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  1. Seriously, 90% of this years box office is going to be shit in a shit way... ...until Avatar 2 comes out...
  2. This was also an era that had much more relaxed attitudes toward drinking and driving, child seats, spousal abuse, etc. Health and well being in general. frankly, it's amazing some of the guys lived as long as they did. That recipe clearly needs more lard. AA? 12 step program? What are you some kind of pussy or something? Amphetamines? Yeah, they're good for you; like vitamins. Wash them down with a nice bourbon? Fine. It's fine. They're what? Taking lead out of gasoline?
  3. According to his Wikipedia page, he was accused of possibly killing his 5th wife, though nothing was ever proven. I'm reading the "personal life" section of his wikipedia page. Holy crap this guy had some stuff going on.
  4. That's funny because TSS felt very much like an R-rated MCU film to me; where GotG 1 & 2 are the least MCU films in the MCU. Still haven't seen Peacemaker. Keep in mind that he will probably not be directing many films in his new role. An HBO Max miniseries would be better for that I think.
  5. How?!? How do they do this?!? How do they keep topping themselves? p.s. Never think entertainment "journalism" isn't at least 30% marketing wank. p.p.s. Whomever published "WW84 is easily the best DC film since TDK." should never be listened-to ever again on any subject ever. If their friends and colleagues didn't immediately call them up to voice concern or ask if they'd been hit in the head or if they're really, really high, they're automatically persons of interest in my book and should be treated likewise.
  6. It isn't an option for me because I don't have the disposable cash at the moment. And I'll probably move soon so it wouldn't make much sense to put one of these up only to take it down in 6 months. If those weren't considerations, I would be "this close" to pulling the trigger. IMO, This space is still evolving pretty quickly, so I would wait 1-2 years. This combination from Epson at this price point would have been alien technology a year ago. Guaranteed you're going to see significantly new/improved technology emerge and existing technology come down in price.
  7. For reference, spin the clock back 5 years and the new hotness was the Sony VPL-VZ1000ES: 77 lbs. Almost 1 meter wide. 2500 Lumens. No HDR $25k (screen not included) I don't really know the minutia of chips/lasers/lenses, but I suspect the next big thing will be wide projectors with multiple projection elements. i.e. instead of one lens or whatever in the middle of the box you'll have an array of two or more. Then you'll see screens approaching 200".
  8. Fuck. Oh fuck, I forgot the David Caruso. It would have been better with David Caruso.
  9. Yeah, we can close the windows and crank the heat up so we can get all sweaty like Tom Cruise and Kelly Mcgillis in the first film. Take my breath AWO-AAAAAAAAAAAAY...
  10. I'm keeping an eye on UST projector and ambient light rejecting screen technology myself. 120 inches, Mellon Farmer! That's my dream. The way I see it, that stuff is roughly where flatscreens were about 10 years ago in relation to the price/performance curve. In a year or two I'll probably pull the trigger.
  11. @Zorral Yikes. Entirely predictable and pretty logical. I've been following some UK news for a while now and the situation there just keeps getting more depressing. When you consider the price of a Netflix sub and the utility it provides, if people are cancelling for budget reasons you know things are pretty bad.
  12. Don't worry. She-hulk or no She-Hulk, grown ass men will soon go back to screeching about racial diversity in the Dwarf, Elf, and Mermaid populations.
  13. Apparently it was Devon Lewis; not Malia Arrayah Nahinu. Oh, the trolls will have a field day with that.
  14. Who played She-Hulk in the 70's inspired intro? That looked like an actual actress, not a virtual character. ETA: I'm watching tyrone Magnus' reaction to Angry Joe's reaction to the finale. Some of these guys are taking this shit way too seriously.
  15. I don't. And it's nothing to me how someone makes their money. I'm just pointing out the grift. When he's not doing the culture war mambo jambo, Critical Drinker is actually capable of really insightful criticism. But then that doesn't pay the bills.
  16. The conversations at the Intelligence meeting; I have literally seen those exact comments online or from content creators warning us of "teh woke". Yeah, and I'm sure all the live streams that were done by him and others preemptively shitting on HoTD, Prey, etc; the superchat moneys generated were promptly refunded. G & G was practically built on GoT hate videos BTW. There was a time when even the most amateurish videos criticising the final season could generate a few hundred thousand views on Youtube. As for She-Hulk, brilliant final episode. This is like self-self-self parody at this point. So much cringe. So wonderful. and way to tie it back to the first episode with absolutely the thinnest thread. Oh, Professor Hulk went back to Sakaar? 'Sounds interesting. Are we going to see any of that? Nope. Oh, and here's his kid because why not. Breathless. I was breathless.
  17. I don't know what you guys are talking about but I'm going to see the She-Hulk finale today.
  18. I'm trying to remember the first film I saw him in. All I remember is he was shopping for a getaway car and he didn't like Italian cars because they rust. R.I.P. ETA: He also introduced me to the term, " Edinburgh socket set".
  19. Did they do any space walking? Did they punch a guy in the face in space? Guaranteed Tom Cruise is punching a guy in the face in space.
  20. Do it. DO EEEEEEEEETTT. https://nowthisnews.com/news/tom-cruise-might-become-first-civilian-to-spacewalk-for-filming-of-movie?&utm_medium=social&utm_source=YouTube&utm_campaign=nowthisnews
  21. For comparison: The 2022 re-release of Avatar is currently at $24 million on 2,000 screens domestically. The 2022 re-release of Spider-Man: NWH debuted on just-shy of 4,000 screens and it did just over $9.3 million domestically. The 2021 re-release of Avatar in China (during the pandemic) did $57 million. That's more than the last 3 Star Wars films' (Solo, TLJ, TRoS) did individually and compares favorably with Rogue One at $69.5 million. That's for a 12 year old film that everybody's probably seen half a dozen times. Three billion moneys. And won an Oscar and BAFTA award for best VFX. I never understood the poor reception that film got. I kinda liked it. It was at least on par with the Harry Potter crapola that was clogging up screens at the time. No offense to Harry Potter fans, but some of those films were just not great.
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