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  1. 45 minutes ago, House Cambodia said:

    The little girl, "Follower", is an avatar in a game. Her physical appearance is based on Ye Winjie's daughter when she was that age, but that's not the same as saying the kid in the game is her actual daughter.

    That was my meaning. Clearly, it isn't her actual daughter. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Spockydog said:

    Wut? Hit me up with them book spoilers.


    The star is significant. Everything is significant. 

    1 hour ago, House Cambodia said:
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    Heck, it's BIG!!!! From imperfect memory, in a nutshell, the Chinese Sean outsmarts the aliens by coming up with a MAD-type bluff, using the coordinates of the gifted star. Basically, if the aliens threaten Earth, he will ensure both Earth and their home planet are annihilated, leaving them in the 'dark forest', facing extinction.


    Yeah, that's not right; but that's fine. Tell him nothing

    21 hours ago, JGP said:

    Relatively certain I read the showrunners are hoping for three seasons.

    The Chinese series was 30 episodes and effectively covered just the first book. 

    The series itself covers like, a really really long time. You know how Dune's timeline is like, 40K years or so? That's asswipe moneys compared to this trilogy. 

  3. On 3/26/2024 at 4:08 AM, Argonath Diver said:

    Counterpoint: If 1989 Road House sucks ass, 1989 Batman does too.


    On 3/26/2024 at 5:21 AM, Mr. Chatywin et al. said:

    You're not wrong though. 


    23 hours ago, Derfel Cadarn said:

    Yeah. People remember it as being dark, as for most, their prior Batman experience was the TV show.

    Wat ch ing it now expecting a dark film, only to see the Joker and his (matching outfit) goons prancing around a museum while Prince blasts out of a ghetto blaster one of them is carrying.

    Also weird how old Bruce is. It’s been 30 years since his parents’ murder (which has been forgotten by the city pretty much), so he must be in his late 30’s at the youngest.

    Were any of you goofy kids actually old enough to remember 1989? 

    Yeah, it's not a modern CBM. The world is a bit penny arcade; the action is a bit stiff by modern standards; it doesn't really take its world seriously (in later films at least). but trust me, that thing went off like an atom bomb back in the day. 

    I'll tell ya this for nothing: Everything I just wrote could easily apply to Donner's Superman. But Burton's Batman ages a hell of a lot better than Donner's Superman does. And I loved that film.

  4. 11 hours ago, JGP said:
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    I haven’t read the books, but that smells like equivocation.

    The San-Ti can’t lie to each other, so what. Using the cellphones to disrupt the measurable particle impacts in the colliders is deception. 


    Nuh uh. Communication is key. 


    Anyone have a guess at how many seasons this series will run? I mean, depending on what they choose to expand on or add in terms of individual story lines, they could stretch this thing out a while. I don't think it's going to be a straight 1 season per book. 

  5. 38 minutes ago, JGP said:

    It scans.

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    Long before the San-Ti realize Human Beings lie and effect being unnerved by said discovery, their attempt to befuddle science is more or less the cold open of the modern storyline. It's all manipulative bullshit.  



    Their inability to lie is a consequence of their mode of communication with each other. It's not exactly the same thing. And when they were asked how they were going to hold humanity back they spilled it. 


  6. 14 minutes ago, karaddin said:

    I saw people speculating 

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    that the San-Ti claim to not understand deception and dishonesty is in fact deception itself and they understand perfectly fine, but its useful for humans to think they can't, this included the argument that the game itself doesn't really make sense for a people that don't understand the concept of dishonesty. Not sure I buy that argument on its own, but it does fit their behaviour as a whole. This included some theorizing that might be based on book spoilers or might just be based on an inference from the second name of the book (I haven't read the books so I'm assuming the latter because its better for me to think its not a spoiler even if it is), but I'll drop it in a separate spoiler box to play it safe




    ...gameplay might have been designed by humans. In fact, I'm pretty sure the little girl is actually Ye Winjie's daughter as a child.  

    The rest does get into book spoilers I think. 


    The fleet and the sophons might not have been built with earth in mind. Just eventual escape. Earth was a bonus. 


  7. 25 minutes ago, karaddin said:

    Huh, nice point there

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    His reaction calling it a deepfake is way back early in the season so it was out of mind by the time we got to the last episode but yeah, he was right and not by chance either - the logic was correct. The amount of energy necessary to fuck with the entry of light to Earth might be utterly insane by our current tech level but it's entirely reasonable in comparison to the idea of making every star in the night sky blink off and on sufficiently far in the past that they would all be blinking at the exact same time the light hits earth.

    So the method of deepfake is beyond our ability to figure out, but it must be a deep fake somehow. The ability to reason the explanation despite lacking the technology to understand the "how" is quite relevant, and I would expect to be at odds with how a lot of the scientists think as the how is often the fixation.

    And agreed on visual rhyming with the incarceration, I couldn't tell you what they were but I was picking up on something.


    In episode 4...


    ...he's also the first one to hypothesize that Augie's countdown, the stars blinking, and the helmets are linked, and he accurately describes how the helmet works. And he says all this out loud so the sophons hear him. I'm sure there's more in later episodes but I haven't gotten there on my latest re-watch.

    Now I'm thinking the "Don't play with God" punchline is less important. Presumably Ye Winjie was communicating the dark forest hypothesis but the San-Ti couldn't know that. They don't understand deception, allegory or metaphor.

    That she was communicating "something" is the best they could do. Or they think she was actually telling him a joke of ambiguous meaning.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he receives a package in season two containing the game theory and Fermi paradox books Ye Winjie is seen with before she leaves for China. 


  8. ...continuing from my previous observations banished to the spoiler dimension...


    Anyone else notice a bit of visual "rhyming" in Ye Winjie's detention present-day and in the China flashbacks?

    Saul Durand get's targeted partly for his "Don't play with God" conversation (I think) but also because his intuition regarding actions of the San-Ti is pretty spot on.

    While everyone else tries to explain the stars blinking as some kind of natural phenomenon, he's the first one to label it a "deepfake", though he doesn't understand who or how. He is correct; and the person he reveals this to is Ye Winjie.


  9. 3 minutes ago, karaddin said:

    There's a *lot* of hate for Auggie on Reddit that's a lot less reasonable than your comment though, so I'm perhaps responding to other things. A lot of it really boils down to an objection I saw here, that she's too good looking and young to believe as a scientist with others building on that to complain about her reactions and emotions.

    Fucking nerds. 



    Her reaction to the Panama canal incident isn't necessarily rational, but it's completely understandable (for someone who isn't a reddit shit poster). She's got blood on her hands and it's not sitting well with her. 

    It also highlights a political dynamic that was first shown in revolutionary China and is being set up in the present day, on a global scale: How much evil are people willing to excuse for the common good? Those Red Guards absolutely thought they were doing the right thing.


  10. Rewatching...


    The voice on the other end of the phone when Thomas Wade suggests the Wall Facer project sounds a lot like Martin Sheen.

    Anyone else think Jin Cheng's attire gets a bit more militaristic and utilitarian after goes to work for Wade?

    Tatiana (Marlo Kelly) is a truly terrifying villain. 


  11. 21 minutes ago, Spockydog said:

    Brian May? What are you arguing? That frizzy-headed bellend proponents of shit guitar music can be brainy too?  :P



    The world's sexiest scientist is a dude! Apparently.

    Um, have you heard the battle theme from Flash Gordon?

    I stayed up late to watch the Curiosity landing "live" (time delay to Mars notwithstanding). 

    I was living in Milwaukee at the time. I remember the day because it started with this. Less than 20 minutes from my home. 

    The contrast between what was coming through my flatscreen at the start of the day and the end of the day... It's difficult to describe. 

  12. On 3/22/2024 at 2:54 PM, Myrddin said:

    Heady Lamar would like a word. Or I guess let her patents speak for her.

    Brian May has a PhD in astrophysics. Like, a real one. Not some bullshit honorary one for writing the battle theme for the Flash Gordon movie. 

  13. On 3/22/2024 at 8:40 PM, IFR said:

    There was a lot of underwhelming use of CG this season. I think if Benioff and Weiss and Woo want to be successful with this adaptation, they need to step up their game, and hopefully focus more on visually interesting non-CG approaches to the scifi elements, as much as they can.

    Something tells me episode 5 consumed the bulk of the VFX budget for season 1. And the China sequences probably had a lot more than you'd think, and they looked amazing.

    But yeah, that chimp looked a bit wonky. 

  14. 2 hours ago, IFR said:

    The Netflix version is very divisive among Chinese viewers. Imdb is currently getting some review bombing shrapnel from Chinese viewers who are outraged that this isn't a direct facsimile of the Tencent version (also some vestige of the mentally juvenile who are cannot let go of their hate of Benioff and Weiss for "ruining" GoT and so give this show a 1). You can also see this on the reddit page. Lots of upside Chinese viewers there too.


    Fucking nerds. 

    You know, the Sci Fi / Fantasy / CBM crowd can be really embarrassing sometimes. Jesus christ it's been 5 years and they have an all new ASOIAF show to enjoy. An embarrassment of riches when you consider the broader landscape.  Jesus, just let it go. 

    I just finished the show and I thought it was pretty good. I've never read the books but from what I know about it, it's been pretty faithful in terms of the broad concepts and general story. 

    Yeah. Bring on season 2. 

  15. 14 minutes ago, Ser Rodrigo Belmonte II said:

    Pretty sure Dune would’ve looked completely different if they had used The Volume and not gone to shoot in the Desert…

    It also would have looked different if Denis Villeneuve and Greig Fraser didn't film it. What's your point?

    How do you know they didn't use the volume for some scenes? You think they built physical sets for everything? 

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