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  1. 2 hours ago, sifth said:

    You know, for all the problems the trailer had, it's the voice of the AI that bothers me the most. I always expected the voice to be more scary, but it sounds too friendly for some daft reason.

    Keep. Summer. Safe.

    I would totally not be surprised at all if it's the voice of Rick Sanchez' car. They sound very similar.

  2. 2 hours ago, Heartofice said:

    Maybe kids and the extremely undemanding will enjoy it but that looks like the most tired shit I’ve seen in a long time 

    This was going to be an HBOMax original at one point.

    1 hour ago, GallowKnight said:

    It's Spider-Man meets Iron Man.

    Which is incidently also MCU's take on Spider-Man.

    This is the state of the capeshit genre film. At this point, everything you see is going to remind you of one or more things you've already seen.

    Someone should do a sizzle reel of CBM action beats that involve city buses. This one isn't as weird as the one in Shazam!, but then I saw Dr Strange cut a bus in half only a few months ago. 


  3. 3 hours ago, Werthead said:

    Wasn't it Misty? She seemed to be looking around guiltily at that moment. Plus the theory I've seen:

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    She has Javi imprisoned somewhere, hence her interest in boy versus girl feces.


    Misty would never. How dare you, Sir or Madam. 

    Interest? She doesn't have an "interest". It isn't a hobby of hers. She's just repeating something she heard when she was a kid. A totally true, totally factual anecdote about human biology. Uh huh.  

  4. Even more ominous for "present day":

    I wonder if it'll be revealed the Jackie has been there with Shauna all along; right to present day. 

    Steve seems to have disappeared at the end of the episode. When they were searching the house for Sammy the dog was no where to be seen. Pray for Steve.

    Looks like Sammy is going back with Taissa. Pray for Sammy.

    Spoilers BTW.  


  5. Wow. They really went to town on Jackie didn’t they. I knew it from the moment they said, “We’ll cremate her.” And when the “act of god” happened, I actually said out loud, “She’s going to smell delicious!”.

    Slow cooking for almost 8 hours, all that wood smoke, can you imagine?

    Coach is going to get it next, I’m sure. My god, the marbling. 

  6. 18 minutes ago, Fragile Bird said:

    It’s dismissed “without prejudice” which means she can try suing again. The judge states she can try one more time to get relief. I wonder if she’ll try.

    The claims regarding the Oprah interview were “without prejudice”, the claims about the Scobie book were “with prejudice”. (I think). There was a lot going on there.

    the claims about the Oprah interview were a particular sticking point at the last hearing because Scammy’s filing “paraphrased” segments of the interview and didn’t include the actual words spoken or a transcript. That point ion of the complaint was heavily revised and some portions removed. That’s some crack legal talent she’s hired right there.

    She will probably re-file. Assuming this whole thing has always been about generating tabloid fodder. 

  7. I have no idea what any of that means but it sounds amazing.



    The Morgan and Wooton types were fucking salivating at the thought of H+M being deposed. Aw shucks.

    I’m also seeing that Harry et al’s lawsuit against Associated Newspapers is holding up Paul Dacre’s nomination to the House of Lords. 

  8. Jacob’s Ladder

    first time I’d seen it in decades. Much better than I remember. 

    I still have a problem with the big reveal, as it undercuts much of the drama that played out over the previous 2 hours (the lawyer, his army buddies, meeting the chemist) but it’s still an incredibly great movie.

    And how great is Danny Aiello in that movie? Damn.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Ran said:

    Oh, that's a documentary I need to see. I forgot that Breakin 2 was one of theirs.

    Hell, they even had Cassavetes directing a film for them.

    I've seen it multiple times. Laugh out loud funny. For real. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Ran said:

    Yeah, a very strong ending with a very memorable image, and yet it and some of the best scenes related to Manny aren't from Kurosawa's script. There's a great scene where he's called an animal (by a very-unglamorous Rebecca de Mornay), and he says he's worse than that, he's human... and at the end of the film, there's a Richard III quote which reflects a similar sentiment. I was sure they were both from Kurosawa, but nope. I feel like the writers of the final screenplay basically took in a lot of late Kurosawa (particularly Kagemusha) and I think they basically said, "Okay, if Kurosawa wrote this screenplay in 1985..." (Funnily enough, Ran was also released in 1985.)

    There's a brief mention of Runaway Train in Electric Bugaloo, the Cannon pictures documentary. It basically sounds like they gave the production the resources to make the film and failed to micro manage it the way they did on some projects. If Cannon pictures had one quality, it was that the would sometimes give accomplished directors a fair amount of creative independence; at least until the editing stage.

    Wikipedia lists Kurosowa as having story credit but IMDB does not. Curious.  

  11. 10 hours ago, Ran said:

    Watched Runaway Train, a 1985 Cannon Group/Golan-Globus film that is shockingly good.

    I remember seeing it as a kid. I can't remember if my parents rented it or if it was on CBC. I remember being kind of blown away by the ending at whatever age I was.


    3below: tales of Arcadia. a really good animated show on Netflix. Guillermo Del Toro, yadda yadda. It turns out it's part 2 of a multi part series that I haven't seen yet so I'm watching it out of order. That explains the Troll and magical idiots that suddenly appear in an episode of what is ostensibly a sci-fi cartoon. 

    It's pretty great. The animation isn't anything cutting edge but the industrial design and world building are first rate. Well written and laugh-out-loud funny in parts. Stellar voice cast. 

  12. On 3/22/2023 at 3:09 PM, Myrddin said:

    At least they weren't sneaking in cocaine and edible gummy bears. 

    Maybe they did and I just didn't notice. Those Kids are crafty I tell you.


    So I finally Saw DC: League of Super Pets and I liked it a lot. I don't know what I was expecting but whatever expectations I had, this exceeded them.

    It's a shame this film didn't do better because they might have had a pretty good (animated) shared universe on their hands. 

    With few exceptions, 2022 was a brutal year for big screen animation at the box office. 

  13. DC: League of Super Pets

    Way better written, way more clever, and way funnier than I was expecting. Not as good as Puss in Boots 2, but better than many of the other 2022 animated films I've seen.

    Yeah, it's got a few groan inducing moments and plenty of cheese, but it's just a fun kids movie. When people talk about a film "embracing is goofiness" as a positive, I think this is what they're talking about. There's one sequence with a homicidal kitten that was gloriously bonkers.

    It also demonstrates a good depth of knowledge when it comes to classic DC stuff, with some interesting references to previous films. 

    It doesn't blaze any new trails in terms of the animation, but it's solid and more than good enough to have me questioning the reported $90 million production cost. A film like that with that IP and that voice cast; it doesn't seem possible.  Kate McKinnon stands out. 

  14. 2 hours ago, DaveSumm said:

    It’s a sequel to a film that came out 4 years ago, just before Endgame and so nobody watched it … it’s set in a universe that they just very publicly canned, and haven’t been entirely clear on whether Shazam will survive the transition to the Gunniverse. And there’s no indication that it’s required viewing for any other DC films. So I really don’t see the incentive to see this at the cinema, and I say that as someone who quite enjoyed the first one.

    Can’t wait for this continuity to be put out of its misery.

    Don't forget negative-to-meh reviews and a few disappointing recent films. That tomato meter still counts for something and if Black Adam, DC:Pets, and WW84 had been bonafide hits, this would have had more buzz. Again, I haven't seen it yet, so I'm not offering an opinion on the quality of the film. I may well end up disagreeing with the critics.

    I read Katie Walsh's review in the L.A. Times. Scathing. 


    The DC movie is exceedingly grating, labored and annoying, and that’s in large part due to star Zachary Levi’s utterly confounding performance as Shazam, the superhero alter ego of teenage Billy Batson (Asher Angel).

    Yeah, blame The Rock. 

    4 minutes ago, Derfel Cadarn said:

    Plus covid + cost of living + cinema costs, people don’t just go to thr cinema on a whim like they used to. Especially for family films.

    And most especially when the film is on Disney+/Netflix/Prime/DVD two or three months later anyway.

    Hell, I could have rented The Batman from Prime while it was still in the cinema. Watch it in the confort of my own home for £20 on ultraHD TV with either a takeaway or slow-cooked casserole and a bottle of wine, woth in-laws;, or have  to find childcare (in-laws), drive to cinema, pay £10 for ticket and get ripped off for shitty cinema food, and risk covid. And also suffer 30 mins of adverts.….

    My nieces have sneaking vittles into the movies down to a science, man. We had sushi when we went to see Cocaine Bear. That was fun.

    But yeah, I suspect most people gave this a miss in lieu of streaming.

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