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  1. Fox fur cloak

    References and Homages

    It's probably a coincidence, but Wun-Wun sounds an awful lot like Won-Won, Lavender's nickname for Ron in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  2. Fox fur cloak

    References and Homages

    It's probably already been mentioned, but when you Google "Dorne," halfway down the page it branches off into links to a Star Wars character called Ellara Dorne. Hmm...
  3. I love your Avatars! Is there anywhere we can see the past ones?

    1. JonCon's Red Beard

      JonCon's Red Beard

      Thanks! I had it on my previous signature. I'll updated by next year, with the past avis, don't worry :P

  4. Fox fur cloak

    References and Homages

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but if you've read As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner, you probably had the same reaction as I did during Vardaman's "My mother is a fish" monologue...
  5. I was just reading the part When Jamie gives Oathkeeper to Brienne, and she misunderstands him at first, thinking he wants her to kill Sansa. Once she realizes he's still following Lady Catelyn's promise, she starts apologizing, and he thinks to himself that "she bleats like a sheep." If Brienne is also a sheep, and sworn to protect Sansa and Arya, is there a chance she'll finally meet up with them?