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  1. 1 hour ago, Mr. Chatywin et al. said:

    A lot of years in retrospect have a ton of great movies. I doubt many of the BP nominees this year will be remembered much in five years to the average movie goer. Barbie might be the only one because it's going to be a franchise. 

    Most Oscar nominees fall down the memory hole within a year, let alone five. As much as they may be competently made films, they're also influenced by the zeitgeist at the time the noms are chosen. 

    I've seen plenty of commentary over the years about Raging Bull and Apocalypse Now. I can't remember the last time someone talked about Kramer vs. Kramer or Ordinary people or whatever that film was the beat Citizen Kane for best picture back in the day. 

  2. 46 minutes ago, Ran said:

    Sir Ben Kingsley is 80 and did perfectly well.

    Meth. Massive meth head that Sir Ben Kingsley. Eloquent as hell but he'll field strip your car if you give him half a chance. 

    43 minutes ago, DMC said:

    Wish that was the case!  Pacino didn't seem fucked up in the clip I saw, just slow.  Definitely coulda used at least a gummer.

    Benzodiazepine and Mountain Dew highballs. Pacino likes to fucking party. 

  3. 1 hour ago, DMC said:

    I didn't watch the ceremony, but good on Jonathan Glazer having the gumption to say what he did.  OTOH, Al Pacino demonstrated why octogenerians should probably not be in charge of most anything.

    The Octogenarians are all preserving that fine Oscar tradition of being simultaneously shitfaced and tripping balls during the ceremony.

    Just watch some of those Oscar clips from the '70's. Fuck me, if they had high-def TV's back then, you'd practically see white powder and alcohol pumping out of their pores. 

  4. 4 hours ago, Slurktan said:

    So odd question but it really stood out in an otherwise gorgeous film.  So in the attack at the end there is one extended shot with two armies seeming to run at each other on screen from mid - top and bottom of the screen.  The problem is the bottom army was only running in place and not moving.  Very odd looking and distracting.  Did anyone else notice this?  Was it like planned that way weirdly or just a VFX glitch?

    I thought the camera was moving with the fremen army. 

  5. Don't Worry Darling

    I don't know if it was out-sized expectations or BTS rumors, but mark this as another film that didn't deserve the drubbing it got from critics. It wasn't amazing but I thought it was pretty good. 

    Great cast. Great performances. Beautiful cinematography. Flawless production values. Interesting premise, even if it was executed in a slightly underwhelming way. It held my attention all the way through. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Impmk2 said:

    This is where the electrical drive train have a huge advantage. Lucid (and they're generally pretty transparent around their tech) claims they can poll traction 1000x per second, and then make adjustments to torque output on each motor 25x per second. They can put an individual motor on each wheel and independantly do this at each corner of the car. It's way, way over and above what's possible on a traditional internal combustion engine.

    Never underestimate the ability of some dipshit with more money than talent to fuck things up.

    1 hour ago, Impmk2 said:

    Under 1 second 0-100kph would be near 2x as fast an acceleration as the fastest production car right now. Cars are already massively massively grip limited, which is why on drag strips they use glue to literally hold the car to the surface so it can accelerate quickly. Unless he's developed magical tyres it just isn't going to happen.

    I was going to mention tires. All wheel drive will be a must for this kind of acceleration. Even then, how much heat would get driven into that tire carcass by accelerating a 1.5 ton car that hard? What happens if you repeat that more than twice?

    1 hour ago, Mr. Chatywin et al. said:

    I am looking forward to test driving some newish cars in the next few weeks, but fuck what's being described here, 

    I think my next car will probably be an older used car. I fucking despise most of the new stuff that's out there in my price range and I'm not buying an SUV. 

  7. 7 hours ago, Mr. Chatywin et al. said:

    Honestly that's a horrible selling point. My now mostly dead G35X was hard to keep below 30MPH and that was actually a problem. This is so much worse. If they do release something like this that has to be a special gear you switch into. Imagine that thing in a parking lot/ramp or even just trying to park it in general. 

    It's worse than that.

    Modern sports and GT cars have gotten really out of hand power wise. I'm convinced that without the typical electronic intervention featured in modern cars (tailored torque curves, stability control, ABS, traction-control-that-you-can-turn-off-but-not-really, etc.) these vehicles would utterly undrivable.

    0-60mph in under 1 second is almost 3 G's . It also likely means 0-100 mph in around 2.5-3.0 seconds. How much do you want to bet that's beyond the processing power and reaction times of a modern stability control system? 


    I think he's hoping people forget the specs they promised when they first took deposits on this car. i.e.: the 200 KWh battery *and* 4 seats. For reference, the F-150 Lightning comes with a 100 KWh pack. The optional embiggened pack  is a mere 130KWh.  

  8. 7 hours ago, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

    I really dislike what he has done to both Star Trek and Star Wars.

    Bu... B... BB... But the Rotten Tomatoes?!?

    7 hours ago, sifth said:

    I agree

    I'm being slightly sarcastic. Although, Bad Robot producing...

    It's truly remarkable to me how the mighty have fallen. I distinctly remember how the film/nerd twitter went gaga for Star Trek 2009. I also remember the TFA hype back in 2015. I have literally never seen anything like it. Massive critical praise**, SW fans wetting themselves in theaters***, and my god the money that thing made!

    He was the first director not named "James Cameron" to enter the $2 Billion dollar club; not to mention the mountain of cash TFA generated in merchandising. Anyone remember all those BB-8 toys and roaring Woookie masks that went viral a few years ago? I wouldn't be surprised if TFA was the most profitable film of all time; counting all the various revenue streams.

    Where is he now?

    **Then they saw it twice.

    ***Some of that was not urine. 

  9. Holy fuck.

    Rian Johnson is credited as an executive producer on this thing. The goddamn trifecta.

    If they fuck this up, the nerd rage will split the planet in half. I am so not looking forward to the usual social media dipshits debating whether the series is "woke" or not. 

    That said, I'm really looking forward to this. Most of GoT is still some of the best prestige cable ever. And I don't buy this, "they had George's source material" stuff. It is perfectly possible to do a terrible adaptation of great source material and vise versa.

    I haven't read the books so I get to evaluate it based solely on its quality as a prestige cable TV show. "Book fans." Amirite?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that this is a series that doesn't exactly lend itself to a super-direct adaptation. True?

  10. 19 hours ago, Ser Rodrigo Belmonte II said:

    The biggest issue I have is with the portrayal of the Harkonnens actually….they tried making them terrifying in the adaptation whereas they had more black humour in the books and were kinda weasily and cowards , similar to the Freys actually. Also has Frank Herbert himself ever said in an interview the correct way to pronounce Harkonnen ? Is it similar to the lynch or Denis version ? 


  11. 3 hours ago, Leofric said:

    The attack on Sietch Tabr triggers him to drink the Water of Life because, as he says in the movie, he had not foreseen the attack in his visions, it took him by surprise.   I've seen speculation that he didn't see it because it was planned by Feyd-Ruatha who had almost as much potential to be the "chosen one" as Paul through the breeding program.  He drank the water to strengthen his visions of the future.

    Jamis also tells him he "must drink the water of life" in his vision. This is immediately before he goes south.


    I found another continuity error and boy is it a humdinger, by god. 

    Irulan, in her "10,191: 8th comment" journal entry refers to "sand storms a thousand miles wide" when talking about the southern hemisphere of Arrakis.  

    "A thousand miles wide"

    "Miles"? WTF, "miles"?!?

    Also, If it's still 10,191, how did Gurney Halleck's hair grow out that quickly? He had a buzz cut in the first film. His mop should be easily a year's worth of growth. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Relic said:

    This guy gets my problems with this visually stunning movie.


    That "woman" the big text refers to is Lady Jessica. Visual storytelling, Sucka!

    And though Villeneuve doesn't "show us", Paul tells us after drinking the water of life. I've certainly been critical of the verbosity of the script but in this case it works. 

    1 hour ago, Lord Varys said:

    Best example for that is the scene where Jessica lays the groundwork for Paul's water of life trial, the southern journey montage, and then Paul's completely random decision to go to that temple and ask for the water. Scenes between him and Jessicalia were missing there, I think, or should have been written. He was afraid of trying that, and there was little to no talk between him and Jessicalia since shortly after her trial.

    You mean the talk where she explicitly tells him "You must drink the water of life"? This shit's tha BOMB, son!

    Paul's decision to go south was prompted by the destruction of Sietch Tabr and the Harkonnens "striking all over the north". Which means either:

    a) We need to to take this to a whole other level


    b) Shit just got real

    Either way, not so random. 

  13. 3 hours ago, Derfel Cadarn said:

    Would thr novelisation have any canonicity or was it just something dreamed up by the author


    5 hours ago, Veltigar said:

    Yes, that was also my reading, but perhaps the novelization says otherwise?

    In the novelization, they're hauling crude oil, not mineral ore. I think that's about it. What a space trucker is going to do with a mass of crude oil or mineral ore, I don't know. 

    In the movie, Parkers starts the conversation about "shares" with, "Let's talk about the bonus situation." or something to that effect.  

    "Shares" could mean company stock. It could also be a shorthand for some kind of profit sharing scheme. 

    ETA: One thing's for sure, no collective bargaining and likely no union.  

  14. Argylle

    I thought it was pretty good. Not great but not bad either. Some interesting visuals. Some good comedic scenes though maybe not enough. Bruce Dallas Howard is great. ‘Could have used more Cavill and Sena though. 

    I’m baffled by the critical reaction to it. Like I said, it’s not great but 33% on RT? That’s a bit crazy to me; especially considering the generosity some franchise films have been treated by the critical consensus recently. 

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