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  1. I am sure it was. Though I did not experience it since I was born in the 90's.
  2. I have got a feeling that you a fan of Nirvana .... *sarcasm* Welcome to the boards Hope you like it here.
  3. If you are reading the books go to the still reading section so that you won't get spoilers. If you want to have some fun playing random games or fun threads go to entertainment, forum games section. In the general you will find lots of theories but also lots of spoilers so be careful . I recommend going to general (GoT) and forum games if you are not reading the books. I don't even know if i answered your question but I am dead tired so I can't really understand the question.
  4. Welcome :)Awesome name BTW [emoji3]
  5. Ned stark is dead he is an imposter
  6. No but everyone who makes trouble there gets castrated :D
  7. Welcome Dave ! :)Be careful not to get spoiled cause the show is 2 books late so make sure you stay in the still reading section until you finish reading. Have fun and hope to see you around alot :D
  8. Welcome Tomás ! Hope to see you around alot and that you have fun in our humble and beautiful forum :)
  9. Don't count on it [emoji3] When you finish ADWD you will probably spend more time in this forum [emoji3] and plus it would be sad not to see you around anymore [emoji14]
  10. Phew... That's a relief [emoji3] . I really want to but this forum won't let me. This forum is a worse pirate than saladhor san.[emoji1]
  11. Thank you so much!Damn i abused my post count [emoji1] You joined 8 months before me and i have more posts... I think i should take a break or something...
  12. Welcome to the board Ash!Rule number one: stick them with the posty end.
  13. Yeah i discovered that for myself but it's too late i guess [emoji1]
  14. Yayyyyyyyyyy [emoji4] Thank you so much your grace [emoji3]
  15. Very good [emoji4] so many things to do in it [emoji3] i was supposed to be rereading the books but i am to busy reading threads in the forum [emoji14] Thank you so much [emoji4]
  16. Welcome to the board [emoji4] We hope that your stay here will be fun and spoiler free [emoji3]
  17. Thank you so much ![emoji4] Welcome [emoji4] well at least you figured it out cause i still don't [emoji3]
  18. Thank you so much ser (i didn't know what to adress you so i checked your profile and saw your title as a knight)
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