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  1. Look, books aren't for everyone.

    Yes, GOT is a popular TV show for a reason. It's fun to watch and it's got great acting, production, and drama.

    For people who actually appreciate the nuance and integrity of the books, to compare it to the television adaptation, is a joke. It's the difference between a Michelin three star restaurant and a bag of Cheez Doodles I bought at CVS.

    I like Cheez Doodles, for the record.

    "Cheese doodles" is a bit strong.

    I love the way AFFC has been reinvented as a great novel. It really wasn't. I love the books but that was a pile of shit.

    "Pile of shit" is a bit strong.

  2. Yes but there are obviously a lot of people on this forum that vote 1 irrespective of the actual quality of the episode. They vote 1 for every episode.

    I can appreciate valid criticism, but there's no in hell way that episode was a "1". The fact that there are so many "1" votes tells you all you need to know.

  3. Speaking of ROME.....why did it get cancelled? I watched the series last year ( in preparation for a trip to Italy) and was disappointed the series didn't continue.

    Low ratings and too expensive to produce. The original plan was for something like 5 seasons that would ultimately take us to Palestine and feature the beginning of Christianity. They found out late that they had to wrap things up so they compressed the last half of season 2 and finished with the ascension of Augustus.

  4. You're seriously out of touch. Highest viewership of *any* HBO series ever. This season. More hyped that *ever*.

    It's not a farce. ADWD and AFFC were farces. People who got into reading the books after watching the first few seasons were like "Oh, wow, I hope the show doesn't do *this*".

    Show > Books at this point, and we can only hope that TWOW is delayed so as not to spoil the next season.

    I must be alone in that I like this season and I liked AFFC/ADWD. Both have their flaws but that's fine.

    I understand the necessity of making changes in the show, particularly because of the amount of material they have to fit into 10 episodes.

    Why send Jamie to Dorne? His river lands material is great and, with luck, he'll go there next season. I think the primary thing that sending him to Dorne does is it ties Dorne more closely to the main story. In the books, Dorne is almost a completely separate entity and it's a bit tough to get into it at first. That would be very weird to pull off in the show.

    Why send him with Bronn? Illn Payne is a mute for one thing. That might make the dialogue scenes a bit lumpy. Also the actor that plays him (Wilco Johnson) is currently battling pancreatic cancer. That might make his schedule a bit tight for filming.

    Stuff like that.

    As I've said before, There have been loads of accusations, mostly from book purists that its a poor adaptation because it differs too much from the books or "they aren't supposed to do that" or whatever. There have even been people accusing the show runners of creating fan fiction.

    IMO, if that's what people really think about book-to-screen adaptations, get ready for a lifetime of disappointment. I for one, like many of the changes. At this point, who knows what's going to happen next?

  5. Yes....it has to be the ONLY reason Melisandre would have moved with the speed of Light back to the Wall?

    HBO's "Rome" (one of my favorite shows) had this same feature.One episode they're in Greece, the next they're in Egypt, the next they're back in Rome. They compressed events that happen over the course of years to what seems like days.

    Just go with it. I'm perfectly willing to assume that it took Mel a day or two of hard riding to get back to the wall.

  6. Inside the Episode is something that HBO does, it's not a live interview, so how did he 'misspeak'? Yeah, he's confused about his own show, and he remembers something he didn't write in an episode that he is credited with writing, which he uses as justification for something he does with the charcter, even though it never happened, in his show or the books.

    Because He Is A Hack.

    Oh, fine. Fuck, whatever.

    He's a hack because after producing fifty episodes of an incredibly complex, multi-threaded story, in one interview he describes an event that happened in season 4 but confused it in an utterly trivial way with a similar event in season 2 and no one caught the flub before it aired.

    We, as fans of ASOIF should immediately start an online petition to compell Beniof to retract or correct that statement or HBO should fire him from the show immediately. At the very least, they should issue a sincere apology.

    Or, I can just go get a beer. That would be nice too.

  7. Yeah, except your link is to the wrong scene.

    The scene Benioff was talking about was in Season 2. "When we first see Stannis" he's burning people. And this is not correct. I watched the scene from Season 2 and it is as I described.

    Is that clear now?

    Benioff said "when we first see Stannis" he's burning people on the beach.

    But that is false. The scene does not show that. It it irrelevant that later they burn people, because that isn't the scene they referenced in their Inside the Episode.

    Maybe Beniof just misspoke. Maybe he was confusing one scene with another. Are we really getting uptight about this?

  8. 2. I presume you can see that they are burning wooden idols, not people, as Benioff claims they did in the scene. Listen, I rewatched it, there are no people being burned there, it's the seven, giant wooden idols, no one is discussing people, it's about the seven. Jesus.

    WTF? You watched it? And you missed the people tied to stakes and the guy screaming "Sire, I served you well!" as one of Stannis' men is lighting the pye underneath him?

  9. Another thing I have a hard time believing that Stannis will be killed by Brienne in the books. Half her neck is gone, if she can survive that why not Jon getting stabbed?

    Stannis is in the north at the end of the last book. Brienne is in the Riverlands.

    No one thinks this is the best season. Not the critics. Not the people who haven't read the books. Even stalwart show fans and apologists started getting wobbly on the show this year.

    Oh and Stannis wasn't burning anyone on the beaches in the show either, Benioff is actually that much of a hack.

    1. I liked this season. Fans and critics are entitled to their opinions, but they are just that.

    2. Yeah, total hacks. https://youtu.be/xcZG6fIUMqg

  10. Okay I will try this one more time.

    D&D said that George told them that Stannis burns Shireen in the books, and that's why the used it in the show. However, if the pink letter is 'true' in the books, and Stannis is already dead in the books , then he can't burn Shireen in the books, like they said he did. If you don't get it now, then just forget about it. LOL.

    I understand completely. I was actually partly agreeing with you.

    "If the pink letter is true." We know (or can be fairly certain) the pink letter is at least a partial fabrication. We suspect that the pink letter is a complete fabrication and possibly not authored by who it claims to be. We can also be fairly certain that Stannis is still alive because of TWOW chapter that was released, unless that chapter takes place before the events at the end of ADWD.

    Did D&D say "Stannis burns Shireen" or "Shireen gets burned" in the books? That's not completely clear.

  11. Seriously what? Someone said maybe he's already dead in the book and the pink letter is true. That's what I was responding to.

    1. There is no pink letter in the show.

    2. attempting to tease out future plot lines in the books based on events in the show is a waste of time.

    I can't wait for next season when the material will be almost entirely new (depending on when twow is published).

  12. I will say it again.

    If Stannis is already dead in the books, then D&D lied when they said he burned Shireen. He can't do both. One or the other.

    In the books she has power, but she misinterprets her visions.

    In the show, she's a fucking idiot sex freak incompetent nut job who has never been right about anything.

    Maybe he's not dead in the books. Maybe he burns her in the middle of the book and dies at the end. Seriously?

  13. What a MESS.

    Wow, like they hadn't messed with Jon enough, his death was even lame, D&D have no understanding of Jon.

    Traitor on a post? Are you kidding me? At least the shining light proved that he was not "dead".

    I was more scared at Hardhome than here; even if that would've gone wayyy off book, that would have been a better way to kill him. Unbelievable.

    Mel, RAN??? Where the hell did she go when she arrived at Castle Black? She just walked in? They turned her into a coward?!

    HBO Stannis deserved it, thank the Lord we have the real one in the books;

    Brienne got her revenge.

    Right, because book Stannis is such a nice guy. The one that killed his brother, burned to death his brother-in-law, and was about to burn to death his nephew (Shireen's playmate) until Davos scuttled those plans.

  14. There's a lot of really tedious chatter on these boards that HBO are doing it wrong because they leave out this or that or they tweak this or that or they include some stuff at the expense of of other stuff or whatever. There are even those that like to accuse the show runners of creating "fan fiction", or tiresome conversations about "He didn't say ghost". or whatever.

    All I have to say is, if that's the way you demand literary adaptations in cinema or TV are supposed to work, then be prepared for a lifetime of disappointment.

    As much as I would have like to have seen Jamie's sojourn through the river lands, (the biggest change IMO), I have no problem with the change they made and I understand why they made it. That's just about the biggest change I can think of this season.

    It might not be their best, but I enjoyed this season.

    Oh, and Benjen is not coming back. Get over it.

  15. Yeah, don't have her saving LF's backside last season, then having that cool conversation with him, and then that final shot of her "new look" on the stairs which was clearly meant to tease the audience with "Sansa has arrived," only to pull this crap. Also, if you're going to try, come up with a better justification for it.

    Don't have Tyrion become the savior of KL only to have him fall from grace later.

    Don't have Cat say "We'll kill them all" in season 1 only have her life fall apart and cut her throat later.

    Don't have Robb kicking southron arse all over the river lands just to kill him off at a wedding.

    Don't make Oberyn a charismatic, likable kick ass character just to crush his skull.

    Don't capture Jamie Lannister just to cut him loose.

    Jesus, it's like unless a characters story is a continuous, uninterrupted, unidirectional progression, there's just "no way".

  16. What exactly Mel offers to Stannis by burning Shireen? What will that accomplish?

    A sacrifice to the lord of light. "There is power in King's blood."

    Yeah, that's an awfully obvious thread to just leave hanging. That situation will come to a head soon I think.

  17. I have to say, just based on my observations of reviews, Unsullied comments, etc., the changes made to the Winterfell storyline have not done Theon any favours. In the books this was where he really started to reclaim audience sympathy, but the general tenor of the comments on him in the last few episodes has tended far more toward deep contempt. Given that he's a Stockholm'd victim, this is really not fair, but it seems like much of the audience views him primarily as the guy who is standing around and not helping Sansa, who in turn is the focal point for audience empathy in the story. Theon selling out Sansa and getting the old lady killed this week certainly didn't help.

    Doing the Winterfell scenes anything like ADWD depicts would be an entire season unto itself. They are condensing an incredible amount of material into just ten hours of TV. I haven't agreed with all of their editorial decisions, but all in all, I'm enjoying the season.

    Snapping Theon out of his Reek persona needs to take time or it will seem incredibly contrived. Also, anything other than what we saw last night would have a segment of the fandom howling "See?!? Those bastards are torturing Sansa for the sake of Theon's character arc!!!" Theon is always going to be a figure of simultaneous sympathy and hatred.

    That reminds me: Mentioned this once before but I think it got lost in the flurry of comments last night.

    On the previous show thread there were several commenters that were making claims that Sansa's character would be so mishandled that within a few episodes she'd forget her wedding night trauma and by the end of the season she'd live "happily ever after". There were others who were screaming that they had in fact turned her into Jeyne and she's just there to develop Theon's character.

    After last night, does anyone think this is still the case?

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