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  1. Same. I do remember a period, early in the pandemic, where my sense of taste was a muted. I found myself over-seasoning everything and nothing sweet ever seemed to be sweet enough. No other symptoms though. It never occurred to me that it might be Covid until after the fact. But who knows? My last Covid shot gave me no problems I can recall. I got the flu shot about a week ago. I had a little soreness around the injection site and mild symptoms that were gone by the next day. No big deal.
  2. Yeah, I'm seeing it everywhere as well. Crazy. Who the hell is Chandler Bong? Is he in cahoots with a yuppie Cheech Marin?
  3. I'm sure it's not all that remarkable, but It's disturbing to me the number of Night Court alumni who have passed on. Of the original main cast, only John Larroquette and Marsha Warfield are still around.
  4. Gene is definitely up to something. Interesting episode. I was not expecting it to go that way. More and more, I'm inclined to think that unless there is a reference to "C-137", that episode features an alternate Rick and Morty.
  5. You know, debating the relative health impacts of lard vs. Crisco is all well and good, but we're talking about fucking dessert here. The distinction is the moral equivalent of cutting back to half a pack a day. That or eat a bowl of fruit. It's all about frequency and dosage. If you're eating so much pie that your intake of trans fats are a genuine issue, you've got way, way bigger problems that won't be solved by removing trans fats. Pie is lovely. It makes me feel good. If I get the sense I'm feeling too good, I'm probably eating too much.* I recently saw a video from a cake baking youtube channel for "low sugar" butter creme frosting.** "Oh." I thought. "I love butter creme frosting. So buttery. So creamy. I will watch this." I was fucking horrified. "There's how much sugar in this?!? This is the low sugar version?!?" *Speaking of pie crust. Sorghum flour has no gluten in it and might make for a good partial substitute ** The recipe also called for half a cup of shortening.
  6. Not sure if this is sarcasm or not... Speaking for myself, If I was having the same problem my money would be on overworking the dough. The hardest thing for me to do when cooking is doing less or doing nothing. It's like when I mix up a batch of pancakes. I know it's OK for the batter to be lumpy; that it'll be fine if you just let it sit for a few minutes and do it's thing; that if you overdo it you'll get dense, limp shingles of sadness and not nice, fluffy pancakes. But goddamnit, I can't not give it another stir.. and another... I have this irrational fear that I'm going to bite into a pancake and get a mouthful of powder.
  7. Yeah, butter can be sinister that way. https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-keep-pie-crust-from-shrinking
  8. OMGOMGOMGOMG HolyShit HolyShit HolyShit OhFuck OhFuck Sometimes, the universe gives me gifts.
  9. Ah well, you see, a competent prosecutor would rebut this by showing the dash cam video. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, does this look like a man with low blood sugar to you?" There's a psycho in Canada who ran down a Muslim family who's currently on trial right now. He's got a whole smorgasboard of "diminished mental capacity" arguments: "I did mushrooms the day before, I was depressed because my grandma just died, I was hearing voices, blah, blah" Fuck him.
  10. I don't know what all this twinkie discussion is all about, but this guy isn't Woody Harrelson in Zombieland. That guy was cool. This guy is just a moron. Although, I am looking forward to the parody "zombie apocalypse" version of this video. Maybe the Corridor Crew could get on that.
  11. Yeah! And take all those fluffy easter bunnies and toss them into a wood chipper, you godless, motherless, heathen bastards! Stuff that figgy pudding up your ass, fuckers! Saturnalia, blah, blah. Scandinavia, blah, blah. - This moron got cooked with footage from his own dash cam. His. Own. Dash Cam. I hope the judge gives him another 10 years for being a dumb motherfucker. You dumb motherfucker. ETA: NOT GUILTY?!?
  12. Three’s Company couldn’t work today. The premise is very ‘70’s.
  13. I crossed paths with a couple at the dog park that had an adolescent English Bulldog and an "Olde English Bulldog" which is a thing I didn't know about. They both had the same grey mottled coloring. They were awesome. Just trotted on over to say, "hi." Very happy to be at the park and meet people. Treats were given.
  14. He killed Quigon! Duel of the Fates, son! Duh Duh Dududa Duh Duh Dududa Duh Duh Dududa!
  15. Maul and Grievous don’t belong on this list.
  16. Why does she have an army rank and he has a naval rank?
  17. Apparently Admiral Ackbar made an appearance in one of those episodes. I didn’t notice either.
  18. What script? That movie might be the most cut/paste, daily-rewrites, try to edit it all together into something coherent, comittee movie in history.
  19. Absolutely. But it was a good Spielberg clone. In this case, it was probably more important to understand how Michael Bay works. And, man, this is a Star Wars thread.
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