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  1. 3 hours ago, RumHam said:

    @Deadlines? What Deadlines? does Coca cola still do those holiday ads with the polar bears? It could be a great opportunity for cross promotion.

    That would obviously be amazing, but somehow I don't see it happening. They might work in some comedic moment that references the polar bears; i.e. Cocaine Bear sees a billboard or sneaks into a movie theater.

    And Coca Cola will be making those polar bear ads every day 'till the earth stops spinning.  

  2. 3 minutes ago, Week said:

    There has also been a reported uptick in pornography too. ;)

    The world needs more love. 


    "Negativity should and will get less reach than positivity."

    Setting aside exactly what he means by those things, some "free speech absolutist" he turned out to be. Does this mean people who post things he thinks are negative will get, (gasp), "shadow banned"?

  3. 16 minutes ago, Varysblackfyre321 said:

    So is making the numberss whole cloth or is has he just changed the definition of hate speech?


    They don't really look down at all. It looks like there was a significant bump on or around Election Day and then it dropped to a fairly constant level. 

    I'd also be suspicious about that "user growth" claim; unless he's saying the average user got a little taller and/or fatter since then. Then he's probably correct. 


  4. 1 hour ago, Varysblackfyre321 said:

    Yeah, his pontificating is less concerning than the fact mainstream conservative figures even in office  have tried to normalize his nazism.

    I don't know about this "locking him up" business. I'm not completely up to speed on some of these discussions and I completely avoided the Heard/Depp soap opera. No, I don't think Ye should be jailed or committed.

    But West is not "just a guy". He's a guy who said this stuff while appearing as a guest of Alex Jones; a guy who the former president once described as "a close friend" and who many on the American right have tried to turn into a free speech martyr for the Sandy Hood judgements that have gone against him. A colossal piece of shit who built a media empire on the corpses of murdered children, among other things. 

    West is also a guy who, about a week ago, was a dinner guest of the same former president. A man who could reasonably be accused of intentionally trying to overthrow American Democracy, continues to subvert American democracy, and who ~30-40% of Americans still believe is the rightful POTUS. Among the topics discussed was a possible 2024 presidential run. Normally I'd say, "Pfft, whatever", but I don't know anymore. 

  5. 5 hours ago, mormont said:

    I've rewatched it a number of times, tbh. Still think it's unjustly maligned. And much, much better than Temple of Doom.

    People reacted to, "Aliens?!?" To me, ancient aliens was no more goofy or implausible than an ancient Hebrew WMD or magic Indian stones or a for-real holy grail. Crystal Skull was fine. 

    As a rule, the better Indiana Jones films are the ones where some Nazi's get their shit pushed in. I have high hopes for this one.  

  6. 6 hours ago, Ran said:

    I don't know what Indiana Jones movies you've been watching, but his occasional  bumbling of something was always part of the character...

    One of my favorite scenes in the series. This is almost Blake Edwards "Inspector Clouseau" level stuff.  Brilliant. 'Still makes me laugh.

    2 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Temple of Doom is awesome, but is also in many ways very problematic. 

    I saw that in the theater when I'm pretty sure I was too young to see it in the theater. I saw a guy get his heart pulled out of his chest when I was like, ten years old. It was amazing. 


  7. 37 minutes ago, Kalnestk Oblast said:

    It will never cease to amaze me how Britney Spears was under a conservatorship for basically shaving her head and had things like who she could date and if she could have children dictated to her for 10 years -  but Kanye can do things like this and not a single bit is brought up. 

    Mostly it's incredibly sad to me to see how we exploit those who are having mental health crises into entertainment. 

    Spears' conservatorship should have never happened. Terminating it was so difficult because there weren't any real means of doing so because they are typically not terminated. They are usually reserved for elderly people suffering from dementia or that sort of thing.

    There was an especially disturbing quote from a related document where one of her conservators or lawyers described it as a "unique business opportunity" or something like that. In context they were literally describing slavery.

  8. Some notes:

    Hitler didn't invent anything you fucking idiot. He inherited a scientific and industrial infrastructure that was built before him.

    Correction: The brutal deaths of 6 million European jews, 27 million Russians, and wiping out over 10% of the populations of Poland and Greece; yeah he invented that. I don't care if we're both dog lovers. 

     Why. The. Fuck. would Alex Jones play that clip over Kanye West's monologue?


  9. 59 minutes ago, SpaceChampion said:

    Apparently Zach Snyder's Rebel Moon will be on Netflix some time next year, and is getting a Part 2.

    This is a bit misleading. Rebel Moon was always going to be two films shot back-to-back.

    Principal photography for parts 1 & 2 finishes this week. A teaser might be out tomorrow.  

    4 minutes ago, RumHam said:


    It's just like in my dreams.

    Is it just me or was that bear getting a bit too familiar with Alden Ehrenreich?

  10. 1 hour ago, WarGalley said:

    You need to copyright this quickly. It could be a whole new Monster universe franchise! 

    I was just thinking the same thing. Shared Universe.

    Cocaine Bear

    Meth Lion

    PCP Giraffe

    Ecstacy Timber Wolf

    Ketamine Hyena

    Cannabis Beagle: He wears an eye patch and commands an implausibly huge paramilitary organization. he recruits Cocaine Bear in a post credits scene.

  11. 8 hours ago, RumHam said:

    I read the true story behind this. I assume they're taking a lot of artistic licence and the bear goes on a killing spree before dying? 

    The rest of the story, with a dude going kersplatt in someone's driveway in Kentucky with a huge amount of cocaine was definitely the inspiration for a plot on Justified. Which just leaves me wondering what kind of writer hears that story and thinks "lets use the non-bear part." We could have gotten Raylen Givens and Boyd Crowder teaming up to fight a coked up bear! ...I guess that would have required time travel. Or maybe the bear paced himself for twenty years. 

    I am completely ignorant of the events IRL. But this film will be a comprehensive failure if it doesn't feature an extended bear-tripping-balls-rampage-murder-death-kill montage. It should last about 20 minutes.

    It should start out, "kinda funny"; evolves into, "slightly unsettling"; then, "downright disturbing","truly horrifying"; and finally,"crime against humanity". 

    Then clear a shelf Sunshine, because awards season is just around the corner. 

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