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  1. He makes sense as a Hand candidate, though, because he's not connected to any of the regents that Aegon disliked, he is a powerful lord, he is loyal and trustworthy, and is a good soldier, which the crown desperately needs.
  2. SerBronnsMullet

    Dorne and the Faith after Aegon...

    This could be true but there is reason to believe there is a significant non-Lannister bloc at court. The fact that Jon Arryn gets Littlefinger, who worked his way up through the Vale admin, as master of coin and there are named Vale knights in KL indicates there is a Vale presence at court. Jon dying and Lysa fleeing probably killed the Vale court party. Renly has a significant force that he fled with during the Lannister coup, we know Stannis has his own court, though it's unclear who was at Dragonstone and who was at KL, and I believe a large portion of the force Ned sent to detain Gregor Clegane was made of Baratheon loyalists. We also don't know what the court was like earlier in Robert's reign or who MoL or MoC were before Renly and Littlefinger.
  3. SerBronnsMullet

    Sex and stuff - How different is Dorne?

    We don't know that many Dornish characters so we have to go by what we are told and the characters we know. It's true that many people in Westeros have mistresses/lovers but Dornish paramours seem to be treated with more respect and closer to a spouse. Cersei thinks that Oberyn bringing Ellaria Sand as his wedding plus one is scandalous but also kind of shrugs it off and thinks that is just how the Dornish are. The closest examples to that I can think of are Lady Sam being Lyonel Hightower's paramour, which is viewed as unusual and the High Septon condemns it, though that might just be because she was his father's widow, and Aegon IV's many mistresses that became defacto queens, which is viewed as disgraceful by pretty much all of Westeros. The Ironborn also have salt wives but they are often glorified slave mistresses and everyone hates the Ironborn anyway. I disagree with the point about bastards. We get a lot of clear information that bastards are treated pretty well and there are a bunch of Sand characters. The Dornish nobility still internalize the values of the broader Westerosi nobility, which is why a bastard isn't a fit consort for the Dornish ruling family, but that does not mean they are treated the same as the rest of Westeros, The rest of the Westerosi nobility, even where a bastard has a prominent place, generally views bastards with suspicion. For example, Jon and Ramsay are probably the best treated bastards, but they are still mopey about their bastard status and are viewed with suspicion by other characters for their bastard status. Edric Storm is well treated but he's not allowed anywhere near court. The exceptions are the Ironborn, where salt kids are treated pretty well and can inherit although houses descended from salt wives are viewed with suspicion, and the dragonseeds, which seems to be a special case. Homosexuality is hard to tell because we don't have that many examples for Dorne and we know the rest of Westeros is relative tolerant of it.
  4. Alyn not getting master of ships is a joke since he was doing the job anyway. Btw who do we think Aegon named as his Hand when the regency ended? We obviously know Viserys keeps the job for a long time, but I would guess someone else had the job before him at least for a little while. Maybe Kermit?
  5. The Lannisters just don't have the muscle to hold the crown, though, and it's not the show so no one is gonna buy Cersei crowning herself. Tyrells have no reason to support Queen Cersei and could easily squash her and hand the crown to Stannis for the right price, such as marrying Shireen to Willas. I suppose Willas could marry Cersei but at that point Mace might as well just take the throne for himself.
  6. Most people would probably just shrug their shoulders and accept Stannis out of lack of any better options. Tyrell-Lannister alliance collapses without anything to hold them together and because the Tyrells are crown chasers. Lannisters and Boltons are left in an awkward spot holding the bag. Boltons probably collapse really fast since there's no muscle behind them. Of course Boltons might already be defeated by Stannis and Stark loyalists depending on how the timing goes. It would get complicated if Stannis wins the throne and then fAegon and/or Dany shows up. I'd probably give an edge to the Targs because Stannis' base is pretty limited, though he has a chance of prevailing if he could pull together a Stormlands/Vale/Riverlands/North coalition.
  7. SerBronnsMullet

    Dorne and Maesters...post Aegon

    Kingdoms outside the Reach still accepted maesters and septons even though they were housed in the Reach so I don't see why anything would change. The Citadel and the Faith are the most prominent and esteemed institutions in Westeros besides the Throne and are the things that link everyone in Westeros together besides the weirdo Northmen and Ironborn.
  8. SerBronnsMullet

    Daenerys Targaryen is most like Prince Daemon Targaryen 

    To add to the Dany-Alysanne comparisons, both are noted for being small and both were overlooked as children in favor of their more notable siblings.
  9. SerBronnsMullet

    most tragic character

    POV- Cat Non-POV in present- Jeyne Poole Non-POV in past- Ashara Dayne
  10. SerBronnsMullet

    Targaryen princess who doesn't want to marry her brother in F&B v2

    We already have some examples of Targ siblings not wanting to marry each other with Rhaelle/Aerys and Naerys/Aegon IV (though Naerys and Aemon loving each other undermines that, as you point out), but if you were raised to think incest was natural and desirable and there weren't any birth defects or genetic problems (in fact quite the opposite, at least as far as they think) from the products of incestuous couplings then why would you think it was bad? In fact it is probably much preferable to marry your hot brother/sister that you like a lot than some rando to solidify a marriage alliance. Now excuse me, I'm going to throw up and wash my mouth out.
  11. Thank the gods because the book is long enough, though I would have liked some new info on Viserys' reign. Like people have said in the thread I'd prefer Dunk and Egg before volume 2, though I am very curious to see how the rest of our favorite Emo king's reign plays out.
  12. SerBronnsMullet

    New little legal details

    There's no evidence of this in canon, though. The only violations of the king's peace we have seen are the two Greyjoy raiding periods and the Lannisters attacking the Riverlands in GOT. There were probably some small potatoes stuff like the Osgrey/Webber feud in the Sword Sword in turbulent times, however, but that's not at the level of what was described pre-Conquest. Of course it's worth considering that this is Targ propaganda but we've seen from multiple sources that the pre-Conquest era was more chaotic so it's probably true. The end of Ironborn raiding alone probably brought a lot of peace.
  13. SerBronnsMullet

    [SPOILERS] The Regency of Aegon III

    I think the regency was the best written part of Fire and Blood and was even better than Jaehaerys' reign, which was also really well written.
  14. SerBronnsMullet

    Aenar to Aerion: What was their gameplan?

    My guess is they mourned over Valyria for a while, even though they expected the Doom in some capacity. They may have been involved in some of the Volantene wars, though you figure a major effort would have been mentioned. There's mentions of the Big Three Targ dragons being "bred for war" so who knows. With Gaemon the Glorious specifically my guess is he solidified Targ control over Blackwater Bay, significantly developed Dragonstone, and brought in a lot of wealth the the dynasty.
  15. SerBronnsMullet

    [spoiler] Larys Strong

    Before I thought Daemon killed Harwin and Lyonel but after reading Fire and Blood I think Larys did it.