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  1. Pic here: https://nhl.bamcontent.com/images/photos/291525632/1024x576/cut.jpg Pics/Story here: https://www.nhl.com/news/michael-leightons-new-game-of-thrones-themed-mask/c-291525506?tid=281396148
  2. matsuki

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    Littlefinger's great-grandfather was a Braavosi sellsword...
  3. matsuki

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    So...I have a theory 40 Thousand Skeletons = PJ
  4. matsuki

    Is Jon's blood a dragon shape?

    ....or black?
  5. matsuki

    Is Jon's blood a dragon shape?

    I just don't see it....but Davos definitely did a double-take on the blood...or was it the traitor sign?