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  1. Thank you. The Wages of Sin is now on sale in ebook format! Amazon UK Amazon US Amazon Canada Apple iBooks Plenty of other Amazon country-specific sites, Kobo, Google and Nook have links at the bottom of this page.
  2. I have a new book coming out! The Wages of Sin will be released from Elsewhen Press in ebook in June and in paperback in late July/early August. The ebook is available for pre-order. Links are at the bottom of this page to pre-order in Apple iBooks, Kobo, Google Books and for Kindle in thirteen countries including the UK, the US, Australia, NZ, France and Germany. A Nook ebook version will be available before too long...
  3. Blatant and shameless reminder that I am Campbell-eligible this year (and next!) for Sailor to a Siren. Goodreads page here. Look-inside available on UK Amazon here (also available on several other Amazon country-specific stores).
  4. *blows own trumpet* Sailor to a Siren's paperback edition is now out.
  5. Zoë Sumra

    Board Issues 4

    I am posting this from Firefox as I am having trouble using the forum on my mobile phone's browser. I can log in on my phone. However, I cannot go to next page from within a thread - the next/previous/last etc. buttons at the bottoms of each page don't work. I also can't use the last unread post feature on my phone, or the go-to-numbered-page buttons. I can go to the first page of each thread, and can also go to the final post in each thread and therefore to the last page, but can't use any other thread-browsing features. I also can't reply to threads on my phone. I use the standard Android browser.
  6. While the board was emerging from its chrysalis and discovering that everything was the same as before, Sailor to a Siren came out in ebook format, last Friday.  The link is to my publisher's site, which, in turn, links onward to most or all e-reader formats.
  7. :) Hope it meets expectations. To anyone popping in from the Boarders Writing a Novel thread and on the verge of querying, the cover blurb/Goodreads blurb consists of the three-paragraph hook from my query letter.
  8. Sailor to a Siren is now available for pre-order in ebook format - links to Kobo, GooglePlay and Amazon in thirteen countries (including the US and UK) are at the bottom of this page. Release date 17th July...
  9. is reading about spaceships' heat shields...

  10. [quote name='Talyn' post='1008301' date='Sep 18 2007, 10.41']The end of the last Arya chapter in ACOK has always made me think of Macbeth, What do you think, could this be one?[/quote] Cersei has always reminded me a bit of Lady Macbeth, more in theme than details.
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