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  1. Opening weekend, son. I went into the garage and threw something (a milk crate I think) when I couldn't see it on opening night. It was my favorite movie for like, a decade. James Cameron made me cry.
  2. Solid episode. I'm sure the relationship sub plot has the nerd rage rising. Apparently John's new friend's conversion was sincere... until it wasn't. I like how this is developing. Hawlsey is possibly more evil than in the games. Are there actually only 4 Spartans in this?
  3. I'm aware of that. Truthfully I'm not that bothered by it. It's been 30 years. At least they didn't do it off screen. - The views! https://www.joblo.com/avatar-the-way-of-water-teaser-views-revealed/
  4. Shoresy Episodes 1 & 2. Hilarious. I've only ever seen clips of Letterkenny but have yet to watch the show (there's a lot of it). This just started so I thought I'd give it a shot. Excellent. Well made. Interesting music choices. Matrix: Ressurections. It just premiered on Crave here so I thought I'd give it another shot. The movie is pretty good overall and the way they did it is really interesting, but I still think it gets really shaky in the last 20 minutes. Cinematically it could have been better as well. The fight scenes look slow and stiff and some of the shots; particularly some of the slow motion shots, look kind of amateurish.
  5. He guest starred on an episode of The Littlest Hobo. It was kind of like a Canadian Kung Fu but with a German Shepard instead of David Carradine and with somewhat less martial arts.
  6. I thought I'd heard she wasn't in the best of health.
  7. It occurred to me on a recent re-watch; I want to see the unrated directors cut with realistic arterial spray from all those knife wounds. Seriously, the interior of that thopter carrying Paul and Jessica, with all those slit throats, would have been painted red. Exiting that craft would have looked like that shot from The Shining. I'd also like to see an extended cut with some of the deleted scenes put back in. There's some good stuff in there.
  8. SNW S1 E2 Another good episode. Uhura centric this time Pikes story develops in an interesting way.
  9. As long as they put him in a getup like this, I'm in.
  10. It happens whenever this timeline want it to happen.
  11. Operation Mincemeat Great movie. A real Who's-whom of British character actors. It's insane that this is based on a true story.
  12. God I hope so. The nerd rage rises. Watch it with subtitles. He's describing sequential wars.
  13. Ross Douthat really didn't like the first one. Can a movie be higher than 10/10?
  14. The Pentaverate So stupid it's brilliant. Funny as hell. Some thoughts: -Canadians as a rule have no problem with profanity. Even Hosers from southern Ontario. -Canadians don't talk like that. UPers talk like that. Canadians only talk like that when they're messing with Americans. -I have to check IMDB when I'm done because WOW there are a lot of supporting characters that look familiar. I just can't place them.
  15. I'd imagine the average life expectancy of a clone in battle is five steps out the airlock door. They just reused numbers like crazy.
  16. I haven't seen Dark Fate. is it really that bad? One thing I'll say about Genysis: The first act is solid and Emilia Clarke does a good job as Sarah Connor. The rest of the film... ETA: That's two things...
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