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  1. 10 hours ago, Zorral said:

    More analysis of this corporate foolishness's mess.  This one focuses on the long history of outsiders to creative industries' failure when they come charging in.  One of the classics some of us here might be old enough to recall is recalled w/in this analysis:



    Gulf and Western ran their studio "at some remove"? All that stuff I heard about Charlie Bluhdorn must have been wrong then.

    It's interesting to me that "Covid" never appears once in that article.

    Imagine you're ATT and you're carrying a lot of debt going into a recession. One of your subsidiaries, Warner Media, is especially hard hit because box office receipts have cratered world-wide due to the pandemic. Further, they are unlikely to fully recover for another year, if ever. In hindsight, you probably launched your streaming service 6 months later than you should have and the roll out wasn't as successful as it could have been.

    You have the choice of continuing to carry this costly business unit or turn it into the kind of cash that you could really use right now. The $40-odd billion in debt that ATT is erasing with this transaction; how long would it take Warner Media to generate that in after-tax profits in the normal run of things? A decade? More? So what do you do?

    Maybe it's just that simple. It certainly seems a lot more plausible than a clash of cultures between wall street and main street Hollywood, especially since the corporations have been in there for decades.

  2. 22 minutes ago, Zorral said:

    As we've been witnessing for quite a while, we're going back to the conditions of cable.  To get the one thing one wants one is forced to have access to vast swathes of programming one does not want and will never watch. :P

    Plus, good scripted programming takes a lot of time, skills, resources, talent, intelligence, experience and creativity, all of which need to be paid for.  Not a good model for capitalism's objectives which is to take the most while giving little-to-nothing.

    The spun-off company will be taking a big chunk of ATT's debt with it. The sale will probably generate a considerable amount of cash. Win win.

    10 minutes ago, RumHam said:

    ...Why though? All they really had to do was change the name of the HBO go app and add the non-HBO content. How does that cost billions?

    Maybe they're including the cost of all the shows that have come out on HBO Max since, but it's not like HBO wasn't going to keep producing shows anyway so those really shouldn't count. 

    Costs of restructuring. Infrastructure costs associated with a massive increase in content; marketing; cost of cutting deals to expand HBOMax's reach, etc. They spent almost half-a-billion for Friends.

  3. 24 minutes ago, Raksha 2014 said:


    I was just glad to see that the showrunners remembered, and brought back, the Cerwyns and Glovers and Lord Manderly along with the Littlest Kingmaker (yay, Lady Mormont!).

    I really like that kid.

    22 minutes ago, Sonoftheharpie said:

    Watching Arya cut Walder Frey's throat and serve his sons to him in pie made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... :D

    I really like that kid.

    21 minutes ago, Robb_Warged said:

    Was the Septon Unella/Mountain scene trying to imply rape?

    How does it imply that? Being chained to a table with nothing but an undead Mountain for company 'till the day I die would freak me out a bit too.

    Can Robert Strong "rape"?

  4. 1 minute ago, plectrum said:

    I don't know about that at all.  Also, I liked that Joffrey's death actually humanized Cersei a little bit.  

    Finally, we got that brilliant three way conversation between Cersei, Tywin and Oberyn right before Joff croaked.

    I'd agree with that regarding Cersei.  Ramsey's death had a nice sense of justice, with a touch of irony.

  5. 1 minute ago, SerJeremiahLouistark said:

    Probably the best battle scene ever filmed.  It was Rome vs Carthage meets Saving Private Ryan's Normandy scene.  Just brilliant, probably the best thing this series has done since Blackwater, Hardhomme was close but still just excellent.  


    Here lies a bastard with no name and no house, eaten by his dogs.  Smells like Justice.  


    Smells like dog poop. Ramsey that is. Betrayed by his own sadism.

  6. 15 hours ago, draft0 said:

    Did she really say that?

    Must have burned it out of my brain. Catelyn Season 1  Lady Stoneheart.

    I agree, but Dorne and the Iron Islands have both made a comeback in a big way. Last season I honestly thought Euron was being written out of the show altogether, yet here he is. The Sand Snakes seems to be a replacement for Aegon's invasion, leading Dorne to rebel against the crown. So both these plotlines are more important for the main narrative than we had thought.

    How exactly? Who knows?


  7. 4 minutes ago, Morgana Lannister said:

    Still I think if she was going to set off in a LSH path there would be other people more prominently up there on her list, such as Walder Frey and yes, possibly LF despite her sparing him earlier in the series.  I am certain however that there will be a show down between Jaime and Brienne but I reckon that will be purely tactical in military terms as they will find themselves on opposite sides of the war.  I just not convinced that Sansa will fully take the role of LSH.  In fact, the BWB even without UnCat are better candidates for this IMHO, but then again of course this is just my opinion.

    She has a list, no question.  Her list probably has a meaningful order, but there's no way she passes up a target of opportunity.  

  8. 2 hours ago, Morgana Lannister said:

    this could make sense given how they are keen on giving main character plots that other characters had in the books, however I am all for both Brienne and Jaime surviving the Riverlands and Sansa is not as blood thirsty as LSH I don't think and unless she learns that it was him who threw Bran out of the window, okay he is a Lannister but I don't think is personal at this stage if this makes sense.  Also not sure but get the impression that Tyrion probably told her he was one of the members of his family who didn't treat him abysmally and I don't get the impression, certainly not in the books that she has animosity against Tyrion even now so unless it is purely for tactical reasons not sure how Jaime would be such a priority for Sansa, just like even with the changes she has gone through, I can't see her just killing any random Freys in cold blood.  I think Sansa would be a fairly decaffeinated version of LSH but I could be wrong...

    Sorry this post has turned out totally convoluted lol but basically saying that I don't think she hates Jamie specifically, although hey yes she does hate the Lannister house as an entity but not on a more personal level individually when it comes to him.  I personally think it is more likely that Brienne and Jaime will have a one to one combat scene that plays out simply because they are both doing their duty on opposite sides of the war...

    I'm thinking back to Catlyn's words to Rob in season 1: "We will kill them all."

    Given everything Sansa has been through, and given that the Lannisters are responsible for the death of her father, mother & elder brother, and the destruction of her house, etc., I doubt she will make a distinction between "good Lannisters" and "bad Lannisters".  Tyrion might be the exception, as he was actually kind to her, but that's moot because I don't think they will ever cross paths again.  She let Littlefinger live, but that was a near thing. I think if he had said the wrong thing, he'd have been done.

    Jaime has no relationship with her at all.  The show never puts them together and he never so much as says hello to her.  All she knows is that he is the Cersei's brother and (probably) Joffrey's father.  

    2 hours ago, hallam said:

    I doubt it. We didn't get as much time together as in the books.


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