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  1. He’d be shockingly white. You don’t think he bronzes all over? Goddamn Elon raised to the power of Elon. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
  2. Oh yeah, right? He's basically a deity now so, yeah.
  3. And this is what his fans love about him. The audacity of the lie is the point; not whether or not he's telling the truth. Pwning the libs and all that.
  4. Nope. Maybe if I'm super bored and I have 45 minutes to kill. Otherwise I'll just watch highlights.
  5. She stands?!? Mon Mothma stands when C3P0 enters a room? - I was going to comment on the latest episode but no. I'm done. I so wanted to like this but I just don't; and now I just don't care. Based on the (utterly baffling) reaction from fans and critics, I get that this puts me in a tiny minority. And there is a possibility that I could revisit this someday and fall in love with it, because that's happened before too. But for the time being, no, I'm out.
  6. Anyone think he's got that kind of cash sitting around?
  7. Still no where near where we were during our 4th wave, but still trending in the wrong direction. We’ve seen how fast this can move when it starts rolling the wrong way. https://globalnews.ca/news/9968619/alberta-covid-hospitalizations-up-since-july-health-minister/amp/ ETA: Do you think anyone actually remembers how fast this can move when it starts rolling the wrong way?
  8. The Great Escape. Classic. Looking at his filmography, he's also done some voice work for animation. He was the voice of Alfred Pennyworth in some pretty decent DC animated films.
  9. “G” in Quebec. PG in the rest of Canada. Because sometimes we don’t get so hysterical about this stuff.
  10. Gee, if only there was some kind of system where some people watch the movie and give it a number or a letter grade that corresponds to an age group or something… When I was like, five? Maybe six? I saw Alec Guinness cut off a guys arm in a bar fight. A fantasy film with no nudity, little to no profanity, and no drug references. The kids can handle it.
  11. Golly, for a movie that "isn't about anything", it sure is generating a hell of a lot of discussion. To be perfectly clear, when I said, "I honestly don’t know what to make of it... I'm not exactly sure what it was trying to do...", that may well be a limitation in me, not a fault with the film. I think @mormont's take is pretty good.
  12. Wasn’t there an order shortly after forbidding US military people from publicly criticizing the bombings? Because that would be a distortion too.
  13. Famous people. This is something i’ve been thinking about since I wrote a report on the bombings for school a while back. It’s the line from the Oppenheimer movie, “They won’t understand it until they’ve used it”. How does history play out if they don’t drop the bomb on Japan? What if the Korean War comes along and they have an arsenal of weapons that no one is really talking about yet because the true destructive power of these things isn’t part of the public consciousness?
  14. They may have left it untouched in the first place to keep it on the target list for the bomb. As you say, the argument from military necessity is feeble. But it could still have been part of their thinking in July of 1945. The island hopping campaign was horrifying. No one was happy about the thought of putting boots on the ground in Japan.
  15. Yeah, you're not wrong. Then again, I don't get my information from facebook clickbait so what do I know? What I was talking about is whether or not to use the knowledge gleaned from grotesque human experiments. On the one hand, the knowledge exists. It will never not exist. It can help people. On the other hand, Nazis. The Americans would never admit to dropping the bomb to awe the Soviets but, yeah, that was probably part of it. Also likely a desire to end the war before the Soviets got too close to the home islands. ETA: Since Soviet archives have opened up, we now know with certainty that Japan was trying to convince the Soviets to act as mediator in peace talks with the USA; starting no later than January of 1945. Unbeknownst to them, The Soviets were quietly moving troops to the asian mainland after Germany surrendered. The Russian declaration must have come as a massive shock to them.
  16. Germany too. A lot of what we know about treating hypothermia came from Nazi experiments on living prisoners. Morally, it’s a shit sandwich.
  17. The bombing is a controversial topic, especially considering: 1. The day before Nagasaki, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan, which terrified the Japanese. 2. The invasion of the home islands was scheduled for early November; 3 months after the bombs were dropped. Given the state of their military in the summer of 1945 and the fact that they were the only axis country left standing, a lot could have happened in that 3 months. What isn’t controversial is that Leslie Groves had an opinion on Truman and the bomb: Le May, a guy who had no problem with dropping bombs on cities, was skeptical of the bombings’ impact on the Japanese surrender. He’d already bombed the shit out of most of that country anyway.
  18. In fairness, the Marshall Plan passed the senate and house with veto proof majorities. Whether he favoured it or not he kinda had to sign it. In terms of blunders, his attitude toward the Soviets would be a big one. He kind of set the tone early for what would become the second red scare and the Cold War in general. Somewhat less belligerence early on would have saved a lot of aggravation later. I think later in life he may have realized this. He also seriously under estimated the Soviets ability to develop an atomic bomb, which contributed to the above. And this. Somewhat obscure but still. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youngstown_Sheet_%26_Tube_Co._v._Sawyer
  19. Not so much when you account for ticket price inflation. But yeah, still pretty amazing, especially when you consider that the films you mention both benefitted from a pg-13 rating.
  20. You know, given the relative infection and mortality rates of unvaccinated and vaccinated, (what I suspect) the placement on the political spectrum for the people who fall into those two groups, and how age factors into both… over a few years… this noise has to have measurable effects in election outcomes.
  21. I finally saw the Barbie movie. I honestly don’t know what to make of it. It’s definitely very funny. Very well made. Great performances (Ryan Gosling is hilarious). I enjoyed it a lot. Im not exactly sure what it was trying to do, if it was doing anything at all. Is it criticizing vulgar consumerism while embracing it at the same time? Is it acknowledging how relevant and irrelevant Barbie is at the same time? Does it work as dystopian sci-fi (yes). And, “film bros”? Really? Are we still cracking that old chestnut? What year is it again? On the bright side, contrary to what the social media commentariat have been warning me about, my genitals are unaffected. I’m not lining up to have a bar code stamped on my forehead by my new feminist overlord. I’m still mostly heterosexual*, and I still like “football and porno and books about war”. Body hair too. Not a single empty follicle on Deadlines’ luxurious, hairy chest. Sadly, the same can be said of his back… *Ryan Gosling’s abs. C’mon, people. No one’s that straight.
  22. "Nature's way of healing." I have to agree with Denis. I thought this film would be successful, but if you told me it would do Dr Strange MoM moneys, I'd have said you were nuts. That's mean. You're being mean. They can both have some moneys.
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