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  1. 5 years ago I'd have been shitting myself over these trailers. For some reason I'm just not overly thrilled with either of them. Life has changed since Cocaine Bear came into my life.
  2. 'Found the actual quote. From a document where one of the conservators is petitioning for a raise. "Hybrid business model"
  3. I'm probably oversimplifying things a bit but I remember there was some kind of legalese involved that basically amounted to. "once it's done its really hard to undo."
  4. Spears' conservatorship should have never happened. Terminating it was so difficult because there weren't any real means of doing so because they are typically not terminated. They are usually reserved for elderly people suffering from dementia or that sort of thing. There was an especially disturbing quote from a related document where one of her conservators or lawyers described it as a "unique business opportunity" or something like that. In context they were literally describing slavery.
  5. Some notes: Hitler didn't invent anything you fucking idiot. He inherited a scientific and industrial infrastructure that was built before him. Correction: The brutal deaths of 6 million European jews, 27 million Russians, and wiping out over 10% of the populations of Poland and Greece; yeah he invented that. I don't care if we're both dog lovers. Why. The. Fuck. would Alex Jones play that clip over Kanye West's monologue?
  6. This is a bit misleading. Rebel Moon was always going to be two films shot back-to-back. Principal photography for parts 1 & 2 finishes this week. A teaser might be out tomorrow. It's just like in my dreams. Is it just me or was that bear getting a bit too familiar with Alden Ehrenreich?
  7. I was just thinking the same thing. Shared Universe. Cocaine Bear Meth Lion PCP Giraffe Ecstacy Timber Wolf Ketamine Hyena Cannabis Beagle: He wears an eye patch and commands an implausibly huge paramilitary organization. he recruits Cocaine Bear in a post credits scene.
  8. I am completely ignorant of the events IRL. But this film will be a comprehensive failure if it doesn't feature an extended bear-tripping-balls-rampage-murder-death-kill montage. It should last about 20 minutes. It should start out, "kinda funny"; evolves into, "slightly unsettling"; then, "downright disturbing","truly horrifying"; and finally,"crime against humanity". Then clear a shelf Sunshine, because awards season is just around the corner.
  9. He had one of the most memorable lines in Die Hard... Which I'm not going to quote here as it could be interpreted as staggeringly inappropriate.
  10. Are they? I give it max. 18 months before a DC-MCU crossover is announced. I wouldn't be surprised if we even get an Easter egg in the Shazam sequel.
  11. I decided re-watch Dreamworks' Home, an animated film they did last year. I had the weirdest feeling watching it. Like I must have fallen asleep the first time around because I did not recognize most of this movie, at all. Still, I liked it.
  12. That's not very surprising. Avatar's opening was a bit soft; not just as a function of total box office but it actually made more money in its second week than its first (domestically). It's interesting that the mention the weather. I wasn't on the east coast but I distinctly remember the roads were shit and there was a hell of a lot of snow on the ground that weekend. I think I saw it at the beginning of week 2. p.s. All the moneys.
  13. Your face. I have it on good authority that it's the best DC film since The Dark Knight. I'll probably check it out once it hits my streaming platform, which should be in about a month or so. In other news, Green Lantern Corps. perpetual development: continues. Marc Guggenheim and Seth Grahame-Smith are both out. The series is being re-tooled to focus in Jon Stewart, which suggests Finn Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine are also out. I've read some blurbs to that effect but I don't know if they've officially been released. Those casting announcements happened over a year ago if memory serves. https://screenrant.com/green-lantern-hbo-max-overhaul-writer-response/
  14. Slumberland: It's a good thing we Canadians have a sense of humor about national stereotypes. Otherwise we might have a problem, eh? I laughed. I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would. Funny. Heartfelt. Trippy visuals. Surprisingly great production values. Mamoa kills it in this role. Recommend.
  15. I'm going with my niece on opening weekend. I'm thinking I should buy tickets soon.
  16. Gina's going to get paid, son! According to the source quoted in the article, this thing will premiere roughly a year from now. So either they've already completed pre-production or this project will have to come together in record time. I expect production values to be top shelf. Please tell me Donald trump and/or Steven Segal will get cameos in one or both of these productions.
  17. I think Russell found the perfect situation this season. Obviously he would have wanted a more competitive car, but if he was actually competing for a championship the pressure on him would have been much greater. I'm sure Hamilton was feeling it too. As it stands, he got a few podiums and scored his first GP win. Next season is full of possibilities. He's got to be feeling pretty good right now.
  18. Disney lost money in 2020. They were narrowly profitable 2021 and 2022 was slightly better. I think the reasons are obvious. However, https://www.cnbc.com/2022/11/08/disney-dis-earnings-q4-2022.html I don't see a Netflix acquisition happening for the simple reason that Disney is still reckoning with the Fox acquisition; which was the biggest they've ever made and came right before their business tanked because of the pandemic.
  19. Oh, it'll be deep alright. Is that a thing? Is that a reference I'm not getting? Because that would be kind of awesome.
  20. Clearly he has fish genitalia to go with with his winged ankles. Yeah, obviously. Fear not though; the direct-to-video ex ex ex rated parody Namor will have massive junk.
  21. Season 6 will likely focus on Dianas life and death. Beyond that they could go back to the previous seasons' plot device of having the royal families stories intersect with other historic events. There have been a few.
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