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  1. 4 hours ago, Luzifer's right hand said:

    It is known that it works because of accidents(and suicide bags I guess) and you pass out after one or two breaths of a nearly pure inert gas. Happend to a former co-worker of mine who put his head in a vessel that had been flushed with nitrogen. No worries it had no lasting effect as he was pulled out.

    I remember a case study from my safety class in school. It was a tanker of some kind in dry dock. Three workers died (two because they were checking on the last guy who entered). It was a confined space that wasn’t ventilated properly.

    They died not because they intentionally filled the space with nitrogen, but because the O2 in that space had been consumed by rust to the point where it was well below the safe limit for entry. None of them were wearing monitors . 

    ETA: if they actually do this, it will last just long enough for some Alabama prison official to inadvertently kill themselves or witnesses to the execution. Gasses carried over the air don’t discriminate the way a needle in someone’s arm does. 



    Luckily, someone has kept a firm grip on Harry, heading off any sliding into personal vendettas before it can pollute the atmosphere. He is clearly still furious about the leak regarding his presence in Afghanistan that meant he had to leave 10 weeks into his tour but – he mentions the lack of support around him when he faced his “unravelling” thereafter – you can practically hear the groan of effort as he pulls himself out of the potential dive into score settling.

    This reminds me of the chapter in Spare that had me clenching my fists and tightening my jaw like a man about to choose violence.

    For context, he was originally supposed to be deployed to Iraq, but that got leaked by the press. Afghanistan was chosen for his deployment. The English media agreed to leave him alone as long as  they got access; which itself is a pretty slimy business. Imagine, the one member of the British Armed Forces that the Taliban would most love to assassinate happens to be the only member of said armed forces that has to “perform” for the media.

    In the end, an Australian web site was the first to leak it. Within a few days it was worldwide. He had to leave because the fucking Taliban were looking for him. 

    He has every right to hold that grudge. 

  3. 25 minutes ago, maarsen said:

    Just curious but with all this wolf talk in the UK, has anyone here actually seen or interacted with a wolf? Canada has wolves just a short 3 hour drive from Toronto and kids with their families readily camp out in the wilderness there. Algonquin Park is the place to go and you may even see one up close. 

    Yeah but those are Canadian wolves, eh? Much more polite and friendly than those English soccer hooligan wolves. 

    Here’s the thing: Wolves will generally go out of their way to avoid confrontation. Humans aren’t typical prey for them. And, if its belly is full and it doesn’t view you as a threat, a wolf can be downright dog-like.

    But they are definitely not dogs. They are a powerful wild animal that’ll tear a limb off if it feels like it. 

    I went to school with someone who’s kid sister got bitten by a wolf at the zoo years ago. This was a small city zoo and back then there was less distance between the people and the enclosure. The kid got too close and the wolf grabbed her through its fence. She came off with some cuts and scrapes but things could have been worse. 

  4. You’re all missing the point. 

    The point is a seeming intelligent meat sack thought it was appropriate to stunt on a two year old girl, in print, over her fucking name. Time was a so-and-so would get slapped around for that kind of thing.

    But hey Guardian, way to speak truth to power you old stalwart lefty rag. 

    p.s. They don’t like the name? Add this to the list of the petty grievances, crush them all into a ball, and jam the ball up your ass.

    Again, they are well rid of that place.

  5. ‘Just started watching:

    Episode 1:

    Yeah! Get that man a towel for Pete’s sake! Although if they wanted to grease up Lee Pace for a whole season of Greco Roman wrasslin’, I’d be fine with that. And I’m totally straight!

    Good to see Holt McCallany in this show as the Warden of Terminus. I’m sure he’s going to feature heavily in future episodes. 

    Episode 2:

    Re: Holt McCallany, Oops. 

    I’m getting a funny feeling about that droid…

    The Brothers are hilarious. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Wall Flower said:

    I binged four episodes, which I hardly ever do, still got the last to watch. It was gripping; all of the stories were moving and very involving. The Ukrainian footage was extraordinary.

    I have a personal interest - daughter of a war-veteran, worked for the Australian Defence force for 34 years and have two serving nephews, one of whom served in the ME and has had to deal with some mental health issues. It absolutely enrages me that some in the media and online are losing sight of the veterans' stories in pursuit of their hatred for Harry. Even the Guardian's 4 star review was mean-spirited - 6 paragraphs of snarking at Harry (including about his daughter's name for ffs), 4 paragraphs of the actual review.

    In The Guardian

  7. 40 minutes ago, Heartofice said:

    Great, but at least you are admitting that actually you just want the vaccine, you don’t need it.

    I never said any such thing. I also have no interest in what you consider an “admission” or whether or not it’s “great”.

  8. 1 hour ago, Heartofice said:

    WHO have updated their guidance page in August... and that advice hasn't changed.

    The ones that referred to the bivalent vaccine booster and “very little” additional protection? Well I want the additional protection and, for the second time, I never received a dose of the bivalent vaccine. 

    Jesus fucking Christ; all this back and forth has literally consumed more time and energy than actually getting jabbed; with zero benefit. Well done you.

    and BTW, I have never hectored anyone on this board for their decision to gat jabbed or not. And if you’re non-plused by people wearing their jabs as “a badge of honour”, get ready kitten, because the pronouncements are going to be coming in the regular.

  9. 22 minutes ago, Zorral said:

    Highways are the next antiabortion target. One Texas town is resisting.
    A new ordinance, passed in several jurisdictions and under consideration elsewhere, aims to stop people from using local roads to drive someone out of state for an abortion


    Texas, the plantation prison state.  That barbed wire, folks, ain't just to keep people out, but keep women imprisoned.

    So, checkpoints everywhere.  Yay freedum!


    Just tell them you’re going to Oklahoma for cigarettes. This is truly insane.


    Um hey, I know Trumps inevitable vindication has been dominating this thread of late, but has anyone noticed that Mitch McConnell keeps glitching on live tee vee? 

  10. 8 hours ago, Heartofice said:

    I’m just repeating WHO guidance here guys, remember if you aren’t in a vulnerable category and you’ve already had previous jabs and infections then the benefits of additional boosters are absolutely minimal.

    But I guess it’s ok to ignore WHO guidance when it doesn’t fit your worldview 

    Guidance from six months ago. 

    Guidance that has nothing to say about the latest variant.

    Guidance that has nothing to say about the recent spike in hospitalizations in my country… because it’s from six months ago. 

    It’s been two days since my jab and I feel fine BTW. 

  11. 6 hours ago, Padraig said:

    Is it overcautious for an average person to get a vaccine?  You can make that argument (since the risks have diminished significantly since 2020) but given that getting a vaccine is such a low bar to cross, I don't buy the argument.  Depends on how you define overcaution I suppose.


  12. 1 hour ago, Heartofice said:

    You can do it if you want, similarly if you aren’t in a vulnerable category then it’s probably not very necessary. 

    Tell me you don’t know how flu shots work without telling me you don’t know how flu shots work.

    1 hour ago, Heartofice said:

    Thanks, reiterates my point

    "The good news is that you've had the full primary series of the vaccine and a bivalent booster, or you were vaccinated and infected, you have substantial protection against getting very sick and dying," 

    I never had a bivalent booster, if it was any of your business. 

    And what if I’m not concerned about getting “very sick” (whatever that means) or dying? What I’m also concerned about getting sick enough that it disrupts my life for a few days or weeks? e.g. missing school, missing work, etc. Case in point:

    1 hour ago, Padraig said:

    I did get a booster in January for instance.  Cases were increasing at the time and I had a rather expensive trip to the Arctic Circle planned.  I didn't believe it changed my odds of getting COVID just before my trip significantly but the vaccine was free, it took me 20 minutes, the slight fear of missing out can win many arguments. :)

    ‘Makes the inconvenience of getting jabbed kind of a non-issue, no? It sure was a hell of a lot less tedious than this whole conversation. 

    47 minutes ago, Heartofice said:

    There seems to be a certain crowd who want to display over caution as a badge of honour, and who seemingly want to live in a  world where it’s impossible to ever get even a little bit sick. 

    I mentioned in my original post that I caught covid in the spring and it knocked me on my ass. Would I like to avoid that again? Yup. Am I afraid of needles? Nope.

    Speaking of people not concerned with being over cautious. 


  13. 2 hours ago, Heartofice said:


    The World Health Organization (WHO) says it no longer recommends additional COVID-19 vaccine booster doses for regular, medium-risk adults, as the benefit is marginal.

    For people who have received their primary vaccination course and one booster dose, there is no risk in having further jabs, but the returns are slight, the WHO’s vaccine experts said on Tuesday.

    How much protection do you expect to get over the protection you already have is what I'm trying to understand.

    That Al Jazeera areticle is from 6 months ago. Here’s one that’s more recent.



    Wait, you were the one who came on here to tell us all about you getting a booster shot. 

    Yeah. How terrible of me to do that to you. 


    So is that you aren't in a vulnerable category or you are? You don't have to say if you don't want to, but given you had Covid and you were mostly totally fine from it I'm going to assume you are not in a vulnerable category and wouldn't be in a set of people usually recommended to get another booster shot.

    Assume what you want. It matters not at all. 


    Right and you also had Covid a few months go, adding to the already pretty substantial protection you already had.

    6 months ago. I also caught the flu a little while before that. I still plan on getting a flu shot when they become available in the fall. Do you approve? Oh, wait. I don’t give a shit. 

  14. 41 minutes ago, Heartofice said:

    What are you expecting the Booster will do for you?

    Um, protect me from future Covid infections(?).


    What added level of protection do you think you will get that the previous infections and boosters are not giving you right now?

    My last shot was a year ago. How much protection do you think that jab and previous jabs is giving me for the next six months, starting today? Show your work.


    Which vulnerable category are you in currently?

    The same one I was in when I caught Covid 6 months ago. 

    29 minutes ago, Heartofice said:

    Am I angry? I'm more curious as to why someone who doesn't seem to need a booster is so keen to tell everyone that they are getting a booster. 

    By what fucking right do you tell me I “don’t need a booster”? I gotta check with you before I go to the doctor? Feeling awfully full of ourselves today, aren’t we?

  15. Just now, Heartofice said:

    Seeing as you have had multiple jabs, and had Covid only a few months ago with seemingly no issues, I'm wondering what benefits you think you will get from another booster? 

    I had Covid roughly 6 months ago. The guidance here is 5 months minimum from the last shot or Covid infection. 

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