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  1. Seven seasons of Clone Wars on the one hand; Diddly squat post episode 9 on the other.
  2. I'm sure I saw one website that reported his passing and said, "Best known for his role as Volstagg in the MCU." "Volstagg"?!? THIRTEEN!!! OHMYGawd. I just got this terrible feeling that Anakin is coming out of the whatchamacallit realm. Like, physically. I guess that means we'll forget about the prequels for a few days... Batten down the hatches because the nerds are going to be shtting themselves. The rage. The shit posting. Sweet Jesus, the fights.
  3. Rings of power was fine. Production values are pretty impressive. Opinions are divided. If you’re looking for something different and really engaging, The Expanse and Arcane both really blew me away.
  4. His “Pearl Harbor” analogy only makes sense if the Americans invaded Japan before the Japanese attacked them in the Pacific. And since when did billionaires have moral qualms about doing business with both sides in a war zone? If he grew a conscience, why not, I dunno, take the side of the country being invaded?
  5. I don’t know what any of this means. Are you on a treadmill?
  6. … also, maybe this isn’t the correct thread for this but I’m hearing some wild shit about Musk, Starlink and the war in Ukraine… Private billionaires unilaterally dictating foreign policy? Nah, that couldn’t possible go wrong…
  7. Yup. On “free speech”; because people are confused (or suckered) by this. 1. When you sign up to a Twitter (or any other social media account), you agree to terms of service (that thing that no one reads). Included in that agreement is a set of community guidelines. They set the rules, they determine whether or not those rules have been violated, and they determine the punishment. Again, you agreed to this. 2. Most importantly, YOUR RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH DOES NOT OBLIGATE ANYONE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A PLATFORM. If I invite you into my home and you shit on my rug; I’m kicking you the hell out of my house. The why is obvious. Let’s say I call up the publisher of the New York Times. I tell him, “Eugene, you’re going to publish my op-ed in your paper next week. I have some spleen to vent by god.” Eugene would be justified in telling me to go fuck myself. It might make me sad but it isn’t a violation of my rights. Platforming toxic shitheads moves the needle on freedom of speech not one millimetre. It just makes your platform toxic.
  8. What appearances? They are “non-working Royals”. They’re out. I’m pretty sure these guys know this. Unless what’s being proposed is “half-in half-out”. I think I heard that somewhere. - Just finished the last 3 episodes of Heart of Invictus. Goddamn. So emotional.
  9. Yeah, that wasn't bad. Ended strong. I'm still not digging some of the dialogue delivery. What's with the mid sentence pauses? But we are agreed, More Ray Stevenson and less dialogue. This is the way.
  10. A guy who was never a relation by blood or marriage and who she probably never met. Jesus. Where the hell do they find these idiots?
  11. The ones who feigned remorse at the sentencing hearing then screamed “Trump won!” on their way out the door; they might get a surprise or two at their first parole hearing. More likely is that a future president will pardon them or commute their sentences.
  12. Inside Job Saw that it was free on YouTube and I hadn’t seen it in a while so I rolled it. One of my holy tetralogy of GFC films (including Margin Call, The Big Short, and Too Big To Fail); although this is the only documentary. Still great. Highly recommend. Interesting to see legislators who behave like adults (sometimes).
  13. ASMR Star Wars When it comes to the volume, I don’t think it’s a problem with the technology itself. The Batman and Oblivion were both filmed with volume or volume-like technology and they look great.
  14. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Actually pretty good. The first half drags but I really like the second. The third act is pretty bonkers. Harrison Fords Greek sounds pretty good. Great action scenes; especially the tuck tuk chase. This should have gotten more love at the box office IMO.
  15. We have a higher midichlorian count Which means that you have a lesser amount Canon.
  16. Wow. There have been a lot of reports in these threads of gen x’ers passing away for health reasons. Am I the only one that thinks this is unusual?
  17. You could cosplay as something that has an air bottle and functioning respirator as part of the outfit. Your friends are obviously spies. "Professor who teaches a course has to go to Italy because 'reasons'." Uh, huh. Daughter's probably a assassin. Bet they're not even related.
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