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  1. 3 hours ago, Heartofice said:

    If they were warning of ‘teh woke’ then they were much more prophetic than the creators of She Hulk. It’s hard to deny the levels of ‘teh woke’ on display here. 

    What is ironic is that She Hulk is a total godsend to those YouTube and Twitter creators who thrive off of moaning about this shit. It gives them hours of content to create and millions more views.

    Anyone who thinks ‘teh woke’ at Marvel is a myth will watch this show and realise it’s absolutely a thing, and click subscribe to the trolls.

    So far from being a middle finger to ‘the trolls’, it’s more like a hug and a gift.

    Don't worry. She-hulk or no She-Hulk, grown ass men will soon go back to screeching about racial diversity in the Dwarf, Elf, and Mermaid populations. 

  2. 27 minutes ago, mormont said:

    It's the actor who stood in for CGI Hulk Jen on set.

    Apparently it was Devon Lewis; not Malia Arrayah Nahinu. Oh, the trolls will have a field day with that. 

  3. Who played She-Hulk in the 70's inspired intro? That looked like an actual actress, not a virtual character. 

    ETA: I'm watching tyrone Magnus' reaction to Angry Joe's reaction to the finale. Some of these guys are taking this shit way too seriously. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, sifth said:

    Hey, if you support any of these idiots on youtube, you deserve to lose your money, in my book. So my heart bleeds for them, lol

    I don't. And it's nothing to me how someone makes their money. I'm just pointing out the grift.

    When he's not doing the culture war mambo jambo, Critical Drinker is actually capable of really insightful criticism. But then that doesn't pay the bills.  

  5. 2 hours ago, Heartofice said:


    It feels like the entire show and the finale was created to fight back against an imaginary enemy so that they can strawman anyone criticising them. 

    The conversations at the Intelligence meeting; I have literally seen those exact comments online or from content creators warning us of "teh woke".

    1 hour ago, sifth said:

    I know of quite a few people in the hate mob and artificially generated hate culture who were making all sorts of videos, preparing to hate House of the Dragon before it came out and are now eating their words, because the show is actually good. People like the Critical Drinker have even admitted to being wrong about the show, despite making hate videos for it during the spring and summer.

    Just make a good show and prove the haters wrong indeed. Don't make a show just to attack people, who criticize your work.

    Yeah, and I'm sure all the live streams that were done by him and others preemptively shitting on HoTD, Prey, etc; the superchat moneys generated were promptly refunded. 

    G & G was practically built on GoT hate videos BTW. There was a time when even the most amateurish videos criticising the final season could generate a few hundred thousand views on Youtube. 

    As for She-Hulk, brilliant final episode. This is like self-self-self parody at this point. So much cringe. So wonderful. and way to tie it back to the first episode with absolutely the thinnest thread. Oh, Professor Hulk went back to Sakaar? 'Sounds interesting. Are we going to see any of that? Nope. Oh, and here's his kid because why not.

    Breathless. I was breathless.  

  6. For comparison:

    The 2022 re-release of Avatar is currently at $24 million on 2,000 screens domestically.

    The 2022 re-release of Spider-Man: NWH debuted on just-shy of 4,000 screens and it did just over $9.3 million domestically. 

    The 2021 re-release of Avatar in China (during the pandemic) did $57 million. That's more than the last 3 Star Wars films' (Solo, TLJ, TRoS) did individually and compares favorably with Rogue One at $69.5 million. That's for a 12 year old film that everybody's probably seen half a dozen times. 

    Three billion moneys.

    2 hours ago, polishgenius said:

    Mind you, it's not 'big' on the same scale, but The Golden Compass probably takes the cake in terms of proportion- it earned 70 mil in the US and 370mil internationally. It's only considered a bomb because they sold the international rights for a smaller lump sum up front to fund the movie in the first place, so New Line didn't get any of that money. Which is also why New Line no longer exists as a separate entity. Whoopsie. 

    And won an Oscar and BAFTA award for best VFX.

    I never understood the poor reception that film got. I kinda liked it. It was at least on par with the Harry Potter crapola that was clogging up screens at the time. No offense to Harry Potter fans, but some of those films were just not great. 


  7. 27 minutes ago, KalVsWade said:

    I'm saying that it might be closer to something like 90-10. Avatar, IIRC, was the first big movie that did massive amounts of money overseas period, and that kind of set the trend for future movies - things like Transformers exploited this as an example.

    But I could see Avatar 2 doing good but not great in the US but doing insanely great overseas. 

    That would be kind of awesome, actually. 

    I dunno. In a context where Top Gun: Maverick can nearly double the domestic take of Dr. Strange, Batman, and Thor, and animated films like Lightyear and DC League of Super Pets can bomb, anything's possible I guess.   

  8. 2 reasons:

    1. There has been about 20% domestic ticket price inflation since 2009. I suspect that number is pretty consistent across other markets as well. That means that A2: The Way of Wudder could sell ~17% fewer tickets and still hit the same number. This seems plausible to me.

    2. China. When Avatar finished it's theatrical run in china back in 2009, it was the highest grossing foreign film there with about $200 million. But this is at a time when the Chinese market for western films is still developing. Jesus, how many literal movie theaters have been built in China since then?

    Fast forward to 2022 and Avatar now sits 29th on the all time list there according to Box office mojo. The record for the highest grossing foreign film in China was reset twenty eight times in a decade; with 2019's Avengers: Endgame taking $620 million there. If Avatar 2 can approach that number, that will go a long way toward offsetting relative declines due to streaming, or lack of repeat viewings etc. in other markets.

    ETA: the rank of 29th for Avatar includes the subsequent rereleases. The original release would rank it lower. 

    14 minutes ago, KalVsWade said:

    Avatar 2 might be the first big movie that makes significantly more internationally than domestically. 

    It's actually more common than you'd think. The first Avatar did just over 70% of its WW box office internationally. Same for Aquaman. Avengers: Endgame had a similar 70/30 split. 

  9. What a legend. She also raised John Wayne's blood pressure to the point where he came "that close" to beating up a woman on live Tee Vee. Not his most galant moment. 

    They were all drunk off their asses or tripping balls anyway. Robert Wagner is pouring sweat and Natalie Wood can't even see straight. And you can bet the jacket on this asshole got the duke's blood raging before Sacheen even hit the stage. 


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