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  1. NYT- "Previous protests — over fraudulent elections in 2009, economic mismanagement in 2017 and fuel price hikes in 2019 — have been ruthlessly suppressed by Iran’s security forces, and this time may be no different. Yet, for the first time since the founding of the Iranian Republic, the current uprising has united rich Iranians descending from high-rise apartments in northern Tehran with struggling bazaar vendors in its working-class south, and Kurds, Turks and other ethnic minorities with members of the Fars majority. The sheer diversity of the protesters reflects the breadth of Iranians’ grievances, analysts say, from a sickly economy and in-your-face corruption, to political repression and social restrictions — frustrations Iran’s government has repeatedly tried, and failed, to quash."
  2. Watched "The Woman King" As usual Viola Davis is solid, although in a bit of a turn for her, this was like she was channeling a "Regina King like" action character. Its based on a true story (1820's West Africa). Eta: Also saw a wonderful classic Western called "The Big Country". Stars Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Chuck Connors, Burl Ives. I loved it.
  3. "And so that's a problem if you're trying to make a fraud claim because everyone knows you're lying and your fraud claim, -- it means you are basically not tricking anyone," Enrich said. You and I could still be arrested for armed robbery even though we used a plastic water pistol. They would throw the book at us the same as if it were a Glock instead of a fake. In other words, Trump shouldn't get out of his crimes for being a known phony/fake/lying fraudster either.
  4. Pistons have quietly added 2 deadly accurate 3pt snipers in Burke and Bojan. Will do wonders for Cade and Ivey's, penetrate and kick it out options. Lets get some games on already!
  5. Everybody doing cartwheels just to say- "The only thing wrong with Florida.... is its full of Floridians" ? Anywho, loving the tone this Special Master is using on Trumps Defense team. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/raymond-dearie-trump-fbi-planted-documents-order_n_632cd107e4b0d12b54033739 Sort of coming out and saying "Back up your damn lies or shut it!"
  6. Kick him while he's up, kick him while hes down. Have no mercy, just keep pummeling the beast!! (CNN) - The New York state attorney general filed a sweeping lawsuit Wednesday against former President Donald Trump, three of his adult children and the Trump Organization, alleging they were involved in an expansive fraud lasting over a decade that the former President used to enrich himself.
  7. Ive finished Br Ba and am onto BCS, still first Season so quite a lot ahead yet. Just read this interesting story about Tom Hardy winning a Jiu-Jitsu tournament. What an all around talent. He was attempting incognito but everyone figured out it was him lols. Actor Tom Hardy secretly enters — and wins — Jiu-Jitsu competition https://nypost.com/2022/09/21/tom-hardy-secretly-enters-and-wins-jiu-jitsu-competition-in-england?utm_source=drive&utm_campaign=android_nyp
  8. I like the direction, looking forward to some Alicent v Rhaenyra Clash of Queens.
  9. I mean right at the top of my post I put- "Regards ancient climate change-" Why would i put that there if i wasnt, you know, regarding something to do with ancient fucking climate change?
  10. Imagine the mess in the spring when all these maga-ites sprout their wings and fly off to every light in you house. Get your fly swatters ready, we must lessen the infestation before maga's spread any further!
  11. Hulu is streaming a new season of the "The Handmaids Tale."
  12. Regards ancient climate change- To look at Egypts Giza Complex of pyramids today, one realizes the incredible changes the topography had to endure to reach its present day desert scape. An article this week in "Live Science" on a study that confirms my long held hypothesis that the large construction materials needed to build these Pyramids had to have been floated very close to the site. Vanished arm of Nile helped ancient Egyptians transport pyramid materials "When the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids of Giza around 4,500 years ago, the Nile River had an arm — one that has long since vanished — with high water levels that helped laborers ship materials to their construction site, a new study finds." Slightly boggles the mind with wonder of how regions will transform into places completely unrecognizable from what they are currently. Lake Superior may be my great/great grandchildrens Florida?
  13. If they do get it running it will be a sausage fest for Russian lady bots.
  14. Ive edited in the example for how homebuyers would now need to foot an extra $750 or so monthly on a median property from what it wouldve been a year earlier. The bow will break pretty swiftly from here. This doesnt even factor for the extra utilities cost, so lets just say the new monthly expense is an additional "cool thousand". Not bad right, I mean wages increased 3-6% for most consumers so..........
  15. Loved seeing Germany relieve Moscow of a couple refineries. Be nice to see that become a trend.
  16. After several years of hearing the acclaim, ive finally plowed through "Breaking Bad" Obviously a tremendous story and great character acting, I can apreciate that. I couldnt enjoy all the stress and gut wrenching dysfunction between everyone though. It was always only going to end badly so the gloom took its toll on me. Probably going to do El Camino now before BCallSaul.
  17. Sarah Huckabee has cancer. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/sarah-huckabee-sanders-cancer_n_6324d3fde4b046aa023f5b5d
  18. I think if I understood him correctly, you answered your own question. It always seemed to me that a very slow motion set of events were started with the H.K. handoff in 1999. I never doubted that the mainland would slowly but surely tighten H.K. like a vice till it lost its automony and more democratic characteristics and came under the thumb. How long Taiwan can remain from under the thumb is intriguing, but I see the same slow motion capitulation playing out there eventually. That said, as Darzin posted, your average Chinese citizen has known a generation of increased prosperity, growth into a global powerhouse. My guess is on average Chinese patriotism is at least as strong as American support for their government. Xi no worse than Trump.
  19. We havent seen so many bought judges since Capones Chi town or maybe Tammany Hall? Maybe its always been this way but it wasnt so blatantly open and apparent until we elected our (former) recent gangster to the W.H.
  20. Overpriced executive compensation is a factor you conveniently left out.
  21. Wrong! Many labor impasses are over working conditions, wages are only sometimes an issue, many times the contract disputes are over trying to end management breaking our contracts and trying to force poorly planned working conditions on the employees. More often than not the disputes are defensive efforts to stop management attacks on our work forces. Its wages AND WORK CONDITIONS that we bargain for, not just wages and oft times not wages at all that are in dispute. When management becomes a den of theives we will act to protect ourselves.
  22. @Longrider when i worked in Nevada I bought 2 (and only those 2) Starbucks, one upon arrival and one upon departure, right there at the McClarens airport kiosk. Ridiculous overpriced, marginal drink that i could easily concoct to an eerily similar taste for about $1.30 at my neighborhood 7/11, as opposed to the $10 dollars Starbucks would fleece you for. Seattles Best is a far superior in price, equal in taste option to me. When people mention our dues its exceedingly laughable. They are a PITTANCE to what we gain back in benefit. The same idiots complaining over a smallish dues contribution will fall all over themselves about how grateful they are to lose $20K a year in compensation to fund the criminally expensive healthcare working Americans are burdened to fund. Its simple math yo!!
  23. Yet you pay Starbucks prices? You are on mighty thin ice to be prattling on about any purchases with questionable decisions like that. Their prices have been uncompetitve and high for 10 years, long before any employees organized there. My concern is biased consumers, such as yourself, will now claim the unions are making the Starbucks the overpriced, shit product that it is. Fwiw, id bet actual working class, blue collar union folks, on average would rarely waiste their precious wages on that (Starbucks) overpriced sludge. They are stretching spending and packing the thermos with homebrewed coffee. Similarly I expect your equally poor as any authority about unions evidenced by your goto commentary insinuating they would make prices higher. Unions havent made Starbucks overpriced, their own management has saddled them with that over many years.
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