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  1. Wow that sucks. I haven't been following the situation in NZ for a while. How are you doing there vis a' vis Covid?
  2. Yeah. That's basically where I've been for a while now. I've got the SW that's precious to me and that's enough. That's OK. I haven't sworn it off completely, but I'm not a "fan" anymore. I don't care about spoilers. 'Don't care about leaks. I don't anticipate any of it and I can miss a good deal of it and not get anxious. It's fine. Some thoughts: I don't think the director really matters. The whole thing gets filtered through Disney / Lucasfilm's production system. I don't think there is any combination of individual elements that could be swapped out to substantially change the result. The machine, man. In case you haven't been paying attention, The critics love this show. The vegetable consensus has deemed it a hit. There is also no shortage of user-generated content; featuring reaction videos with regular schmucks gleefully squealing when this character or that easter egg appears. There is a shocking level of consensus on this. So, it would appear that for SW ever shrinking fanbase*, this series delivered exactly what they wanted. Well done them. *search your feelings... I was going to say, "I have no faith...", but Russian Doll was basically Leslye Headland's creation and that abso-fucking-lutely slaps, so yeah, maybe a little faith. It won't be great, but it could be pretty good.
  3. Did it though? Ashoka felt like a 120-150 minute film that was stretched out to a 5-6 hour runtime. Oooooooh don’t get me started. You almost got me started. And I’ll look down and whisper, “prequel fight”.
  4. I wasn’t kidding about Ben Affleck, but mostly I just don’t care. I’m not tuning in to season 2. This show was shit and it got massive praise for being shit; thus guaranteeing more shit for season 2. I got spoiled binging The Expanse before watching this. You know, “a good show”? And yes, there are about a dozen different things I could rattle off that I liked about Ashoka, but why bother? As for replacements, there are a few British actors I’d also be looking at: Richard Armitage, Damian Lewis, a few more whose names were already mentioned are good too. The new guy doesn’t have to be a Stevenson clone.
  5. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Yeah, that bullshit owl also showed up in the Clone Wars finale.It's a metaphor I guess. For the force, blah, blah. FINE! I'll watch it.
  6. First generation Toyota Yaris adverts. Very "mid-naughties".
  7. Speaking of virtue signalling, the classics are coming back, Mellon farmer!!! https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/alta-premier-health-minister-non-committal-on-getting-covid-19-shot-this-fall-1.6580276 It’s all fallen down the memory hole. The way we went back to business-as-usual in the summer of 2021, the 4th wave that hit in the fall of 2021, a flood of ICU and non-ICU hospitalizations, Hospitals jammed with patients, the federal government and military getting involved to shuttle overflow to neighbouring provinces… guess what; didn’t happen, fuckers! Add to that, these UCP clowns are mostly concerned with not pissing off their political base. I’m beginning to rethink my policy of not enthusiastically mocking these “healthy immune system” idiots. What?!? You mean it didn’t go to those people who do their research on Facebook?
  8. Do you know how difficult it is to find a durable wallet? I bought a goat skin, made-in-Canada, Tilley wallet from a kiosk in a mall when I was 15. The thing lasted decades. If I knew then what I know now, I'd have bought a case of them. Not just because it was possibly the best made thing I've ever owned, but there's a market for vintage leather. It took a bit of searching but I did find a replacement that'll probably outlast me.
  9. I'll admit to purchasing several of these for christmas presents one year.
  10. Somebody's got to keep the government from seizing everything after he escapes to Russia.
  11. https://x.com/CalltoActivism/status/1707169626671514009?s=2
  12. It's on VOD so there are quality digital copies out there now. You know, if official barbie film merch makes it to the former Soviet Union or the film boosts toy sales there, it's still a win for the capitalist american pig dogs. They did something similar for Avatar 2, except those were actual cam copies; which is amazing. I wonder if the studios are going to be able to sue.
  13. Interesting too. This was not what I was expecting. Ugh. Tell me about it. I really did not like the prequel they did. If Ralph Fiennes is going to have a gay crisis, it needs to be with a much more handsome man than Rhys Ifans dressed up like Rasputin. Also that movie ripped off League of Extraordinary Gentlemen a little bit.
  14. No. It's too close. Their galaxy is far, far away. Therefore, ours is far, far away from theirs. Thrawn's galaxy is merely "far" away.
  15. The little man is sad. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2023/sep/28/mailonline-terminates-dan-wootton-contract-daily-mail
  16. He’d be shockingly white. You don’t think he bronzes all over? Goddamn Elon raised to the power of Elon. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
  17. Oh yeah, right? He's basically a deity now so, yeah.
  18. And this is what his fans love about him. The audacity of the lie is the point; not whether or not he's telling the truth. Pwning the libs and all that.
  19. Nope. Maybe if I'm super bored and I have 45 minutes to kill. Otherwise I'll just watch highlights.
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