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  1. 1 hour ago, RumHam said:


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    First, the negative: How does the Walter stuff make ANY sense? The police investigation has been the most "just roll your eyes and go with it" plot all season. Did he even know about Jessica Roberts? It's insane that his plan to blackmail the other cop apparently worked. Walter is a great presence on the show but he doesn't make a lot of sense right now. 

    I'm sad to see Nat go, but I guess they weren't really doing much with her anyway. They need to tighten up the adult timeline next season. 

    Everything else I thought was pretty good. Did anyone die in the fire? There were nine at the end watching it burn. From left to right I'm pretty sure it's Pink Hat, Van, Tai, Nat, Travis, Misty, Shauna, Lottie and then maybe Mari? That leaves at least Akilah unaccounted for. 

    There seem to be eight of them for the "antler queen" scene in the pilot. Plus dinner. So I feel like there can't be just nine + coach left. 


    It chooses… people who use spoiler tags in a “spoiler” thread.


  2. MUSTAAAAAACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!$$&@@“”&!!’!

    When Mustache and the dude rolled up I was like, OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I may have let out an audible squeak. Giddy, I tell you. Giddy like a little girl. And then WHATTHEFUCK?!?!? Damn you show. 

    Elijah Wood is a keeper. Misty better hang on to that one. Although he is a bit to relaxed about all this. Better keep an eye on him.

    Misty is always trying to help. She deserves a mulligan or two. Besides, the wilderness chose. Still, not cool, Wilderness.

    Yeah, that ending. Wow. Here’s to season 3 and some Mustache stew.

  3. On 5/25/2023 at 10:30 AM, HokieStone said:

    Interesting cameo in the Flash revealed...


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    Apparently Nic Cage will be showing up as Superman, from the never-filmed Tim Burton Superman movie.



    I’ve heard that. I’ve also heard…


    A Christopher Reeve deepfake.


  4. I was actually familiar with her as a solo artist before I ever heard of Ike and Tina. If you were a fan of hers or not, if you came of age in the 1980’s, she was a part of your life in some way. She was everywhere but somehow she never got annoying or uninteresting. The fact that she was one of those ‘80’s video artists who’s relevance outlasted the ‘80’s says something. And what she went through to get there; Respect.

    But don’t get me started about how she treated Master Blaster. She was so mean to him!

  5. On 5/20/2023 at 11:22 AM, James Arryn said:

    Wait, it’ll get worse, next there will be rumours about tabloids bugging phones and stuff like that, and you and I can sit back rolling our eyes at the idiotic credulity of everyone whose flagpole doesn’t rise upon hearing the national anthem. 

    More than just bugging phones. Here’s an interesting wrinkle. I wonder how many more people who settled cases with these tabloids will be called to testify.


  6. Seriously, if it isn’t perfectly obvious by now that this couple is a target of harassment by the UK tabloid and right wing press, I don’t know what to do with you. If you suggest that it’s somehow “far fetched”, you’re gaslighting. 

    Off the top of my head I can name at least 3 major UK media types who have speculated about or commented on her death. This is not fucking normal folks.

  7. 54 minutes ago, Heartofice said:

    I mean someone on Twitter with ‘team H and M’ on their profile, posts a badly shopped photo of someone’s tweet with no link to the original tweet.. what could possibly be suspect about that. Not sure you need to work in the police to sniff out the bullshit there 

    You’re right. The actual number was probably much more. 

  8. 8 minutes ago, BigFatCoward said:

    There's a big difference between saying something doesn't look legit and saying something isn't plausible. It's not that the press wouldn't, its that this is hardly evidence. 

    That’s why I said, “I don’t know if this is true or not…” You guys must have me confused with the fella who likes to repeat himself.

    2 hours ago, James Arryn said:

    Wait, it’ll get worse, next there will be rumours about tabloids bugging phones and stuff like that, and you and I can sit back rolling our eyes at the idiotic credulity of everyone whose flagpole doesn’t rise upon hearing the national anthem. 

    for reference:



    Seconds later they were in hot pursuit, following Diana through red lights, driving down the wrong side of a traffic island and accelerating in front of trucks, until she began turning into the entrance of Kensington Palace. Harvey leapt from the vehicle, camera in hand, and dived across the bonnet of the car, firing his camera at the Audi as it disappeared from sight. “Please, please, let that picture be sharp,” he prayed.


    The Princess of Wales steadily became the most photographed person in the world, with paparazzi offered up to £500,000 ($656,000) for even grainy pictures of her (she steadily gained the nickname in the industry of ‘the Princess of Sales’). One of her most famous pursuers, Jason Fraser, made in excess of £1 million($1.3m) from selling photos of Diana with Dodi Fayed.


  9. Hmm.

    I don’t know if this true or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I’m also pretty sure I’d have no problem breaking a few traffic laws for $60k. But hey, if the paparazzi are known for anything it’s restraint, right?

    are we still trying to parse the difference between “chased and “followed”? If so I can take a day off from this thread until that’s sorted. Maybe I could do some laundry or go for a nice walk.

  10. 1 hour ago, BigFatCoward said:

    Oh no, not scooters and bicycles, it's like Mad Max Fury Road all over again. 

    Cool to know you’re fine with people endangering their fellow motorists and pedestrians.

    oh, and Diana’s driver was driving like a dickhead, and they still chased them. Or was it “following”? These loaded terms hurt my brain so much. Anyway, they got some cool snaps of her as she lay dying in the wreck of the Mercedes. Model fucking citizens right there.


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