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  1. I'm not sure what you mean. Veritasium is a youtube channel with a lot of science videos. I think they are also part of a broader community like numberfile and crash course. all good stuff. - This problem is paradoxical but not in the way they think. The paradox is that, not only is the question phrased incorrectly, it includes a free body diagram that confuses instead of clarifies the problem. Add a dashed-line circle with a radius of 4, concentric with the r3 circle, and to problem becomes more clear.
  2. Holy Shit. Some notes: The Cybertruck is going through the DOT's full frontal crash test. The other vehicles are going through the NHTSA or IIHS's offset front crash test; which concentrates the crash damage on one corner of the vehicle. A more difficult test. That does not look like 4 wheel steering. That looks like a rear toe link or a control arm attachment point failing. Does the Cyber Truck not have side curtain airbags? Look at how it doesn't bounce when it hits the barrier. That thing is heavy. Imagine being the poor bastard in another car or a pedestrian that gets hit by one of these enormous stainless pieces of shit.
  3. Ah! I see we’ve risen this fine morning and elected to choose violence. Very well.
  4. The Marvels box office is flatlining. Domestically, it's $25 mil behind The Flash. It may struggle to cross $200 mil worldwide. This thing'll be on D+ by Christmas.
  5. I’m optimistic for season 2. Finding its feet and all that. Halsey and Kai’s sub plots were cool. But yeah, there was some stuff that wasn’t so great.
  6. A 38 year old in 1066 was practically a senior citizen. If anything Coster-Waldau is too young.
  7. There was zero hype surrounding this movie; hence the record-low opening weekend. That's got very little to do with on-set production management. And quite a bit of that pandemic content was very well received IIRC. Though yeah, there was probably too much of it.
  8. Why is everyone getting so uptight about actors ages? Brad Pitt played a geriatric infant in that one movie and I didn't see anyone complaining.
  9. No. On balance, I'd say the shitbags have made the world worse. It's the ultimate rebuttal to, "If those crazy fer-ners hate America so much, why do they come here?" "Well, so they won't be victims of America's foreign policy for a start."
  10. Except China’s prosperity was never the point. That was incidental. What Kissinger and Nixon were doing in normalizing relations with China was all about isolating the Soviet Union.
  11. You could have a dash cam cam. One that watches the road and one that watches the dash cam to record the person who steals it.
  12. I did not know that Kissinger personally chose bombing targets in Cambodia. The secret bombings went on for years.
  13. Opening up China was critical for them. Today they are one of the biggest economies in the world. There is a story that in the early ‘70’s, a delegation of Chinese leaders had trouble scraping together the money needed to visit the US for talks.
  14. Please don’t tell me they’re turning that murderous psychopath into a girl boss.
  15. I wouldn't call that crazy but it's definitely a bit of a stretch. Even more ridiculous was a video essay (about 'male centric' and 'female centric' best picture winners) that claimed Silence of the Lambs was 'male centric' and that Hopkins was the star of the film.
  16. Is there a gift shop anywhere in DC that would be more appropriate? The Duty free at the airport?
  17. You forgot “Sexual Tyrannosaurus”. Who liked to do his swinging in private; presumably out of consideration for all the fellas. He didn’t want them to feel insecure. Paul Sorvino’s depiction in Nixon where he says to Mao, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”, still haunts me. -shudder- It would be interesting to get the perceptions of commentators from some of those nations.
  18. Yeah, you’re not wrong. Hey! Maybe we could use him to skin one of Elon’s fancy robots! We could park him at the Vietnam war memorial and he could play “America the Beautiful” on his ex- human skeleton like a xylophone. C’mon people, think of the tourism.
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