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  1. Yup.

    On “free speech”; because people are confused (or suckered) by this.

    1. When you sign up to a Twitter (or any other social media account), you agree to terms of service (that thing that no one reads). Included in that agreement is a set of community guidelines.

    They set the rules, they determine whether or not those rules have been violated, and they determine the punishment. Again, you agreed to this. 

    2. Most importantly,


    If I invite you into my home and you shit on my rug; I’m kicking you the hell out of my house. The why is obvious.

    Let’s say I call up the publisher of the New York Times. I tell him, “Eugene, you’re going to publish my op-ed in your paper next week. I have some spleen to vent by god.”

    Eugene would be justified in telling me to go fuck myself. It might make me sad but it isn’t a violation of my rights. 

    Platforming toxic shitheads moves the needle on freedom of speech not one millimetre. It just makes your platform toxic. 

  2. On 9/3/2023 at 6:29 PM, DanteGabriel said:

    If they start making more appearances they'll be needy, grasping attention seekers who are leveraging their kids for publicity.

    If they don't make more appearances they'll be shiftless and ungrateful deadbeats who suck on the royal teat without earning their keep.

    What appearances? They are “non-working Royals”. They’re out. I’m pretty sure these guys know this.

    Unless what’s being proposed is “half-in half-out”. I think I heard that somewhere. 


    Just finished the last 3 episodes of Heart of  Invictus. Goddamn. So emotional. 

  3. 48 minutes ago, Varysblackfyre321 said:

    He can be out on parole in a decade or less. It should have been much higher.

    As should most of the insurrectionists.

    I feel we’ve learned nothing from the Beerputsch

    The ones who feigned remorse at the sentencing hearing then screamed “Trump won!” on their way out the door; they might get a surprise or two at their first parole hearing.

    More likely is that a future president will pardon them or commute their sentences. 

  4. Inside Job

    Saw that it was free on YouTube and I hadn’t seen it in a while so I rolled it.

    One of my holy tetralogy of GFC films (including Margin CallThe Big Short, and Too Big To Fail); although this is the only documentary. 

    Still great. Highly recommend. Interesting to see legislators who behave like adults (sometimes).

  5. 1 hour ago, Kalnak the Magnificent said:

    I'm aware of it and how it works. I'm trying to figure out why actors are behaving like they're on Valium.

    ASMR Star Wars

    When it comes to the volume, I don’t think it’s a problem with the technology itself. The Batman and Oblivion were both filmed with volume or volume-like technology and they look great. 

  6. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. 

    Actually pretty good. The first half drags but I really like the second. The third act is pretty bonkers. Harrison Fords Greek sounds pretty good. Great action scenes; especially the tuck tuk chase. 

    This should have gotten more love at the box office IMO.

  7. 28 minutes ago, Fragile Bird said:

    It seems like everyone I know who’s gone traveling comes back with Covid. The most recent are friends who returned on Saturday after being in Italy for a month (she’s a professor who teaches a course). Her husband and adult daughter have both tested positive, but she hasn’t…yet.

    That just makes me feel gloomy. I want to go to Glasgow for Worldcon next year.

    You could cosplay as something that has an air bottle and functioning respirator as part of the outfit. 

    Your friends are obviously spies. "Professor who teaches a course has to go to Italy because 'reasons'." Uh, huh. Daughter's probably a assassin. Bet they're not even related. 

  8. 2 hours ago, sifth said:

    I feel the same way. Something is just strange about the dialogue. Why are they taking such long pauses, between each sentence? It's not even bad dialogue, it's just being delivered in such a strange and unnatural way and as you said it feels cold and lacks emotion.

    Dare I say... "wooden"?

    You can't see but I have a pinkie touching the corner of my mouth and my face is scrunched up and my posture has shifted to "computer neck".

  9. 4 hours ago, Luzifer's right hand said:

    It is known that it works because of accidents(and suicide bags I guess) and you pass out after one or two breaths of a nearly pure inert gas. Happend to a former co-worker of mine who put his head in a vessel that had been flushed with nitrogen. No worries it had no lasting effect as he was pulled out.

    I remember a case study from my safety class in school. It was a tanker of some kind in dry dock. Three workers died (two because they were checking on the last guy who entered). It was a confined space that wasn’t ventilated properly.

    They died not because they intentionally filled the space with nitrogen, but because the O2 in that space had been consumed by rust to the point where it was well below the safe limit for entry. None of them were wearing monitors . 

    ETA: if they actually do this, it will last just long enough for some Alabama prison official to inadvertently kill themselves or witnesses to the execution. Gasses carried over the air don’t discriminate the way a needle in someone’s arm does. 



    Luckily, someone has kept a firm grip on Harry, heading off any sliding into personal vendettas before it can pollute the atmosphere. He is clearly still furious about the leak regarding his presence in Afghanistan that meant he had to leave 10 weeks into his tour but – he mentions the lack of support around him when he faced his “unravelling” thereafter – you can practically hear the groan of effort as he pulls himself out of the potential dive into score settling.

    This reminds me of the chapter in Spare that had me clenching my fists and tightening my jaw like a man about to choose violence.

    For context, he was originally supposed to be deployed to Iraq, but that got leaked by the press. Afghanistan was chosen for his deployment. The English media agreed to leave him alone as long as  they got access; which itself is a pretty slimy business. Imagine, the one member of the British Armed Forces that the Taliban would most love to assassinate happens to be the only member of said armed forces that has to “perform” for the media.

    In the end, an Australian web site was the first to leak it. Within a few days it was worldwide. He had to leave because the fucking Taliban were looking for him. 

    He has every right to hold that grudge. 

  11. 25 minutes ago, maarsen said:

    Just curious but with all this wolf talk in the UK, has anyone here actually seen or interacted with a wolf? Canada has wolves just a short 3 hour drive from Toronto and kids with their families readily camp out in the wilderness there. Algonquin Park is the place to go and you may even see one up close. 

    Yeah but those are Canadian wolves, eh? Much more polite and friendly than those English soccer hooligan wolves. 

    Here’s the thing: Wolves will generally go out of their way to avoid confrontation. Humans aren’t typical prey for them. And, if its belly is full and it doesn’t view you as a threat, a wolf can be downright dog-like.

    But they are definitely not dogs. They are a powerful wild animal that’ll tear a limb off if it feels like it. 

    I went to school with someone who’s kid sister got bitten by a wolf at the zoo years ago. This was a small city zoo and back then there was less distance between the people and the enclosure. The kid got too close and the wolf grabbed her through its fence. She came off with some cuts and scrapes but things could have been worse. 

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