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  1. Saw S4/1- The only way I'm going to feel in tune with this is if I do a rewatch of S3 because I'm completely lost with what this storyline is at this point?
  2. I wish the glib "takeover Canada" bullshit, that's been getting spewed over the last 2 threads, could give it a rest. It's tasteless and offensive.
  3. Miles Bridges thinks he's on the move. He's removed Charlotte Hornets player from his Twitter title lol.
  4. It's going to be an off the chain free agency period this year imo. I'm expecting a lot of interesting roster moves.
  5. SHAME! Lukashenko brings shame on Belarus as Ukraine is reporting Belarus has attacked them with an unprovoked, ferocious, artillery and rocket bombardment.
  6. I wouldn't want him in my clubhouse for free, honestly. And Brooklyn doesn't have enough First rounders to pay me to take him, I would demand at least 6 as I'm hanging up the phone on them.
  7. Samuel L. Jackson is on it- https://www.huffpost.com/entry/samuel-jackson-uncle-clarence-thomas-interracial-marriage-roe_n_62b76f85e4b04a61736b41b9
  8. Near as I can tell it's to install an AG that will stop at nothing to protect the former President from prosecution.
  9. Why do I get the foreboding that in 30 years they'll be a movie revealing that Clarence Thomas was instrumental in having his own interracial marriage declared invalid, illegal and unconstitutional? He is destined to become his generations " Benedict Arnold". What is in this fuckers Kool-Aid anyways?
  10. Longrider- "The SC has changed the subject from the Jan 6 hearings." BINGO!!
  11. ^^^Banchero's a damn nice consolation prize though, hard to be too bummed with getting any of these top of the draft players.
  12. It seems less likely, although Weaver is a straight wheeler dealer and he's definitely not done making moves. He may not even go after a max till next year or may eat some contracts to stockpile some future picks. I'd like to get Bridges back home, but we have a saying- "In Troy(Weaver) we trust."
  13. Ivey and J Duren, stoked! Cool thing about Ivey was that he actually wanted to come to Motown. His mama was a WNBA player for the Detroit Shock and Jadens uncle or somebody in the family used to be a Lion so Jadens got roots in the area. That's potentially positive on the "fit" side. So far so good Weaver (Pistons GM), my man with the plan. Now about that cap space, how we gonna spend it? Am reading we still have 35-45 million depending on the various option (player/team) scenarios. A lot of buzz has now shifted towards Bridges (Hornets) who is from Detroit so there's some hope going around that angle.
  14. Detroit has amassed an impressive amount of cap space. We're all eyes on Weavers F.A. strategy (a lot of reporting that they could offer Ayton a max). They would still have cap space available even after such a move. I believe Detroit is currently only sitting on about $60 million in payroll obligations. A shit ton of money available to them to use. At 5th, we will possibly be after Murray or Ivey.
  15. Fuckinay, this goes right up there with "Gawd controls the waves and winds" as phrases we should never again mutter! The law applies to everyone my ass, not in this country!
  16. Today's hearing testimonials were chilling. Adam Schiff has been a beacon for trying to hold Trump accountable for years now. We cannot have too many correct thinking Democrats like him. We need an Attorney General that is correctly motivated this way. One that pursues and prosecutes ALL the criminals in the former administration, not just the citizen rioters, but also the traitorous architect's and leaders of the Capitol attack and attempted election theft. STOP PROTECTING the former President Merrik!
  17. The Draft is just hours out, Thursday it kicks off. Followed by the start of Free Agency on July 1st. Could be some pretty interesting roster shuffling, I can't wait.
  18. A USA TODAY article is reporting that Germany has said it will now be forced to increase its burning of coal to make up the shortfall from Russian natural gas cuts and decreased delivery from the Nord Stream pipeline. Thanks a lot Putin.
  19. Was there ever any serious doubt previous to this admission? Headline like that, I'm like , "Naturally" or "of course".
  20. Sadly, it's 2022 and we are still killing each other over religious insults. I can't think of a more farcical justification for violently attacking innocent citizens. "Islamic State says attack on Sikh temple is revenge for Prophet insults" https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/19/asia/islamic-state-sikh-gurdwara-temple-attack-kabul-afghanistan-intl-hnk/index.html
  21. I'm getting sick over the show's I'm missing by not having AppleTV nor Paramount+
  22. "To Live" and "Raise the Red Lantern" are 2 of my favorite movies, I've always made sure to see everything Gong Li is in. "To Live" was a view into what the Cultural Revolution meant for so many. I would always hear the words or phrase dropped in editorials or stories, but it never really registered with me what it entailed. That movie really painted what China's Cultural Revolution encompassed. To Raise the Red Lantern, such a gorgeous and loved film to many. It was even made into an acclaimed ballet, directed by Zhang and performed by the Chinese National Ballet. I would so love to see it as ballet, opera or a live play. Meishan-
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