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    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Then maybe you misread. All I said was there's a ton of folks vehemently debating the merits of a dead ficticious character that, as you pointed out, doesn't get a lot of page time, in a series that has yet to be completed, and therefore, not all info has been presented to form a complete, educated, and fair assessment and opinion. It's like a movie critic writing a review for a movie that they only watched an hour of its 1:45 running time, and made assumptions about characters and wrote disparagingly about ones he didn't like. It's rather premature and uninformed. I did not specify whether I liked or disliked said character, mostly because I'm pretty ambivalent towards them. What I did say was that I can relate to the treatment of that character in the court of public opinion. I stated that both extremes of positive/negative opinions are not only toxic, but mostly inaccurate and certainly unfair to and unappreciated by the person it's about. Lastly, I don't call people stupid, and I strive hard to avoid being a hypocrite, as it's very unbecoming. I'm sorry that is how you perceived what I issued as an honest opinion and helpful suggestions.
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    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Truest statement. I find it pretty sad that there's all these people wasting their time and energy on hating a fictitious character in a fantasy series, without any real justification or proof. I realize that most of these people can't relate to the character, and, therefore, can't understand or empathize with him either. Good looking, intelligent, talented, charismatic, and popular people are easy to over aggrandize, if you like them, and demonize, if you don't like them. Neither is very fair to the person being opined on. They usually don't appreciate either undeserved extreme. But, they usually understand where it comes from, and often ignore it. Which is the lesson my father taught me when I was young. If you don't like someone, ignore them. Don't talk to or about them and don't let them antagonize you to do so. If provoked, you gave them exactly what they wanted, they win. On the flip side, I was taught that self praise sucks, and that if you're good enough, people will talk about you, so don't do it yourself. But I learned that that's a double edged sword. Yeah, people's praise was pretty sweet, but all sweet things draw bugs and flies, that only want to come and corrupt it and shit on it and ruin it. None of these are fair to the person in question, but you learn to take the good with the bad and keep moving forward. And you realize that both the love and the hate come from an obsession or fascination with you. It makes you a polarizing figure whether you like it or not. One thing that causes is that you live under a microscope, everything is magnified, most especially your mistakes, ones that if any regular joe made, they wouldn't be noticed, or, if they were, they wouldn't be discussed or remembered for very long. My point is, give the guy a break from this endless negative speculation, at least until you have some hard evidence to justify this subjective hateration. Use this wasted time and energy to do something positive, in the REAL world. Go get laid or something else titilating, you'll thank me later.