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  1. “…Ahead of the rest of their field…” I thought it was common knowledge that Columbus was kind of a fuck up and Edison was more of a ruthless business man than a clever inventor. He electrocuted an elephant once in a pissing contest over alternating current.
  2. Well, as I interpret the thread topic, “ahead of the rest of their field”, guys like Schumacher, Senna, Hamilton, etc don’t really qualify. Super talented, sure. But just doing it a bit better than their competitors. You could throw Prost into that list as well. As far as innovators, my money would be on Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda. The way they approached their driving was fundamentally different and really the template for everyone who came after.
  3. O’Sullivan: Snooker Amundsen: exploration. The first man to successfully navigate the NW passage and reach the South Pole. All his men came back alive from both expeditions. He’s amazing. Donald Trump: the best at weighing 215lbs.
  4. Ronnie O’Sullivan Roald Amundsen Some of the guys you describe were better business men than innovators in their field. Columbus was a shit explorer btw.
  5. I was thinking the same thing when he had the candle up his ass.
  6. My standard for what makes a good (worthwhile) movie or series is, first, how likely am I to want to rewatch it. Second, How likely am I to want to own a copy (back when people still purchased physical media). I've re-watched a lot of SW. I even own some dvd's. But post 2012, the most recent thing I rewatched was the series finale of Clone Wars. Before that it was Solo, TLJ and Rogue One, and is been a while. Buying a Blu Ray never occurred to me.
  7. You might be on to something there. The pandemic didn’t exactly do wonders for my faith in humanity. Watching this film I kept thinking “fall of the Roman Empire”.
  8. That would make her man slightly quicker than me. Poor girl.
  9. Yeah, if you’re one of those immoral fornicators who believe in divorce. God damn. During Beetlejuice?!?
  10. I'm just impressed that, along with getting herself ejected from a stage play for behaving like an ass, a sitting member of the house of representatives would be dumb enough to gleefully allow herself to get felt up in public. And she's still married to another guy; nice.
  11. Jonah Hill's character had a similar reaction. Jon Bernthal is underappreciated. Note the scene where Belfort wakes up after his bachelor party. And Matthew McConaughey. My god. I imagine a lot of the dialogue in that film is just r-rated improv.
  12. I’m rewatching The Wolf of Wall Street. Maybe there was something wrong with me the first time, but I’m enjoying it so much more this time around. How did I not realize how insanely funny this this movie is? Also, less than five minutes in and Leonardo DiCaprio is blowing cocaine into a prostitute’s rectum with a straw? Scorsese is fearless.
  13. He’s Harry Seldon I’m not totally up to date on this thread. Is this a question that was being asked before the last episode? Gene Roddenberry was once asked a question about the Enterprise’s transporters, “How do the Heisenberg compensators work?” “Quite well, thank you.”
  14. You literally see it being launched and being built. It travelled faster than the slow boat did. Like, literally 1 km/h faster. It got there 5 minutes before the foundation did. The castle-er had the device. The person being castled didn’t have to touch shit.
  15. They showed that. In season 1. Moot. Because that didn’t happen. I think it would be extremely weird for the Seldon avatar to boast about having superior technology, in a move that was obviously designed to provoke a response, and then not be prepared for that response. I think it would be extremely weird for an itinerant con man to have superior technology to the Foundation.
  16. Hobor Mallow literally wears a teleportation device on his wrist ffs. I don’t know why we’re getting so excited about this.
  17. Austria was one country that went kind of stupid for a while in relation to Covid iirc. Anti mask, low vaccination rates I think.
  18. Jesus. I hadn’t heard this. Is there a link?
  19. The vault totally vaporized Holt McCallany in episode 2 without him actually entering it. And Seldon has appeared a few times without the vault actually opening. Not to mention the null field. The capacity for the vault to affect the world outside it is established.
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