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  1. Im pretty sure GRRM also doesn't want people to do this. For the video interview where he read the first part of Vic 1, it's somewhat inevitable that someone somewhere will write it down. But at live readings I think he always asks people not to record/transcribe. Summary notes are acceptable though.
  2. Hey, neem aan dat bericht ook wel in het Nederlands kan? :P

    Ik las net in het aDwD topic dat er een twitter was dat een of andere boekwinkel in Amsterdam het boek nu al aan het verkopen is. Geen flauw idee hoe waar dit is maar aangezien je zei dat je nog steeds gaat proberen het boek eerder te krijgen wil je dit misschien even uitzoeken ;) Ik heb zelf die Tweet lopen zoeken maar kon niks v...

  3. [quote name='Ibsen's Crawfish' post='1441733' date='Jul 16 2008, 01.21']Hum. That sample is way shorter than a usual chapter, yet the begining and ending do look like the real ones. I wonder what is missing ? Description ? That would make a lot of description. Maybe a flashback/account of the immediate afterfall of Winterfell. Like Theon's arrival to the Dreadfort.[/quote] Do you see that as a bad sign? I thought a lot of the aFfC chapters were unnecessarily long, a lot of them were 20 pages or longer. I think it's a good thing that there's some short chapters in aDwD too, at the very least it is a sign that he's still able to write about something without it taking 20 pages. And a lot of chapters in aGoT were quite short too (the chapter of Bran's awakening is like 5 pages long). On-topic, I thought this chapter was the worst of the 4 spoiler chapters that have been online and readable so far, but it's still pretty awesome. I sort of lost track of the whole situation in the north, though. Is he going to war with the Ironborn in Moat cailin and Deepwood? Or is he going to try and fight Stannis? Is he already aware of Stannis at this point?