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  1. Analog_Filter_2011

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    [quote name='vlada' post='1303363' date='Apr 6 2008, 17.45']That means you didn't read carefully.Bran passed through weirwood gate,not through Wall(literally).And face in weirwood dropped something that seemed like a tear to him. As for other thing,yes,part of wall colapsed,but it was warm day,ice melted and climbers vere ''disturbing'' entire construction by nailing those things in Wall.And I didn't catch anywhere that magic is weaking,it's actually getting stronger,thanks to dragons.So if you could provide a quote I'd appreciate :)[/quote] Nah, I don't having anything to quote. It's just speculation, really.... :) Yes, magic is becoming stronger presence in the world of Westeros. A slab of ice falling off the Wall (plus a couple dozen wildlings) due to weakening magic on the Wall...it does appear to contradict to magic entering the world. So this point I made probably means nothing. Also, I take back the point abount Bran and the "tear." Bran and Co. were several hundred feet or more underground.....below the Nightfort.....when they came into contact with the weirwood door (i.e. face). So, they were underneath the Wall.
  2. Analog_Filter_2011

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    [quote name='LugaJetBoyGirl' post='1302098' date='Apr 5 2008, 13.43']I always assumed the Others and wights could not pass the Wall, since it was built to keep them away; it is full of spells and is a magical boundary. This is why I assumed that the Horn that can bring down the Wall is so dangerous. While it will let the Wildlings in, it also breaks the magical boundary that keeps out the Others/wights. Really that means it is in the Others best interest to freak out the Wildlings enough that they break the Wall to get away. BTW, is that old broken horn that Jon found the horn in question?[/quote] Even without the horn, there are hints that the Wall is crumbling. The magic keeping the Wall together is weakening. In ASOS, Jon witnesses a huge chunk of wall fall apart which resulted in a team of wildling climbers get killed. In the last sentence of the last Brans chapter, Bran notices a drop of water hit his face like "a tear." This means something...
  3. Analog_Filter_2011

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    [quote name='siyrean' post='1300914' date='Apr 4 2008, 13.11'][i]'it will be very interesting to finish his story, since he is such a grey character'[/i] i don't get the impression at all that he means his story is about to end. just commenting on his characters story arch.[/quote] Hmmm. so the "concluding storyline" can go two different ways? 1.) His story arc, or 2.) his entire story in ASOIAF. I never thought of it that way. Well, whichever way it goes, I think his most likely destination is King's Landing. We all know how that might turn out..... :cool:
  4. Analog_Filter_2011

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    [quote name='Wisp' post='1300221' date='Apr 3 2008, 21.16']ThankyouthankyouthankyouTHANKYOU! Oh my God, that is the [i]best[/i] news I've heard all day. All week, even. I knew GRRM wouldn't just leave us hanging. Bless that man. Maybe we'll get that Sandor POV after all. *fingers crossed* Oh, and fabulous chapter too. It's all about those hard choices, isn't it? If Jon doesn't have the makings of a great leader, I don't know who does.[/quote] I've got a slew of questions regarding Sandor "concluding storyline" in the next book: 1.) Where will Sandor finish his story? King's Landing? The Eyrie? 2.) If he finishes it in King's Landing, will he finally have his trial by combat with Gregor? GRRM will not only conclude Sandor, he'll also conclude Cersei as well. 3.) Is there a likely chance he'll die to conclude his story? 4.) Does this also mean Sansa will never hook up with Sandor since his story concludes in Kings Landing?