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  1. Alien Resurrection was worse. Way too much slime on the aliens and everything was brown. The eggs looked like giant turds. The previous aliens also had cool hands. The hands in Resurrection were crap.
  2. Y'know, I've been thinking about this and I'm not so sure. The reason: China. And to a lesser extent, India. When Avatar came out, the market for American films in China was still developing. It did $200 million there on its initial release. That was pretty impressive at the time but barely keeps it in the top 10 today. The current leader in terms of foreign films in China is Avengers endgame with $629 million. If Avatar 2 can approach that, and not lose too much domestically, I think it could exceed the first film. That's not even considering ticket price inflation since 2009. It's also worth noting that Avatar was re-released in China in 2021, during the Pandemic, and it did $58 million. I don't know how broad the release was or how much it was promoted. I'm calling it now: Avatar 2 will cross $3.0 billion at the box office.
  3. This was Fincher's first feature film and I'm sure it took years off his life. He has since disowned it, refusing to have anything to do with the extended cut or even talking about it in interviews. I'm pretty sure he never worked with those producers again and only rarely worked with 20th Century Fox. It was actually supposed to be an orbiting monistary made of wood! which would have been cool but I liked the prison setting. It was an interesting bit of world building to fill out this universe that's controlled by "The Company". But yeah the shooting script was definitely choppy.
  4. I was referring to a classmate and I'm pretty sure that's not what he meant. Who says they wanted the characters to have a happy ending?
  5. I've never heard anyone have a problem with this or that it makes for a plot hole. There's an interesting parallel in that Skynet had to send the Terminator had to go back in time in order to have Sarah Connor destroy it in that place in order for Cyberdyne Systems to get its bits in order for Skynet and eventually Terminators to exist. John Connor has to send Kyle Reese after it in order for John Connor to be born in order to send him after it. Fate, blah, blah. No future but what we make, blah, blah. ETA: if the Terminator was successful in killing Sarah Connor, would Skynet be erasing itself from the future? Wrap you brain around that.
  6. I remember some pretty visceral reactions to Alien 3 when it came out. I still have a vivid memory of a classmate of mine ranting that, after everything they went through to save Newt in Aliens, the next film kills her off-screen at the beginning of the first act. Yeah, he was pissed. It was certainly jarring for me, but I don't see it as a problem depending on what one thinks the alien trilogy is about.
  7. Opening weekend, son. I went into the garage and threw something (a milk crate I think) when I couldn't see it on opening night. It was my favorite movie for like, a decade. James Cameron made me cry.
  8. Solid episode. I'm sure the relationship sub plot has the nerd rage rising. Apparently John's new friend's conversion was sincere... until it wasn't. I like how this is developing. Hawlsey is possibly more evil than in the games. Are there actually only 4 Spartans in this?
  9. I'm aware of that. Truthfully I'm not that bothered by it. It's been 30 years. At least they didn't do it off screen. - The views! https://www.joblo.com/avatar-the-way-of-water-teaser-views-revealed/
  10. Ross Douthat really didn't like the first one. Can a movie be higher than 10/10?
  11. I haven't seen Dark Fate. is it really that bad? One thing I'll say about Genysis: The first act is solid and Emilia Clarke does a good job as Sarah Connor. The rest of the film... ETA: That's two things...
  12. Maybe Na'vi are born with additional limbs which are ritually amputated when the kid's a week old. There's some dark shit in the unrated, imaginary, directors cut.
  13. I suggested that what's going on with existing franchises is getting played out. And yeah, most of those MCU films are pretty bland and some are not nearly as good as the consensus would suggest. An original concept; entertaining and well executed? count me in. I can honestly say I've never seen and F&F movie, or any of the new Jurassic Park films in their entirety. It is a movie. A movie about love. You are correct. It's 2 years between films, not one. While no real reason was given, and there's been plenty of speculation in the press about "creative differences", I wonder if the real reason Rogue Squadron was pushed back was because they didn't want it and Avatar "x" cannibalizing ticket sales from each other. They both owned by the same company after all.
  14. And my reaction to your reaction is, "So what?" 2.8 billion global box office and a best picture nomination; not so tired apparently. Just imagine how much better that film would have been if Jake Sully just followed orders, returned to earth at the end, got his spine fixed, the end. Box office gold! just give James Cameron all the moneys.
  15. Watching the exteneded directors cut of Avatar now. What an amazing film. I don't know what you guys are dumping on Sam Worthington. He gives a fine performance.
  16. He also shot 2 and 3 back to back. Avatar 3 is currently in post production and comes out next year. And I guess he spent a few years mapping out the complete saga. He was also writer/producer on Alita: Battle Angel. Plus a bunch of other stuff.
  17. How many Lucayan Indians would be roaming the earth today if their ancestors got it in their heads to butcher Columbus and his men the moment they hit the beach? How many hundreds of thousands of young men lost their lives in WW1 because their commanders said, "Machine guns? Harrumf! Just run at them. Bravery will carry the day!" They fought for years before it occurred to them to use the "creeping barrage", which seems pretty obvious in hindsight. "Aggressively stupid" is what defines many important moments in human history. Jake is human. Maybe it occurs to him to two-time his beastie when it wouldn't occur to most Na'avi. And yea, there was a guy before him.
  18. Not as many moneys as "the highest grossing film on the history of ever" is a pretty low bar. Also the cinematic landscape is somewhat more crowded than it was back in the day. The MCU didn't really exist back in 2009. Except this is the only one where main character is a total cypher. The thing that's special about him is that there is nothing special about him. It's not like he's going to Pandora to teach the Nav'i how to farm or something. It's interesting to me that for all the talk of the "white savior" trope, there's never any discussion about how Avatar subverts in the trope in several ways. It's an easy criticism to make because it's so poorly defined. And, "creatively void"? Come on, man. Same. I have not but I bet it's the best Piranha movie to ever come out of Roger Corman studios.
  19. He's a goddamn innovator, that's who. I didn't say it was unique, just that it wasn't lazy. I explained why I thought it was interesting. Dances with wolves was Oscar nominated. And the similarities are superficial. Aliens is his own film. He's allowed to be influenced by his own film. Also it's amazing. And influential. The only reason people remember Fern Gully is because of Avatar. Comparisons are cheap heat. And, as I've said before, after a decade of massive cash and endless praise being heaped on franchise reboots and endless superhero stuff, "Lack of originality" isn't a criticism I take very seriously.
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