacher and students that they used on the front page. Image used and original
  6. 50g flour and 75g caster or golden caster sugar. You also need a pinch of salt. This is such an easy bake that it may become my go-to base for swiss rolls etc.
  7. Separate 3 eggs: whisk the whites with some sugar till peaks form; add the yolks and whisk a little more; add plain flour; put into tray bake tin and bake for 10 minutes. When cold, cut in half and sandwich the two halves with buttercream. Apply lemon icing. Try not to eat all at once.
  8. Mass birthday parties FTW. One of DD1's nursery friends had a birthday the other week. The parents organised an outdoor cake party for most of the people in their (small) street. When the policewoman drove past she was satisfied that nobody was standing anywhere near anyone to whom they weren't related...
  9. Add Triskele, Mormont and my good (?) self to that... Lockdown was not how I planned to spend my 40th, but, stuff happens. The cake was decent.
  10. We've lived with a mature sycamore in the garden for eight years. This spring, whether due to climactic conditions or randomness, the aphids are particularly numerous. The garden is, therefore, carpeted with honeydew. Bits of tree flower stick to shoes, clothes, hair, kids' bikes... You could make decent glue from this stuff.
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