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  1. Three billion moneys. It will make three billion moneys. I'm calling it now. These guys are wrong.
  2. "Marvel movies". "finish rounding out this ant man character" Everyone shit faced at the Oscars.
  3. TG:M is a hair over $20m away from topping $1.5 billion world wide.
  4. Maybe they're the only pasty, bald, emo-goth-facists in the entire school. And then they start to suspect something...
  5. I don’t know what any of that means but it sounds terrible.
  6. Apparently the show deals with the founding of the order. I guess they were a bit looser with the rules back then.
  7. What a legend. She also raised John Wayne's blood pressure to the point where he came "that close" to beating up a woman on live Tee Vee. Not his most galant moment. They were all drunk off their asses or tripping balls anyway. Robert Wagner is pouring sweat and Natalie Wood can't even see straight. And you can bet the jacket on this asshole got the duke's blood raging before Sacheen even hit the stage.
  8. ETA: Sleepy Gary ruined his gag reflex? That episode skipped over a few things I think. God damn you GO Jerry. Jerry's scream. Chef's kiss. I totally thought he was going to score with his mom.
  9. He also has a pretty prolific career as a character actor in film and television; including voicing Kwanzaa-bot on Futurama.
  10. Correctamundo. In the Mortyplicity episode, we follow a decoy family for about 1/3rd of the episode before they get destroyed. Then we transition to another decoy family. That's when. Shit. Gets. Real. Lies. That was an utterance made in desperation.
  11. Rick C-137 wouldn't need a night-Rick C-137 to get everything done he needs to do in a day. That would be tantamount to admitting he needs help. He's the rickest Rick. The rickest Rick doesn't need rippling abs. He is totally comfortable with his self image. He got sticky with world-class-elbow-titties lady, a hive mind, and an entire planet with perfectly modest abs. The rickest abs. Finally, If the rickest Rick hosted a podcast (pfft.) to converse about his abs, he certainly wouldn't invite Nancy Pelosi on as a guest. Not that he's even remotely partisan, I just don't think he holds any political figure in that high regard. Why the hell would he host a podcast when he could literally do anything else?
  12. Of course it's Rick. It's just not Rick C-137. There's literally infinite Ricks. I suspect several episodes over the last few seasons featured alternate Ricks. Something about this Smith fam seemed a little off. I know the gear selection indicator on the Ford station wagon was totally wrong. There may be other clues as well.
  13. Hilarious. Bonkers. Kind of had a Halloween episode vibe to it. Also not Rick C-137.
  14. I'm considering getting one of these. how is it for watching movies? - I might go see Avatar. I think it's playing near me. I wonder if they're showing the theatrical cut or directors cut. The latter is superior IMO.
  15. Even Joffrey? C'mon, don't tell me you didn't let out a little cheer when Cersei's baby boy choked his last. I'm not sure what you mean by this. If you're talking about the stuff in the yard, yeah that was messed up. It makes her a realist. To me, the tension between realism and idealism is the major theme of this mythology. It's compelling because the questions are not easy; and the actions take often cause as many problems as they solve. Where Alicent is totally wrong is in not accepting the Rhaenyra's marriage offer at the small council. Whatever her misgivings about the boys' parentage, that marriage would resolve a lot of potential issues with zero bloodshed. I hope we get to see Otto Hightower's reaction to this in the next episode. He may be ambitious but he's no idiot.
  16. What is this? Yeah, mom walking in while you're rubbing one out is never fun. So I've heard. I wouldn't say it marks him as a bad future king though. That's a bit of leap. If he's still doing that at 30, that won't be so good. I don't think she's evil. She's internalized the last conversation she had with her father from the previous episode. Her life and the lives of her sons are on the line. However she got there, that's the situation. Because he's a rich royal creep who probably just learned to play with his pud. Besides, it's not like he's just hanging it out the front door. I'm sure his room is pretty high up in some tower or something.
  17. Konichiwa, Bitches. Granted, these are estimates. Avatar was re-released in China in March, 2021, during the pandemic, and it did $57 million. Not bad for a 12 year old movie that people have probably seen multiple times.
  18. No. The Modern bivalent vaccine is about to be rolled out here so I would have had to wait for that. The Pfizer bivalent vaccine hasn't been approved in Canada yet. ETA: I had to use Wayback machine to find this information, but it looks like we had 1500 Covid deaths in Alberta in the first 8.5 months of 2022; vs. 2300 in 2021. It's a bit of a stretch but with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming and school just starting up, we might come close to matching last years death toll.
  19. Got my 4th shot yesterday. (1: AZ, 2&3: Moderna, 4: Phizer), They only just opened up 4th doses to everyone over 18 about a week ago. I wasn't able to do a walk-in but I was able to get a same-day appointment. Not surprising considering uptake of 4th shots has fallen off a cliff.
  20. So half the viewership are noobs? Sounds like they've got a hit on their hands.
  21. Except it isn't a legislature. An elected king who serves for life in a system with no separation of powers and no ability to recall is only slightly less shitty than one chosen by primogeniture. Especially when absolute power is vested in that king. Not even remotely similar to modern democracy. You lost me.
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