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    This ending is nothing but Bitter

    So far, I think the D&D just created a tremendous annoyance. Am I truly sad at this ending? Do I feel compassion towards anybody left alive? Nope, yet I am intensely annoyed at wasting so much time at something so hopeless and trop-y, and at careful examination even misogynistic . I hope the books would do better, but not really.
  2. Dorotea


    More like bitter-sour, really. What is actually pretty hilarious about the whole thing is that the Westerous is being left being ruled by a barren king that can have no offspring, and *every* character of importance besides Sam has ended with no surviving or hinted at love interest. Yes I know they tried to kill all possible hints of that 'trope' so yup, no marriages, happy or unhappy, no children either. I guess House Frey taught us all that excessive fertility, too many children is evil. The North goes on, also with unmarried resentful Queen, scarred for life, without sufficient sources of food and no way of surviving those winters without grain from the Reach. But surely building more brothels will fix things.
  3. Dorotea

    Glad that’s over.

    To be honest, that did not bother me all that much. It did fell like overdoing on pleasing the fans after what they did to Sansa's character and gave her PTSD for life. Shrug. Besides, she won't last with her 'independent' from the southern crops kingdom any longer than Mary Queen of Scotts did, that's for certain. Her weirdwood outfit sort of hinted in that direction. The rest of the ending though was just atrocious writing.
  4. Well, I actually trust GRRM not to make the same mistake as D*&D* and ruin the story by not daring to touch the character development : thus ruining the show's ratings way in advance finale. See, IMHO, they cared more about their ratings while the show was running to chicken out of actual drama, choosing the cheap shock instead. What I am actually pretty upset about in the potential ending with bad bad monster Dany is - see above the fact that the story becomes a collection misogynistic tropes marching merrily down the line whistling the tune of all our women characters are either (sexual abuse ) victims or power-hungry monsters, and sometimes both, cause you know, that's how all the women are. I was pretty suspicious of him spending too much time on Dany's sex scenes, now I am wondering if that was his message all along...
  5. What kind of a resolution would offset the message that every powerful woman in the story is virtually a monster ? Lol. Oh, and I forgot to mention the Dorne's Sand Snakes. Dorne's plot is one of my personal favorites, and now I am dreading it will make certain other princess into a monster as well. I got it that Galadriel's dilemma is at the root of all of the above, but surely making 'every' Queen a monster is a bit of overkill?
  6. I do have a bone to pick with the show big time, and yes, at the moment I feel like they spoiled me the ending of the books without giving proper emotional catharsis. It is almost as if they knew the strong anti-war, anti-imperial conquest/expansion message would not sell that well, so they cheapened and dissolved it via delivery by cheap emotional shock. Plus the clear ringing misogynistic streak, that 'probably' was not intended but got delivered nonetheless. Two, no three, Queens vying for the throne/s , two of them turned sadistic mass-murderer monstrosities..., and one ( Sansa ) close enough to make her repulsive; and it is clearly was is going to happen in the books, albeit with more character build-up and with extreme finesse. I am not sure I want to read about this. The count of women-turning-monster in the books is already higher than in any other epic fantasy : the unCat, Arya, Mel, Cercei build up, adding Sansa's and Dany's arcs to the count is becoming sort of skewed to the point of breaking.
  7. The funny thing is the defenders of S8 also forget that the Face-Heel-Turn is also a trope, in fact one of the most prevailing ones in the fantasy tv-series and comic books. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FaceHeelTurn. In fact it became so common and banal in comic books that nowadays it is hard to find a series that won't use it one way or another. The problem is not the trope, per se, it is the way the plot is executed. What is so upsetting to most in S8 is the fact that the D&D went for the dumbest way of using the Drunk with Power https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DrunkWithPower without a build up.