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  1. Seriously, if it isn’t perfectly obvious by now that this couple is a target of harassment by the UK tabloid and right wing press, I don’t know what to do with you. If you suggest that it’s somehow “far fetched”, you’re gaslighting. Off the top of my head I can name at least 3 major UK media types who have speculated about or commented on her death. This is not fucking normal folks.
  2. You’re right. The actual number was probably much more.
  3. That’s why I said, “I don’t know if this is true or not…” You guys must have me confused with the fella who likes to repeat himself. for reference: https://time.com/4914324/princess-diana-anniversary-paparazzi-tabloid-media/?amp=true
  4. Oh my gawd, their fucking lawn is newsworthy. Fuck me the English are weird.
  5. Hmm. I don’t know if this true or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I’m also pretty sure I’d have no problem breaking a few traffic laws for $60k. But hey, if the paparazzi are known for anything it’s restraint, right? are we still trying to parse the difference between “chased and “followed”? If so I can take a day off from this thread until that’s sorted. Maybe I could do some laundry or go for a nice walk.
  6. Cool to know you’re fine with people endangering their fellow motorists and pedestrians. oh, and Diana’s driver was driving like a dickhead, and they still chased them. Or was it “following”? These loaded terms hurt my brain so much. Anyway, they got some cool snaps of her as she lay dying in the wreck of the Mercedes. Model fucking citizens right there.
  7. A paparazzi was killed a few years ago chasing after Justin Bieber. I hope they carved that on his tombstone. nicole Kidman was run over by a paparazzi on a bicycle. two guys were convicted of misdemeanor false-imprisonment for boxing in Arnold Schwarzenegger and his then-pregnant wife with their vehicles. Ryan Reynolds was the victim of a hit-and-run by a paparazzi while in Vancouver filming Deadpool. He was on foot at the time. Fortunately he wasn’t really injured. that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure there are plenty more. do you seriously think these guys are going to be courteous drivers who observe the rules of the road? Of course this is dangerous. and I wouldn’t put it past these vultures to actually cause an accident so they could sell the photos of the aftermath.
  8. Paparazzi are one thing; but paparazzi on wheels is something else. Diana’s death isn’t the only time this nonsense came to grief.
  9. Running the first red light maybe? Remember when the cops were just “following” OJ at low speed when he was in that white Bronco? Good times.
  10. It’s not like the paparazzi have a track record for aggressive or hazardous behavior, do they? interesting:
  11. White House Plumbers: i rewatched episode 2 & 3. Great show. I didn’t even realize Kathleen Turner was in it until the second viewing.
  12. Yeah, this would be, “in addition to all that.” This, like the Greenville massacre, is an example of people of color actually integrating themselves into the existing, staggeringly racist system and being incredibly successful at it. And for their troubles, they got annihilated. As bad as people thought it was it was actually much, much worse. On a more personal note, I lived in Oklahoma for a few years. I never heard of Greenville until years later and Osage county is even more obscure. Except unlike Greenville, the federal government’s involvement is crystal clear. I might be thinking of a different author. ETA “integrating themselves into” isn’t the correct phrase. “Inspite of” or, “parallel to” would be closer. Nonetheless, they played by the rules and the powers-that-be reminded them how evil they can be.
  13. I saw a talk once by (I think) the author of the book this is based on. Anyway, he was talking about what happened to the Osage county Native Americans and I literally had to turn it off. I was getting like, really, really angry hearing the story. What the US government, aligned with business interests, did to these people is beyond belief. I might not actually watch this movie.
  14. We’ll, I’m not tracking their movements if that’s what you mean. how exactly was it proven?
  15. When lady Diana was killed, weren’t there those in the media that deflected responsibility by specifically saying that paparazzi were not journalists? They are freelance photographers, not reporters or newspaper/TV employees.
  16. Apparently the palace has refused to comment. Wow. What’s the PR equivalent of a circular firing squad? Couldn’t these Royal twats not at least feign some king of concern? Just, wow.
  17. … also, the Daily Mail were the only ones to publish the photos before taking them down. You know, that paper Harry’s suing right now? Purely coincidence I’m sure.
  18. There are a disturbing number of people on this thread who seem to think being followed by six blacked out SUV’s and an unknown number of motorcycle/ scooter riders for two hours is normal. also, if the person piloting the vehicle is solely responsible for what happens to that vehicle, as has been argued in the Lady Di incident, you cannot simultaneously argue that they are also responsible for the actions of the paparazzi in their vehicles. Did it ever occur to these fucking idiots that maybe they shouldn’t be giving chase?
  19. The Croods: A New Age Having just seen the first film, I decided to give this one a go. Amazing. Incredibly clever. Lots of humor. Great cast. The third act is absolutely fucking bonkers. Recommend.
  20. Star Wars for Generation Alpha. Seriously this Mario hoo-ha is getting out of control. I’ve seen it and it really wasn’t that good. Parts of it were kind of boring actually. It’s nice you get to bond with your nephew though.
  21. That ending montage was the most insane thing I’ve seen since Munich. Gasp! They found… They found…?!? How could you not love Misty? C’mon, people. The day of judgment for Mustache is coming. It’ll be savory. Did everyone just forget about Javi?
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