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  1. 6 hours ago, Ran said:

    If bots are known to be potentially effective in gaming social media algorithms and amplifying trends, thereby actuating more people, then... well, that's why they use bots. And if the count of bots was 2.5-4 times greater than normal for this campaign, that means someone was spending money mobilizing them behind this esoteric Snyder cut business. What the article is dancing around is that Snyder may in fact be the ultimate source of these bots, of this digital marketing firm being hired to create a "Grass roots" site, perhaps of even hiring marketing consultants to pose as superfans, all with the intention of using it to mobilize a fan base to pressure WB to do his bidding.  Vindication through astroturfing.

    Like, John Galt would have done the same thing if social media had existed in the day of Atlas Shrugged.

    Focusing on Whedon is fairly lame since the point is that Fisher's pivots to attacking Berg and Johns, and Hamada, all seem curiously timed with Snyder having ostensibly private issues with them behind the scenes. Especially when one considers the claim that Snyder specifically threatend using social media against the producers.

    John Galt. Nice. 



  2. 13 minutes ago, Fez said:

    I find it interesting that no other streaming service has been able to compete with HBO yet on sheer production values for fantasy. The writing and acting will determine if this is actually a good show. But from the trailer this just looks good in a way that Amazon or Netflix fantasy shows never do IMO.

    Or Disney for that matter. I don't think I'm the only one to say some of the recent SW and Marvel content had some visuals that were below par.

    I don't know about Amazon but Netflix is getting better at this IMO. They need to focus more on quality than quantity and I believe that shift is happening.  Don't Look Up was probably more VFX heavy than you'd think and the visuals were pretty solid. Same for Outside The Wire; not a great film but some pretty impressive production values. Not to mention Love Death Robots and Arcane. Squid Game looks a bit low-fi but it works perfectly for that show. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Ran said:

    Ray Fisher is the only person who targeted the same people Snyder targeted at the studio, and then did so right after Snyder targeted them. Why should anyone else be implicated?

    I also like the "purported" to be from China detail. You know why it's purported? Because Zheng did not respond to queries, so they couldn't confirm it.


    Snyder targeted people at the studio? From the same article that accused Fisher of colluding with Snyder with no evidence.

    The first time we see the collusion claim in print was the Vulture piece a few month back,


    Some of Whedon’s defenders proposed a theory: What if Fisher had been doing Snyder’s bidding? Without furnishing proof, they speculated that Snyder had tricked Fisher into thinking Whedon was racist. Or maybe Fisher knew perfectly well his allegations were bullshit. Either way, the actor and director had “manufactured a controversy” that made Snyder seem like a progressive ally while diverting attention from the fact that their early cut had been a disaster. Whedon’s advocates believed this campaign had poisoned Carpenter against Whedon, causing her to see the complicated story of their relationship as a simplistic narrative of abuse. “Once someone lights a fuse and people see there’s a flame, they run to it and throw stuff into it,” one person in Whedon’s circle said. (Snyder declined to be interviewed.)

    Who are Whedon's defenders? Don't know. But this claim doesn't surface publicly before that. "Snyder tricked him"? Touch grass. 

    I've seen video of Fiona and read her imperfect English on the website she set up. If she isn't a Chinese national shes done an amazing job pretending to be one for 4 years because why not. As to why she didn't respond, I know that she was dealing with health issues on and off for a while. There were several periods where she would be inactive on social media because of it. That could be why. Or maybe they just don't give a shit about Rolling Stone in China. The kinds of details an award winning journo would investigate.


    Also, regarding the click bait RS headline,


  4. 54 minutes ago, Ran said:

    That's not the implication of the story. The implication of the story is that Zheng was a hired marketer who pretended to be a superfan who then stopped promoting the thing they were hired to promote once it no longer needed promotion.

    Yeah, and that's all it is. "An implication". There's a lot of that in this article. And there was plenty of Snyder Cut fan promotion that had nothing to do with Fiona Zheng. Justice Con 2020 for example, which was pulling in more views than Comic-Con at home at times. Also the November 2019 hashtag trend event. 

    1 hour ago, Ran said:

    Fisher's tweet is text-book Twitter behavior from him. I'm pretty sure there would be  emails he left out noting that 5PM, not 6PM, was the correct deadline (given that Siegel notes that the shared message was the last of several attempts to hear back) the writer had to submit their story for publication. Furthermore, her last e-mail that Fisher shared was past 5PM, said she needed something "soon", and so if he had had any intention to respond by 6PM, he could have said so and it looks like it would have been something they could have squeezed in.

    This is the second time Fisher has been low-key accused of making shit up to slander one Director/Studio for the benefit of another. With. Zero. Evidence.  And how this "benefits" the other director I have no idea. What Snyder has done to demonstrate he's capable of that kind of petty behavior I have no idea. Do you think Fisher's doing his career any favors with this? Doubt it. Do you think either of them are stupid enough to plot this out together? Oh, that's right, I forgot he's Lex Luthor now. I guess that makes Ray his Otis or Ms. Tessmacher.

    This is full on tinfoil hat nonsense. And it's only Ray Fisher that's being singled out with this accusation. You think that might make him a bit salty?

  5. 10 minutes ago, RumHam said:

    For what it's worth I skimmed most of that article, but I read all of your post. I think I watched Justice League. 


    Everything in that article is either an anonymous source, innuendo or, "this sure looks weird huh?" She literally compares Snyder to Lex Luthor, which only proves to me that CBM's pop culture hedgemony has truly jumped the shark. It's clearly rotting some peoples brains.

    Also, If Snyder was able to sucker WB executives into spending millions of dollars because of something that is so obviously a machine campaign:

    a) Zaslav needs to fire every singe one of these fucking idiots, Right. Now. Even if they were merely in the room while the project was being discussed, broom their worthless asses, tout suite.  Anything less would be stealing from your shareholders. Also WW84 was shit. 

    b) Snyder should be running that studio. Would you rather have Lex Luthor working for you or against you? C'mon. 


  6. Ah, yes the anonymous "DC Warner Bros. inside source" again. Is this the same one who said:

    The film would never ever be released? (media outlets were reporting this just a few months before the announcement)

    Ben Affleck wouldn't return as Batman?

    No additional footage would be shot for ZSJL (eg. the entire epilogue of the film)?

    That Keirsey Clemons was removed from 2017 JL by Snyder and not by Whedon?

    And would someone please tell me when Jason Momoa's Frosty the Snowman film is being released? The article doesn't mention it. Totally a coincidence that this comes out in the same day as the ZSJL digital release BTW. 

    A couple of comments:

    Regarding the precipitous drop in the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag after the announcement. The reason it dropped was because it makes no sense to use the hashtag after the announcement was made. After the announcement, people stopped tweeting that and immediately started tweeting #thesnydercut, #zacksnydersjusticeleague, #zsjl and the like. All of which trended and none of which are mentioned in the article. 

    Regarding forsnydercut.com, Fiona Zheng doesn't "purport to be from China", she is a fan from China. She appeared at DC fandome in 2020. Maybe she was a robot. I don't know. 

    Regarding Martian Manhunter; That's hilarious. "Future plans"? DC has announced about a dozen projects in the last 10 years that never came to be but this is the first I've heard of any plans for a cinematic Martian Manhunter. They told Snyder to remove Green Lantern from ZSJL because of "future plans" and, to my knowledge, they haven't shot a single frame of film for Green Lantern Corps; more than two years since the Snyder cut announcement. 

    The article mentions another article from the wrap about bots and the Oscars fan favorite award. This article came about a week or two after another article appeared in the wrap about measures the academy was taking to prevent cyber fuckery from influencing the vote. Also, who even cares? This was obviously a cynical attempt make the Oscars more relevant to millennials by giving an MCU film some kind of award and it didn't work. Whatever. 

    Finally, and this is starting to piss me off, the specter of Ray Fischer's accusations being a put-on at the behest of Snyder. I have never heard Snyder ever say an unkind word about Whedon or any other CBM director. Even when he was asked about the JL reshoots, he could have come down hard on Whedon but his response was muted. I have also heard plenty of praise from people who've worked with him that his sets are enjoyable places to be and he treats everyone with respect.  I gotta wonder why Gal Gadot or any of the other people who've spoken about Whedon's behavior aren't getting this nonsense.

     Ray Fisher "Declining to comment" is also a bit fishy. He received an email on Sunday night (24 hours before publication) and was asked to respond by 6:00PM Monday (yesterday). The next day he receives an email at 5:12 saying the deadline had passed. I don't know what to make of that. Maybe wires got crossed with a time difference or something. But does it make sense to contact the person, with no power to stop the article from being published, not knowing their schedule or what they're doing or if they even check their email outside of business hours, for a comment right before you're going to publish?  


  7. On 7/3/2022 at 4:23 PM, williamjm said:

    That is a horrible looking accident.

    In the commentary I think it was Mark Webber who made the point that the impact wasn't really that big by F1 standards so the important thing was the car remaining intact and the driver's head being protected. Webber is something of an expert when it comes to flipping racing cars.

    This was the crash that convinced me that maybe paved runoff isn't all its cracked up to be. When Webber came back down he broke two corners of the car (right front and left rear), and the other two look to be been intact to some degree. Regardless, he was a surf board; and he lost zero speed between the track boundary and the tire wall.

    Maybe I wasn't paying attention because I don't remember much commentary about it beyond the severity of the accident. But I think the FIA came to the same conclusion because we're starting to see gravel in some places again. 

  8. 4 hours ago, Corvinus85 said:

    I wondered about that when I watched the episode. We see them use a power drill to board up the trailer house and then of course the guitar scene. I was too lazy to go back and see if a cord had been run through the gate.

    The plugs work in that realm because they're powered by supernatural electricity. 120 spooky volts. 60 creepy Hertz. It is fucking known.

    Seriously, gravity doesn't even work there the way it does here, are we going to get bent out of shape over this? Madness.

    Although I will not budge on the Master of Puppets thing. 

  9. 7 hours ago, RumHam said:

    After the whole "could Eddie have learned the song debate" I laughed today when I saw an article pointing out that he shouldn't have been able to get any power for the amp.

    2 hours ago, Lord of Oop North said:

    Run a power lead through the gate?

    It's a supernatural realm that defies our physical laws, by definition. Your article is wrong because one can't say with certainty how anything works there. 

    Except for Eddies guitar. For some reason it transcends dimensions. Tell me how, B.C. Rich.


    4 hours ago, Argonath Diver said:

    The way the kids all look so much older now that puberty has aged them past their characters, perhaps we should just pretend it's actually 87 or 88, interior timeline be damned.

    I like the anticipation / advertising thing. Murray said, "Nintendo" because he's a clueless boomer. He saw a commercial or read an article but didn't care to realize that it isn't actually out yet in America. In his brain, "the kids play Nintendo now'a'days." 

  10. 4 hours ago, Slurktan said:

    Murray repeatedly references Nintendo with no one batting an eye and yet the NES came out in the US April 1986. 

    Does anyone respond to him? Clearly he has an imported console from Japan and no one knows what the hell he's talking about.

    In fairness, I don't think he's the only one to reference nintendo in the show. Also I have no idea what I'm talking about. 

    3 minutes ago, RumHam said:

    After the whole "could Eddie have learned the song debate" I laughed today when I saw an article pointing out that he shouldn't have been able to get any power for the amp.

    Yeah well, the lights work and behave in totally implausible ways so I'm going with it. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, dbunting said:

    To the bolded part, because it's meant to be tongue in cheek and didn't want anyone to get offended.

    So was I. It's all good.

    3 minutes ago, dbunting said:

    Underlined part, would've loved to see that. I've seen them three times so far and the last one was by far the best, Comerica Park in Detroit with Avenge Sevenfold and Volbeat(who kill it live btw).  Metallica sounded amazing, probably some back tracking or whatever but the show was amazing, probably helps that my daughter saw it with me.  I wore out 2 Justice tapes and a CD.

    Metallica famously is one of the few bands that doesn't use backing tracks. I suspect Volbeat is the same. I haven't seen them live but I've seen plenty of footage. They're amazing live.

  12. 4 hours ago, JGP said:

    I'll miss his stiff neck. God damn. 

    RIP, Caan. 

    And his dedication to tiny trapezius muscles. 

    55 minutes ago, GallowKnight said:

    Sonny Corleone notwithstanding, Rollerball is always going to be the first movie I associate James Caan. And what a movie.


    'Loved him in The Way of the Gun. The only admirable character in the film.

  13. 4 hours ago, dbunting said:

    I loved the song choice and fuck Iron Maiden while we are at it (jk, sort of)!  The Iron Maiden fanboy in you is getting in the way of a great scene.

    So salty. What do you mean, "sort of"? 

    I agree that it was great scene. I wrote exactly that in a previous post. Sheesh.

    4 hours ago, dbunting said:

    I was listening to Metallica at that time, 13 yrs old i think, thanks to older brothers who had a tape, and they went to the Monsters of Rock tour in Detroit. They said Metallica sucked live then btw, too fast, and they didn't know their songs very well. I listened to their tape way more than they did.

    I wasn't introduced to them until after just after Garage Days Re-Revisited came out. Since then I bought everything and saw them live twice. It should've been 3 times but things got messed up on the "Justice" tour. I go back to to the MoS album fairly regularly. That might be the last record I played through start to finish. 

    5 hours ago, dbunting said:

    The song was perfect for the character and scene. Vecna was literally puppeteering his victims when he killed them, they were in the air and he was the Master of Puppets pulling their strings how much more on point could a song be! He isn't the devil and the mark of the beast refers to the devil.

    Except Master of Puppets is about drug addiction.

    Each to their own. The opening verses to NotB sound a lot like Eddie's situation. I also think it syncs well with the satanic panic elements or season 4. That album and that band featured much more prominently in that controversy than Metallica did; as they weren't as big at the time and their their general image tended to avoid occult imagery / themes. This was just last year!

  14. 3 hours ago, Werthead said:

    True, he was (and still is) an excellent guitarist. But then maybe Eddie would have been the most gifted guitarist of his generation if he hadn't been killed.

    A few posts back I was chastised for such indecisiveness. 

    3 hours ago, sifth said:

    You all are making me think of this Simpsons joke.


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