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  1. He may have no choice. We're being hammered over the head with the belief that Dany can't have children. And that most certainly means she WILL have a child, and we very likely saw that child's conception in yesterday's episode. Jon is never going to allow his child to be a bastard, he will marry Dany for the child if for nothing else.
  2. GravyFace

    Who can Dany marry in Westeros?

    It's really not though. If they weren't related or just cousins or something, then maybe that qualifies as Disney. But they're aunt and nephew. There's no way you can name a Disney or fairytale story that has aunt/nephew or uncle/niece hooking up. Doesn't matter how young and handsome/beautiful they are.
  3. GravyFace

    Who can Dany marry in Westeros?

    Aunt and nephew hooking up is "Disney"?
  4. GravyFace

    Aegon's absence is really noticeable now

    Varys could've sent fake poison wine. Nobody ever actually drank it, so we don't know if it was really poisoned. Varys could've made the wine merchant believe it was poisoned, and also told the little bird to tell Jorah, so that he had his bases covered. Dany wouldn't actually drink the wine with Jorah/little bird's help, and if she had by some chance then she wouldn't have died. All while keeping up appearances for King Robert.
  5. She took it because she could. She killed everyone who was in power, everyone in Tommen's small council, and the faith who largely controlled the small folk. Olenna is the only survivor and she's gone south. There's no one in KL to oppose Cersei, and if anyone from some other house wants to oppose her, then they're going to have to wage a war against her. That's it. Cersei took the throne because she could, and whoever takes it from her will have to use just as much force or more.
  6. GravyFace

    Why and Where does the Dany/Jon love theory com from?

    "daughter of dragons, bride of dragons, mother of dragons" I think there's a reason that Jon and Dany have had totally parallel journeys throughout the books. Like Kit said, they're either going fight or f*ck. I'd say there's a 50-50 shot of either.
  7. GravyFace

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    It's explained in the Inside the episode thing. She drops it so she can be tracked, like a bread crumb. I'm sure there will be a scene next season where Daario and Jorah come across it and know they're on the right track (as unlikely as that is lol).
  8. GravyFace

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    I'm pretty optimistic it'll be out before season 6. If the end was no where in sight, then D&D would've spoiled a lot more this season, and George wouldn't be turning down all these cons. It's season 7 that's the problem as far as spoilers go. There's no way for ADOS to beat that season.
  9. GravyFace

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Agreed 100%. I know it's the cool thing to shit on D&D, and I do it too sometimes, but they gave the book readers AND George huge breaks. All the major cliff hangers are still in place. They could've easily gone further and probably made a better episode, maybe tied things up a bit more, but they didnt. Like someone said earlier, this episode felt like they're giving George one last shot to finish TWOW and reveal most of the major events and fates himself.
  10. GravyFace

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Eh, if Jon is meant to marry one of his "sisters" then the show would've cast an older girl to play them. Whether it's Sansa or Arya. They wouldn't have cast children, knowing we the audience would get attached and always see them as children. Especially since the actor playing Jon would be over 30 years old when the show ends.
  11. GravyFace

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Stannis is dead. The inside the episode and Gwen's interview confirm it. Jon is also dead, but he's not going to stay dead. There's no way. He is too central to the story, along with Tyrion and Dany. None of those three will be dying until the very end (if at all). And after all, "Khalessi" is going to need a King. Like Tyrion said in this episode, a sellsword and a disgraced Knight are no fit consort for a Queen. There's only one character in the story that the audience cares about that would be suitable. One of the unsullied I watched with literally said "he can't be dead, he's supposed to marry Khalessi!". I cringed, but they're not exactly wrong lol.
  12. GravyFace

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Kit still can't close his mouth lol. And I don't think he's "killing it" at all, but he still has improved. Mostly because he's using a deeper Batman voice.